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San Diego State RB Adam Muema

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May 24, 2014 at 8:16am

Found this story while surfing around the interwebz. Very sad and very interesting. Also pretty creepy. Here's an excerpt. Unfortunately, it's kind of long, so be prepared to have ten minutes or so to read it.


"When he didn't show at his pro day, I tried again.

Saw you weren't at pro day. Want to meet up somewhere for lunch and chat?

A few minutes later, he wrote back.

I'm watching you just can't see me.

Minutes later, Muema posted a picture on his Twitter account. He was wearing a San Diego State ski hat, a blanket draped around his shoulders and Groucho Marx glasses.

I hope this pics makes one of my articles. Caption: "I heard you were looking for me."

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If I'm an NFL GM and I'm interviewing a potential draftee and he starts talking about Jesus, red flags are going up everywhere.  Certainly nothing wrong with being religious,  but this guy may have had a psychotic break and drafting him would have been catastrophic. 

Was it Glen Coffee from Alabama who found Jesus while a rookie in SF?  Just up and quit, was being groomed to replace Frank Gore.  I think he got arrested for something relatively serious not soon after.  Too lazy to Google,  I may have my facts incorrect. 

A man got to have a code...

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route4buckeye's picture

Got arrested on weapons charges. A quick Google search indicates that he is now an Army paratrooper. Good for him.

I think Mr. Muema is schizophrenic.

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Sounds like a good young man who has developed a serious mental illness. If he can get treatment, he may be able to do things more important than playing in the NFL. Hopefully he can come trust some form of help that has his best interests in mind.

Tried to be the next coming of Yale Van Dyne.

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Eerie. Seems like just yesterday when Urban was saying he was "the best RB we will face all season"....

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