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College Hockey and OSU

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February 13, 2014 at 4:01pm

Read an ESPN article today regarding Penn State and the potential rise of PSU hockey into the ranks of the elite. I've always loved ice hockey and college hockey is pretty awesome. I went to a few games as a student and noticed that there was a small contingent of students there, but thought how amazing it'd be if that group doubled or even tripled in size. I haven't been to any games since my OSU days so I am not sure what its like now so I could be off here but, with the large student body we have, will ice hockey ever be embraced by OSU students like it is at schools like Miami University?


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I play in the OSU Athletic Band, and my absolute favorite sport that we play for is hockey. There is still a small contingent of students (The Knucklebucks) that are at most every game. It does seem that recently the bigger games have drawn larger numbers of students, but certainly not the way I imagine Miami does. That might be because now we play all teams that the average student actually recognizes in conference play. It's a lot easier to get them excited about playing Wisconsin than Ferris State. Honestly, I think that the if the hockey team thrives in the new B1G conference for a few years, we could see an even bigger increase in student interest.

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Think about it this way.  The only sport that Miami competes on a national level in is hockey.  That is why their students flock to the games (also, their student attendance numbers aren't THAT much bigger than ours, they just have a much smaller rink so it shows).  It's the same reason why Akron soccer has a passionate following.  Same with Ball State men's volleyball,  Those are the sports at those schools that actually have a better chance of knocking off a big name like Ohio State on a consistent basis.

I don't think you'll see something like that Ohio St until hockey gets it's own arena.  The Schott is too big for college hockey.

Oh, and that ESPN article was blowing smoke up its butt.  It's gonna be a LONG time before Penn State becomes an elite in ice hockey.  Program building becomes time and competition is going to be VERY stiff in the B1G (it took them 2/3rds through the season to get their first conference win).

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College hockey is really big here in Minnesota, and not just the Gophers. UM Duluth won the NCAA a couple years ago and the regional schools (MN State Mankato, St. Cloud State, etc.) can beat anyone on a given night. OSU has a ways to go to develop the devoted hockey following, but I hope we get there sooner than later. And ask the Gophers about developing a strong women's team.

Penn State? Really? Give me a break!

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With the new facility they built and the money that they are willing to put into the program, there is no reason for Penn St not to develop a strong program quickly, as much as it pains me to say that.

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Like rampage says above, Miami loves hockey because it is literally the only sport they're good at.  I went to almost every home game in my 4 years.  I went to a fair amount of baseball, basketball, and football games as well, but nothing beats the hockey games.  

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