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Comment 42 minutes ago

Nope. I really believe he thinks MSU is a destination job. I can't even think of a school he would go to. Maybe Texas when they eventually fire Charlie Strong as they will throw a billion at Saban (who I think will inevitably take the job) and others and Im sure Dantonio, if he is on their list, would at least consider it. With him in EL, the Spartans will always be in contention for the B1G title and I think he is a fellow believer in the mantra 'if it aint broke, don't fix it'. He'll be at MSU the rest of his career. 

Comment 50 minutes ago

Just saw this. Must be related to the accusations of mistreating players and just generally being awful at coaching a football team. 

Comment 50 minutes ago

If Minnesota had their entire team back from last year, Id pick the Gophers. But Im not sure how they move the ball. Their best WR was their TE who went in the 2nd round and of course Cobb on the ground. I like them to stick around but Boykin is too damn good and TCU has a pretty good defense. It'll be a loss for Minn. 

Comment 4 hours ago

I really have no idea about Baugh and what he brings on the field. Obviously, this has been inhibited by off-the-field things but I don't know what to expect from him. Is he fast? Can he catch? More importantly, can he block? I just don't know enough about his skills. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Im still amazed MSU fans are allowed to use the cowbells. Wonder if blow horns are acceptable. Now that would be loud. 

Comment 4 hours ago

There will be a bunch of OSU fans in the stadium so I think the home advantage will be diminished only slightly since the stadium at full capacity is still comparably small. It'll be rocking to start, but once the first drives end it'll simmer. The post above about PSU is about right. There are probably no intimidating places to play like Beaver Stadium. Ive been to LSU's Death Valley and still think PSU at night is the loudest place Ive been. OSU/USC 2009 is very close, however. 

Comment 18 hours ago

Ive had high hopes for this kid since he signed with us. Really hope he stays healthy and puts it together, he has a ton of potential. 

Comment 19 hours ago

Clintonville is nice for the price range I think. UA is expensive but affordable in certain areas. The suburbs are becoming more and more expensive as more people move to Columbus.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Reggie Bush is definitely my top guy, was just a beast. I also think you could make a case for some of the skill guys Miami had in the late 90's and early 2000's. Peter Warrick at FSU also up there. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

This will depend on if VT wins the ACC or not. If OSU loses, which is a high possibility given the team we are taking into there IMO, and VT has another crappy year, I don't think we get the benefit of the doubt. OSU must look at every game as a knock out game and the VT game as effectively a playoff game, which they probably do. Team will have to be on their A game if we want to win there and keep our chances at the playoff alive. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Nebraska, Wisconsin, TCU over Minn, Temple over PSU, Stanford over NW, Michigan State, and I think the VT game is tough to call. I really don't understand fans who think its going to be a blow out…where are the points going to come from? VT stacking the box means we need to beat their coverage and by that I mean we need the other inexperienced WRs to be able to outplay their secondary (Thomas will be shut down by Fuller). I believe in the long run that OSU will be great at WR, but the first game, on the road, at night, against what is likely to be the best defense we play all year, I just don't see how OSU puts up 30+ with the suspensions and now the injury. IMO, the defense is going to have to cause turnovers and score on one of em for OSU to win the game. I think its close, I think VT has the lead in the 4th quarter, but I think OSU squeaks by with a late FG but I also think that VT could win the game in a similar fashion as to last year with a late turnover. The absence of Spencer, Devin Smith, and Michael Bennett will be glaring against VT…those suspensions are getting bigger and bigger by the day. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

If you like stacked boxes, well it'll be your lucky day in a couple weeks because VT is going to do that all night and blitz frequently unless we can prove that we can throw the ball down field. Zeke will get his touches but if we can't throw the ball, I don't expect him to light the world on fire. Samuel is going to have to be the guy who can run those intermediate routes and move the chains. If he can live up to the hype he's received, then we should be able to survive. Im starting to wish more and more that VT was Week 2 rather than Week 1. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

That VT game just keeps getting tougher and tougher…I pray that nothing else happens because the playing field has levelled between OSU and the hokies. The suspensions balanced the scales a little bit, and now with Brown out, its another WR on the field playing considerable minutes that has no experience against what is likely to be the best secondary we face all year and perhaps the best in the country. Will be one of the best coaching jobs all year if Smith can get his WRs to play at an elite level vs VT. 

Comment 26 Aug 2015

OSU was already in trouble trying to figure out how to throw the ball on VT, especially down field. Now with Brown out, its going to be very very tough for us to pick up 3rd and longs or hit the big shot down field (aka The Devin Smith). VT's defense is no joke. A very good DLine and excellent secondary. For those expecting a bunch of points for OSU, you will be disappointed. Until I see if we have anybody other than Thomas going into that game, Im not expecting a ton of success in the passing game. Those suspensions and now this injury has really set us back against what might be the best D we face all year, in a hostile environment. I like the potential we have at WR, but its unproven and inexperienced.