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Comment 43 minutes ago

Wonder how those Wisconsin players went under the radar in recruiting yet Amir Williams was thought to be the next Oden. 

Comment 3 hours ago

Spring sports are full go. Baseball team having a solid season would help the cause. Also hope the LAX team can do well. 

Comment 7 hours ago

JT, Collier, Gibson, Burrows all fighting for the job. I don't think we get Guarantano or Wallace unless Wallace is okay with knowing he is plan B. As irritating as it is, I think the staff will go lightly on Wallace as to not push the NJ kid from feeling unloved. IMO, you keep trying for Guarantano, but you don't treat Wallace as anything other than Plan A. This screams 2014 QB recruiting and so Im going to say the 2016 QB situation will be the four mentioned plus a 2016 recruit who isn't expected to compete for the starting gig any time soon 

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Enjoy every moment of this title, and every win (if there are any more) we get this next year. No sense in looking beyond it much less looking to when the team will lose. 

Comment 27 Mar 2015

My knowledge of the reaction from SEC fans is summed up perfectly by rewatching the Paul Finebaum/SEC Film room thing they did for the sugar bowl with Greg McElroy and some other dude. Thought it was over at 21-6, their reactions throughout the rest of the game are priceless. 

Comment 27 Mar 2015

This smells of 2014 QB recruiting. If Wallace wants in, let him in. Go hard after him. No sense if putting all of your eggs into the basket of a kid who is likely headed elsewhere at this moment in time. All for Guarantano and getting him back on campus, but it irritates me to see the staff is holding back on an extremely talented player like Wallace just because they don't want to ruin things with another prospect who has been fading over the last couple months. 

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Was an uphill fight with this guy. Catholic high school, previously sent kids to ND. Give it time, give it time. 2015 Season can do a lot to a recruits mind. He will be at a game or two this fall, that'll change things. 

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Wonder what company that truck is used for. Would have to assume they got permission to do that. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I'd take 5 officials. I'd also  consider the military academies, at least one in my "final 5". I think those institutions deserve as much national pub as they can get, also, I'd seriously consider going to them. I would announce by just calling the coach and asking them to keep it quiet only because I don't want any attention from it because Id realize its silly and I'd rather my performance in college (both on and off the field) net me credit, not selecting a school because of my potential. I'd avoid as many interviews as I could. Academics would be a major part of my recruitment. I've never been in that position (obviously), but I'd find a hard time declining a full ride to a place like Stanford or an Ivy-League school (if not full-ride, partial). 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

"Unanticipated?" This question was asked way back right after the B1G Title game. You let them compete until a couple weeks before the season starts and you plug in one guy as the starter and see how it plays out. All 3 are aware of the need to be ready when your number is called, so that wont be an issue. I see no problems. Just see who is most prepared for VT and play them. The rest will figure itself out. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

we handle QB conundrums well (See: last year/this year)

Comment 25 Mar 2015

If you want a starting job handed to you, Ohio State isn't the place for you. OSU will lose both Braxton and Cardale after this season, JT will leave after 2016. Then its between Gibson, Burrows, and a true freshman Danny Clark to start in 2017, assuming both the 2015 recruits stick around. No offense to Collier, but I don't think he is in the plans barring a Cardale-like turn around. Guarantano will sit the 2016 season anyways if he picks UT. If he wants playing time, he might as well pick Rutgers. If not Rutgers, OSU/UT are comparable, except OSU has rings and UT can't seem to get over the 90's. Must be something else going on, family relations or whatever. Im beyond alright with Wallace, he looks like he can compete from Day 1.