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Comment 05 Oct 2015

OSU never seems to struggle to recruit Florida, at least relatively. Many top guys over the last decade or so have travelled north from that state. I think OSU's offensive struggles, specifically with regards to the skill guys is going to hurt recruiting efforts. For the Harbaugh bit, Michigan is playing probably the best football in the B1G right now and if OSU had to play them this weekend, it'd be hard not to pick Michigan to win the game. Until Michigan sucks it up and/or OSU looks better, its hard to hate on their staff, at least as far as coaching goes. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Dunn would be getting a lot more reps if he wasn't unreliable holding onto the ball. That brings up a similar point, why does Marshall get to keep seeing the field/getting the ball when he fumbles nearly every other time he touches it? Seems like a massive double-standard. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

They need to give him another year. IMO, his team next year will be loaded with talent and have its best shot at winning the SEC in over a decade. Lot of young players all over the field down there and they are a few plays away from being undefeated. Impatience will just further hurt UT and if they want to be stupid and take that route than by all means, be bottle dwellers for another 5 years. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Judson seems to be saying the right things but Im not sure why you decommit if its solely to convince your parents. I mean you can remain committed and check out other schools/take the time to convince your parents. This is especially true for 2017 kids. Decommit tells me that the ship is sailing and its time to listen to the rumours of him to Florida. No surprise here as this was discussed in the past. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

not going to read those and give those assholes attention they don't deserve. Yet, Ill say this, its one thing to be critical on a message board, its another to be a coward and talk shit to the players/recruits over the internet. Screw those people. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

I think Cardale fans are living in the past as well. You are seeing the real Cardale. An inexperienced QB who is trying to figure things out. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015
Good: DL, McMillan (BEAST), Zeke, Zeke up the middle, OL when its a run up the middle. Bad: Eli Apple in coverage, Tyvis Powell in run support, Jalin Marshall's ball handling, Cardale Jones's decision making/passing/pretty much everything but the TD pass. Ugly: play calling, penalties, dropped picks, edge runs (WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?!)
Comment 02 Oct 2015

People make points to argue why alternative uniforms are good, but I think its stupid. How many times did Bama change their uniform when they won 3 titles in 4 years? How many titles does Oregon have versus the number of uniform combinations they try to impress people with every year? Thats my stance on uniform changes. 

Comment 01 Oct 2015

An alternative and completely irrelevant observation about his recruitment: OSU rarely if ever lands guys with last names like Okudah. First time for everything though. 

Comment 01 Oct 2015

I think his prediction is pretty spot on. I liked the progress the offense made against WMU but its still not close to sharp. The OL specifically got better but still had some problems in pass protection. The WRs are still a problem but if we can figure out a way to work the H-back type players (i.e., Braxton, Jalin, Samuel, and Dontre) into the passing game, I think we can move the ball very successfully. Im not sold on our defense, particularly the run defense so I expect OSU to get gashed at least a couple times for huge gains. IU leads in the 2nd half, OSU pulls away in the 4th quarter: OSU 38 Indiana 24. 

Comment 29 Sep 2015

He and Adoree Jackson are the most explosive players in college football. I love Braxton and he's up there too, but no one stops those guys if they get 1 on 1 coverage. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

The way OSU has played lately, I think if we had to play MSU and Utah in the first 4 games, we'd also have two losses. Unfortunate timing for Oregon as they are still working out the kinks of the losses they had to deal with from last years team. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

People need to stop caring about conference prestige. Its something thats gotten out of control since the mid-2000's and fans worry too much about teams that aren't their own. Purdue is a great school with some tradition in football, quite a bit in basketball, and fits the culture of the B1G. Also, Purdue needs to find another Tiller-type coach and recruit the midwest a hell of a lot better. They do that, they'll get back to being formidable. Its not that long ago when Purdue was competing for B1G titles every other year. 

Comment 28 Sep 2015

To me, he needs to always be lined up against a LB and/or Safety via the slot and the same should be done with Samuel. Put them in mismatches where they can burn guys with their speed and at worst, they take attention away from other receivers and open up one on one opportunities for Thomas/spread out and create holes in the coverage. Also, Jet sweeps are when Braxton is most dangerous when receiving the ball in the backfield. The direct snaps are dumb and should be used sparingly. You have Zeke back there for those kinds of runs. When you have a super fast player, you get them in space, not make them have to juke or cut through a defensive line to get yards. 

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Oregon being ranked just shows how ignorant coaches are. Most of these are probably done without knowing how the games were played or even the score. Some probably just heard that Oregon lost and kept them ranked. Thank goodness the coaches poll doesnt matter. 

Comment 27 Sep 2015

People, please stop talking about the playoff. Its about to be Week 5, there over 2 months before the CFP committee decides who is in. Right now, OSU's defense needs to figure out how to stop the run and sort out issues in pass coverage because Indiana is a very good offense. Additionally, the offense needs to keep improving. Beat IU. 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Apple was terrible and we couldn't stop the run at all but overall the defense was alright. Offense improved. Its still bad, but it improved, which is nice. I think we will need a big week in practice as IU will move the ball and score points and Im not sure our offense is ready for a shoot out.