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Holy crap, Reynoldsburg at New Albany

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August 28, 2014 at 10:12pm

Anyone else watching this game??

  • New Albany kicked a long field goal with about 90 seconds left to go up by 8
  • Reynoldsburg had an 80 yard screen and old school counter to tie it up
  • New Albany returned the squib kick to the 37
  • New Albany ran a sweep, acting like they were going to run out the clock (they have a good kicker, maybe trying to set up a long FG)
  • New Albany threw a deep pass, intercepted by Reynoldsburg (Ashton Dulin?). Kid slowed up about 5 yards out of the game winning TD and was tackled. 2.3 seconds left on clock.
  • Reynoldsburg lost their kicking tee
  • Reynoldsburg missed a 20 yard FG.
  • Game currently in OT.

I haven't seen a more exciting 90 seconds in football in a long time.

And Dulin just caught a TD over 3 defenders for the score in 1st OT.

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Reynoldsburg's kicker misses PAT.

New Albany scores, their kicker misses the PAT too!!

Time for 2OT.

Troll hunter

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Go New Albany! I remember when it was a little farm town.

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Sounds way more interesting than the Minnesota 42 to Eastern Illinois 7 game that I'm watching. I will gladly trade games if I could.

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I agree with you, Whiskey.

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New Albany scores, gets PAT.

Reynoldsburg scores, goes for 2, their QB thinks a DL jumps offsides and waits for a whistle that doesn't come and half of the team doesn't know what to do. Play is completely busted. Game over.

Troll hunter

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Thanks for sharing Urbz, sounds like it was an awesome game.