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Jen Bielema

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August 23, 2014 at 1:32am

Jen Bielema blocked me on twitter and sent me a direct message  that said #blocked  after i commented on a picture of her today and said Karma. I felt like I won a medal. I had to share.

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Pics or it didn't happen

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I just did a print screen i have to find a way to save it really quick

Nick_Satan's picture      One of these should work lol 

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Metal, or medal?

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I think it is meddle. 

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Must mean the metal plate in his head, that is causing him to do childish things like stalking and hounding peoples wives on the internet. I don't care if it is Bert Bielema's wife, that is just scary weird.

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I'm glad I wasn't alone in thinking that getting blocked by someone on some social media outlet isn't exactly bragging rights.  Particularly someone's wife.  I understand she more or less put herself out there in some ways last year with her #karma tweet; drawing the ire of Badger fans.  Probably just sticking up for her guy (who is fair game, btw).  Meh, just let her and other wives be.

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You guys are no fun.

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I mean, if all he did was comment one time on a pic of her & said "karma" which caused her to block him, that's not really stalking her at all. She put herself on Twitter. It's a public social media platform where many celebrities or wanna be celebrities crave the attention & like being followed. She was the one who wrote the #karma tweet, not Bert -- so if that's all he did, (make the one comment & get blocked), this is harmless & funny. If he was stalking her with nasty/harassing tweets, that would suck & be lame. One #karma tweet isn't worth everyone jumping on a soapbox over...

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Yep. These two (Bert and Jen) ask for it.  Posting "karma" when Wisconsin loses. Grow up. 

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Yeah, commenting on Jen Bielema's twitter feed isn't something I would do, but if what Nick_Satan did was "stalking," then the entire enterprise of celebrity social media accounts - not that Jen is really a celebrity - is designed to facilitate stalking. I mean, don't these celebrities pride themselves on having 10,000 followers and whatnot? So, this enterprise is only creepy when one of the commenters fails to respond positively to the celebrity's communications, but not creepy when they all uniformly respond positively?

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Yes that is all I did was say the word Karma on one of her post.  Thats why I thought it was funny. Never once had i said anything to her i think I have about 8 tweets that I have ever sent out. I only follow people to keep up with twitter. I don't post hardly anything at all.

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I have an awfully hard time picturing Jen mounting THE HOG of arkansas and actually enjoying herself, unless she's truly into BEASTIALITY!

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She likely looks at it as making love to a big pile of money, I'm not sure how she reconciles the smell.

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Does Brady Hoke have a Twitter?

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Still don't understand how Bert pulled that.

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Cash money brother. Straight up cash.

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If you take any of her pics and super-zoom in, this is what you will find.....

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Finally, some hardcore college football news.

Take a prompt from JT Barrett and cancel Twitter.

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Pondering creating a Twitter account for the sole purpose of giving her a #karma as well. Is that strange?????

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Maybe she's into bigger guys. If so, I'm right in her wheelhouse. I wonder if she's on Tinder. I'll look into guys and let you know how it goes.