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Which would mean more to Cleveland fans...

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August 14, 2014 at 5:42pm

A Browns Super Bowl win or a Cavs NBA title. Was listening to a snippet of Jemele Hill and Michael W. Smiths His and Hers podcast and they brought up a comment by Joe Haden. Basically stating that hes glad Lebron came home, but that the Browns will be the first to win a title for the city of Cleveland.

So which do you think would mean more? Me personally, Id prefer it to be the Browns. Im also a die hard Browns fan. And a casual fan of the Cavs. I get that Lebron is the Chosen One to restore glory to a battered and beaten municipality. Hes the home grown star. The one whos connection to Northeast Ohio is the reason he came home. It would be huge for the city and for him. I get that. But here is why I believe the Browns would be bigger.

The Browns winning a Super Bowl would be monumental. For a team that was highly dominant in the days before the merger, they have been denied ever since. So close a couple times only to have it ripped away in the most excruciating fashion. Then to have our team uprooted and moved to another city? And to watch that team win a Super Bowl shortly after? Thats the ultimate kick in the crotch from the football Gods. Granted, the NFL righted the wrong done to us by That Man whose name I shant ever utter again. But the reincarnation has been filled with misery. Ive lost count of the nunber of Qbs that have lost their careers to this city. Hell...we started a guy named Spergon Wynn for cryin out lout. What the hell is a Spergon Wynn exactly? So many top picks, so many busts. Ao many retread free agents past their primes. So many coaches. And GMs. We have even switched owners. And still the same.

Theres a different feel to this team now. They went out and acquired physical and vocal leaders. They have stared to be able to pull free agents. And to resign our top talent. Theyve made shrewd moves and found a coach I believe has the right mindset for the job. He wants a physical, blue collar, no frills approach to doing business. I like it. And just like Lebron, there is a couple guys with Cleveland roots ready to lead this team to the Promised Land. Whitner and Hoyer...two of Clevelands own. For them to be able to lead the charge would be as big to me as Lebron doing it for the Cavs. Never before have a felt this good about a Browns team going into a season. Im saying the winds of change are blowing in from the lake...and its a beautiful time to be a Cleveland fan.

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It's like asking if it would mean more for Ohio State to win a national championship in football or basketball. Football>>>>>>>>>Basketball.

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Not a browns fan so definitely Cavs for me. 

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In my best Alex Trebeck voice:  Ohhhhhh, Soorrrry. 

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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True question is - what team would Cleveland fans pick winning a Championship knowing that only one will win and it'll be 50+ years before Cleveland wins another championship again... Brown, Indians, or Cavs.

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I get that Lebron is the Chosen One to restore glory

So many Epsiode III (Star Wars) references to be made.  Well, not references really.  Just imitations of the horrible acting at the end.

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For me personally, Browns>Cavs>Tribe (even though I just sat through 21 innings of baseball yesterday up the Jake).

Interestingly, I recall a poll from either the Akron Beacon Journal or the PD asking Clevelanders the same question circa 2000.  The results broke down (approx) 50% preferred a World Series title, then 40% Super Bowl, and finally 10% an NBA championship.  The love affair was still going strong with Cleveland and the Tribe in 2000 and "the new Browns" had only been back 2-3 years.  

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Browns, and it's not even close.

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Browns > Indians >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cavs

The Fumble and the Tribe in 1997 were the most painful things I've ever witnessed (in sports).

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The Drive was worse than the fumble, with all due respect.  If Byner scored, there was still two minutes left. Ugh...The Drive part II?

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The real question is which is more likely? I would say Cavs.

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I would also think for most Cleveland sports fans it would be Browns, then Indians, then Cavs, if only for the fact that there's greater history (Indians: 1894, Browns: 1950, Cavs: 1970) both in time and championships (Browns: 8, Indians: 2, Cavs: 0).

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The Indians were established in 1901 and the Browns in 1946.

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Tribe was 1894.  Perhaps you're confusing it with its American League affiliations, which was 1901.

Edit;  I did a little research after my post above and it seems there's no shortage of resources laying claim to either 1894 or 1901.

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The Spiders were around before 1900 and they eventually became the Indians. But they were an NL team and historically bad, so I can imagine the Indians trying to distance themselves from the Spiders.

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My bad on the Brownies, must've been thinking of when they joined the NFL.

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The Browns did "disappear" there in the mid to late '90's.

The Cleveland Barons (NHL) were around for a few seasons.

Add all that up, and I believe you have ~142 "sports seasons" since Cleveland's last title in any sport.  142.  (I may be off a couple one way or the other)

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It's the Browns because football is a more popular sport.

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Not a Clevelander, but football is king in Ohio. I have to think the Browns.



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I Love all Cleveland sports with everything i got! That said Browns winning would be more special but i dont see them winning much of anything this year compared to thr Cavs, the Cavs will win one before the Browns the Browns still need an Offense they should have top 10 defense this year but with Flash Gordon out for the forseeable future its hard to see that offense score enough to win the big games, we should be improved but i still see a top 10-12 pick next year. no slight against Gilbert but Sammy should have been our pick

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Looking at it from a different angle to get the answer. Which teams playoff losses cause(d) the greatest depression among the fans and the city over the years? Browns. 

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As a couple have said, Cleveland is a Browns town. /end thread

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There was only a short window for me where the Cavs would have meant more. I would have loved to seen the Heat choke and the Cavs win first. We all knew it would never happen though.

Browns. They had to deal with the entire team leaving at one time, not just one player. Would mean more to see them win.

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I vote Browns > Tribe > Cavs. Pretty much agree with most of this thread.


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Being that Ohio is the cradle of football, it's gotta be a Browns Super Bowl victory. I mean, they have never even been to one for crying out loud, so I think it's not even close. Now, given the choice between a a title for the Tribe and the Cavs, I'd go with the Tribe. But, honestly, I'll take anything at this point!

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Sorry Tribe fans. Put some asses in the seats and prove you deserve a winner. The Browns and Cavs don't have that problem. The Tribe went to the damn playoffs last year and couldn't draw dick and the tickets are cheap as dirt.

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As Coleman's girl friend asks at the end of Trading Places:  "Can't we have both?"

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JK but I would say Browns then Cavs then Indians. I personally think alot of people in NE Ohio are pissed off at the Dolans and while Gilbert is far from perfect he has NEVER been reluctant to spend. While it may not be fair, Cleveland doesn't want to hear we aren't New York and all we get is excuses from Shapanetti. 

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Browns. Hands down. Then the Indians. Then a whole host of other things. Then the Cavs.