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Comment 21 hours ago
I look at it this way...the experience level up front can easily negate any size advantage. As can the sheer strength and athleticism of the line. Bennett and Washington may give up weight to the interior linemen they face. But both have excellent strength, power and quickness off the ball. Bennett has been an absolute manimal down the stretch. He can eat up double teams all day. Washington has a tendency to be two steps in the backfield before anyone touches him. The d line doesnt worry me. The group that has to play lighs out is the guys behind the line...the LBs. They have to play assignemt perfect football. The line does a good job of occupying the hog mollies and keeping the backers clean. The LBs have to play downhill against the run, read and react and blow up the gaps. They cant wait for the backs to come downhill to them...they have to meet them in the hole. They did an excellent job against Wisconsin of doing just that. Probably the best game the LBs as a unit played all year. They were on point with reads and getting downhill. They avoided traffic and played to the ball. Which is huge against a team like Bama. Their backs are good at getting to second level and making guys miss(Yeldon) or punishing guys with power(henry). It will be big boy football...and our backers have the talent to get it done. Comes down to execution.
Comment 25 Dec 2014
I was out shopping yesterday when I read this...and I understand what he meant. If thats what it is like to play MSU, Im glad I will never have to. Why so touchy Connor? It wasnt a slight towards you and your teammates. Shopping on Christmas Eve aint for the faint of heart. Neither is a tilt with Sparty.
Comment 23 Dec 2014
Thanks for answering my question, Kevin. I share your faith in Urban and this staff fully. and also glad that Ed is still around. No guarantees it stays that way. The only constant is the Scarlet and Gray. Thanks for the insight.
Comment 21 Dec 2014
They aren't as young as you think they are. Basketball is a different can make a big time impact as a freshman. The best player on the team is Willie Cauley-Stein. He is a junior. And the Harrison twins are both sophomores. So is Dakari Johnson. And Marcus Lee. Willis is a soph as well, and has seen more minutes in the wake of Poythress going down...who was a junior. They do play 4 freshman...and those freshman are very good. Their strength is on defense...very long and athletic. The one team that poses a real threat is Louisville. Have the size and athleticism to get after UK. And smaller, quicker guards. Do I think Lousiville beats them? No.
Comment 20 Dec 2014
To see young men that big in awe of something so tiny and fragile as a newborn child is heartwarming. Could have done anything else with their day off...and they choose to pay a visit to the true champions in life. The little ones who fight the good fight every day. Hats off to these young men...doesnt take much to make an impact. And they continue to do just that.
Comment 20 Dec 2014
Look at the two universities you mentioned. Then do research on what the "violations" were. Camby had contact with an agent. Not on the coach...that is a player issue. And Derrick Rose had someone take his SAT for him. Again...that would fall on admissions and the testing center. Show me one actual violation that was recruiting related...I will wait. And to my previous point...there are certain programs that come with the national profile and cache that kids look for. UK is one of those places. Pair that with a coach who can meld together a roster of All Americans into a functioning team have the ability to compile this kind of talent. People hate Calipari for finding a way to make the one and done work for his program.
Comment 20 Dec 2014
I like what I like. And a lot of the songs listed above are all fantastic. I will add a few that I feel are my personal favorites. Bother- Stone Sour. Acoustic and lyrically driven. Just a great song. A Song For Mama- Boyz II Men. Came out when I was dealing with the loss of my mother. And Boyz II Men is one of my favorite groups. Old school Motown feel. Bridge Over Troubled Water- Simon and Garfunkel. My dad was a music teacher. His choir sang this song every year. Still gives me chills when I hear it and remember the harmonies. Man In The Mirror- Michael Jackson. One of the greatest performers of all time. And a very insightful and positive message. Epiphany- Staind. Very relatable for me when it came out. A window into the pain of the writer. Tears In Heaven- Eric Clapton. A gutwrenching tribute to a life lost too soon. Look Around- Blues Traveler. Another strong lyrical song which is very relatable. I know these may not be up in the annals of the best ever written. But they are the best to me.
Comment 19 Dec 2014
I caught part of it. I found it quite humorous...especially the part about the institutional arrogance at TSUN and Penn State. Cowturd may have plenty of boner moments...but he got this spot on. Their arrogance refuses to let them believe that there is a possibility Harbaugh wants no part of the mess up north. They really believe he has been waiting for the chance to come save them.
Comment 19 Dec 2014
Except for Tom Crean. That guy did not like Aaron at all.
Comment 19 Dec 2014
Just saw somebody on twitter saying they heard from "sources" the top 6 for the coaching source includes Sean Payton. Sean Payton...really? I mean...what? Who comes up with this stuff. Im half tempted to throw Belichiks name out there...and he is going to talk Brady into retiring and being his OC. Sounds legit right? End of the day, Harbaugh might be in play. But some of the names I have seen them bandy about are just laughable.
Comment 18 Dec 2014
I dont know if this a bad question to ask...let the voting public decide: It is now known that Tom Herman is leaving after the season to be the HC at Houston. And it was rumored at one point that Ed Warriner was in the running for the Kansas job. How much of a factor is a certain coach to a recruit like yourself? Do you sign on to play for a coach, or is it the whole package of the program that makes a school the perfect fit?
Comment 16 Dec 2014
I know Urban is the man in charge...and ultimately will be the one getting the lions share of credit. But this has been a collaborative effort from the staff as a whole. Between the recruiting and development. Warriner has been fantastic. Smith raised his game. Vrabel and Withers both had their fingerprints all over the 2013 class. As did Coombs, Fickell and Drayton. And Herman. And can't forget the guy who brings the whole effort Mark Pantoni. That guy has been worth his weight in gold. The guy behind the scenes who coordinates it all. Put it all together and you have a class that could rewrite the record books at Ohio State.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
Who was the co-DC of those teams again? Not to mention, Heacock is a D Line coach as well. Already have one of the best in the business. Lets give Ash and Fick a chance to implement this new scheme. The talent development is there...just very young in some spots. But the way they have recruited has put some depth on that side of the ball. Can't blow up the staff every year...need continuity of scheme and coaching. Not to mention the recruiting build relationships with coaches. And running coaches off can damage the relationship with these young men.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
This is what I heard as well. Urban demands max effort from his staff in all facets of the job, including recruiting. You can bet Fickell has him on speed dial, seeing as how he was his mentor as a young position coach. And was his Co-DC for a few years. And I remember reading that Heacock has been around the facilities and during practice as well. Great resource to have...but that is all he wants to be.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
As have I...but you know people can't be objective about Fick. Still so much bitterness towards the guy for 2011. He has recruited at a high level for years, and is pretty clutch when it comes to finding those guys that recruiting services missed. And then turning them into all-conference/AA type players who play on Sundays.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
Before Meyer? Lets try Bollman, Heacock, Siciliano, Taver Johnson Paul Haynes, Darell Hazell, Drayton... Yes. I knew who the assistants were. Meyer will find his guy. He found a new DC and D line coach on which the early returns have been excellent. Same will happen here. Meyer himself said a while back that if schools arent coming after your assistants, you didnt do a good job putting together a staff.
Comment 15 Dec 2014
Did you miss the press conference when Urban admitted he didn't see it from Lee while he was being evaluated? Said Fickell pushed and pushed to offer him. Fickell wanted Lee bad...and Urban relented and gave him the green light. Urban gave all the credit to Fickell. Not bad for a guy most people want to see fired every year.
Comment 15 Dec 2014
Anyone see his tweet from Saturday night? It said It all started with 3 stars. Perfect message from a kid who has shown that it doesn't matter what your star rating is. What matters is what you put into it. Preparation, hard work and desire can be measured. And he has shown plenty of all 3. Still a work in progress...then again, so was Shazier. Its a little early for that comparison, but Lee has shown he has the drive to become that type of player. Love this kid, and look forward to watching him progress.
Comment 15 Dec 2014
No credit for Fickell...he hates puppies and babies. FIRE HIM!
Comment 14 Dec 2014
The thing that stood out to me most when rewatching that whole ordeal was the sideline shot of Jim Tressel. Miami players are spilling onto the field in celebration. Chris Gamble is looking for the flag. The rest of the offense seems to be in a state of shock. And Jim Tressel looks as cool, calm and collected as ever. Nevermind the fact that it would seem his team just lost in heartbreaking fashion on a no call. He looks like a guy who gives zero f#$ks. All around him is chaos, elation and agony. And in the midst of all that is the stoicism of Tress. Didnt even recognize while watching the game.
Comment 12 Dec 2014
They have Jennings and Harris who are both young. Harris is a true freshman. Not sure about Jennings. As an aside, why is everyone on the Braxton will transfer bandwagon? People keep overlooking the fact he has a young son here. What would the incentive be for him to transfer and leave his son? There really any...he knows this offense. He loves this school and team. And in the event that he isnt the same QB when his shoulder heals, he has two of the brightest offensive minds in CFB here. Who can figure out a way to implement him in the offense and maximize his exposure to pro scouts at a new position.