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Comment 15 hours ago
Cant speak for him/her, but I attend the spring game every year with my brother. Its the one day a year I know for a fact that we will be able to hang out, drink a couple beers and talk football. Which is pretty damn important the older we get. We have already talked about taking our daughters along in the near distant future. Its nice to have that written in every year because our planned yearly road game trip has been derailed ths past few by births, work and other commitments. That Saturday in April is our yearly bonding trip. Complete with buckeye football.
Comment 20 Jul 2014
If I didnt know who was answering the questions, I woukd have thought this was an under the radar kid who had to camp for his offer. Not a 5 star, top 30 recruit. Humble, hard working and knows nothing is given, only earned. Love the fact that all these young men all have stated they are ready to work and bring it every day to earn their spots.
Comment 19 Jul 2014
If you asked this question last year, I wouldnt have said Braxton. For the obvious reason that the backup situation was rock solid with Guiton. And the O Line was stacked. And I woukd have never thought loaing Bryant would have the effect it did with the experience and depth on the back end. That was the backbreaker when it mattered most. But this year...its gotta be Braxton. No real defined backup, a young line and replacing the top RB and WR from last year. Theres very little margin for error with the level of inexperience not only behind him on the depth chart, but throughout the offense in general. Braxton is the straw that stirs the drink, and if he sees an extended absence this year like he did last year, it could derail the chase. Mariota may be important, but at the same time, Stanford has laid the blueprint for beating them with a healthy Mariota. Its an offense based on speed, timing and spacing. If you hit them hard in the middle while maintaining the edges, it doesnt matter whos taking the snaps. Easier said than done...but ball control and physicality up front are the nemesis of Oregons offense.
Comment 18 Jul 2014
They held hands and everything? Sounds fantastic. I would ask if they played red rover...but everyone knows red and scarlet are very similar. Maybe duck duck goose? Im somewhat upset you didnt get the full deets SouthernState. Sounds like a fascinating trip.
Comment 18 Jul 2014
I just dont see Urban and the staff putting so much work into driving home a point our boys have driven home for the last decade plus. Im sure these kids have watched the games. Its not hard to find footage. And why, in a room full of kids from all over the country, would they focus on something extremely regional? This just smacka of homerism. It would be no different than me writing a blog stating a recruit went to TSUN for a visit, and all he heard about was how the donuts, buffets and burger jointa in Ann Arborblow away the quakity of those in Columbus. I dont buy thia one bit.
Comment 17 Jul 2014
Better to walk away now than to limp away later. Same reason Robert Smith retired when he did. Tough decision to make no doubt...but kudos to him for putting his future health first. Bst of luck down the road JT.
Comment 17 Jul 2014
Well written piece and spot on. I for one believe curtis grant can get this thing right. Afyer everything hes gone through in his time here, the fact he is even still here is a feat in itself. I remember reading that he was ready to quit football altogether after his freshman year. He was overweight, depressed and disenchanted with the whole thing. But he stuck it out. Was his performance last year stellar? No...but it was serviceable. And he put everything he had into every snap. And has taken on that leadership role within the LB group. Hes in these guys ears about not eating up your own hype, putting in the wok on the practice field and film room and being prepared. He knows Kwon is gunning for his spot, but it hasnt stopped him from taking him in and helping him prepare and adjust to this level of football. He knows he has one year left...and he is giving it his all. Hope for his sake he can finally realize his full potential. It will be good not only for him, but for the younger guys to see how hard hes worked to get there.
Comment 16 Jul 2014
Brandon Phillips is mine. Dat Dude is very open and engaging of the fans. And hes always smiling. No matter what...dude just looks like he genuinely loves what hes doing. Doesnt hurt hes arguably the best defensive second baseman in baseball.
Comment 15 Jul 2014
How can they take the moral high ground on actions that take place the day of The Game. Unless I missed it, Ive never heard of one of our teams captains assaulting their fans post game in Columbus. Or at all. You go ahead and condemn the actions of some drunk fans who may take things a little far. That is far less representative of the team and university than having one of your players throwing haymakers at our fans, wouldnt you say?
Comment 15 Jul 2014
I cant remember exactly when it was decided...think it was around the time he went down with the 2nd ACL. Or could have been decided upon his return from the injury. I know it had been discussed during last season at least.
Comment 15 Jul 2014
One place Ive noticed Hanigans absence is when Homer is on the mound. Probably something most people overlooked...hanny always caught when Homer pitched. And was the backstop when Homer threw both his no hitters. Hanny was Homers it shouldnt be surprising that he had early struggles. It may seem trivial, but some pitchers get into a groove with a catcher, and when they dont have them back there it messes with their routine. Other than that...Meso is becoming a very reliable every day catcher. Hes hitting, hes handling the staff much better and his defense is coming along quite nicely. And I know it sucks Hanigan left...because I freaking loved him. But picking up Pena has proven to be huge so far. Timely pinch hitting, solid job filling in at 1B and spelling Meso when needed. He has an infectious attitude...always smiling. Which is pretty big for a team facing the issues the Reds have had thrown at them early.
Comment 14 Jul 2014
Ive had the pleasure of serving homer at the bar I work at. Totally random I know...but a guy who is a regular there knows Homer. And has brought him up on occasion. Homer loves his Miller Lite. And most conversations I had with him centered on hunting, fishing and Texas. I did my best to avoid acting like a fanboy and blowing him up with questions about baseball. And if you didnt know who he was, you would figure him to be a good old country boy. Not a starting pitcher for a MLB team.
Comment 13 Jul 2014
I dont believe Ive ever seen defensive holding called on a lineman. They have the liberty to pull, grab, throw...everything but grabbing a face mask or head slaps. As long as the hands stay low, its all good.
Comment 13 Jul 2014
Ummm...have you heard of Liam McCullough? The number 2 LS in the class? Who is commited to Ohio State? say we are good here bro. Nice to know Hazell has adopted the Tress approach with field position.
Comment 08 Jul 2014
I work i work in a bar. Have for 11 years. And have seen my fair share of fights, tazings and just overall generally stupidity. I also know a lot of cops...heres the biggest thing about them: if you can follow their orders and not be a jackass, they arent taking you to jail. They can be pretty understanding in situations involving and overload of testosterone ajd alcohol. When asked to leave, leave. When asked to ease up and walk away, walk away. The problem isnt what you started out doing....its what you continue to do. Also...dont fight a bouncer. It may seem like a great idea....but keep in mind there are more of them than there are of you. And they arent employed for the charm, wit and diplomacy.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
Pretty far fetched...especially since I dont see any scenario by which the staff wouldnt grant him a release if he asked for it. The coaches want kids who play angry, hungry and dont fear competition. If a kid came to them and said he didnt want to fight for a spot and wanted out, they would put together the necessary forms before he left the WHAC. A quitters mentality doesnt jive with the culture whatsoever. And as far as being able to play this year...getting into a brawl and having the possibility of drug charges iant a way to endear yourself to potential suitors for your services. Id say its more likely he got into a bad spot, let emotions run over and made a big mistake. If you wanted to stage a fight for this reason, I woukdnt think youd want it to be in a place where it could escalate beyond control and cause the cops to drop a Code 99.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
Yes, Beaver Stadium is either the 2nd or 3rd largest stadium in the country. And the buzz and excitement around the Franklin hire could generate some solid juju for their sales. That will probably be enough to fill it early in the year until the reality of their roster situation sets in and losses start piling up.
Comment 06 Jul 2014
Birm...if baker does choose florida, what does that mean in terms of LB recruiting? Does the staff call it a wrap with hilliard and conner and look to add depth to another position group? Or would they put more focus on other LB targets?
Comment 06 Jul 2014
This kid has reminded me a lot of another under the radar, long and rangy safety who committed to the good guys a few years back. Tyvis Powell...both are athletic, long safeties with similar work ethic. And can coach the technique, you can coach coverage schemes...but you cant coach want to and desire. Those come from within. This kid seems to have a rare amount of it...same thing I saw in Tyvis as well.
Comment 05 Jul 2014
First of all...two great picks. But Im going to add a name I havent seen yet. David Boston. These receivers could use a lesson in how to get it done. He was as physcially impressive a receiver as Ive ever seen at Ohio State. Big. Fast. Soft hands. And could show the young boys how to handle yourselves when a pack of wolvies surround you. He was the total package. And on woukd be a quick trip. Id bring back Simon. So he could get that final go at Michigan he was robbed of by injury. I know the D line needs no helpm but its more for him than the team. He deserves that shot.
Comment 05 Jul 2014
Thats pretty telling right there...considering the source. Jackson was a class act and vocal leader in the Browns organization for years. He knows Im guessing there may be more behind the curtain than people are privy to. Him reaching out could be nothing, but i highly doubt a guy like DQ woukd make this statement if there wasnt more happening.
Comment 05 Jul 2014
This is just...the worst. Seriously...what more do you need to see Jimmy? Ray? Mike? Sure, hes a stud on the field. But this all but ensures he wont see it for, at the very least, a year. Either get him help or get him on the next train out of town. This is getting ridiculous. Couldnt even wait to find out his fate from the last, he had to up the ante of stupid tenfold. Good lord kid...whats wrong with your melon?
Comment 05 Jul 2014
Brewster ia one of those guys that Tatgate seemed to take a bigger toll on. He always seemed to be the guy circling the wagons during his career at Ohio State. Whether it was spearheading the vaunted 2008 recruiting class, dubbed the Brew Crew, or being the voice of reason in a tumultuous time for the program as a senior. Brew was a buckeye to the core, and I feel was a little under appreciated because of that last season. He was trying to hold together the locker room and defend the program from those on the outside lobbing haymakers at it and his coaches reputation. He may have had his struggles that season, but overall was worth his weight in gold(pants).
Comment 04 Jul 2014
Hyde showed ability to do whatever was given to him. Inside, outside...he got it done. And if Im not mistaken, chris borland was responsible for hydes first negative yardage carry all season.