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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Mo C pulling the ball away from sean taylor after he intercepted krenzel in the end zone in the 2002 NC game.
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Comment 04 Feb 2016
Kids who commit as freshman, attend every recruiting weekend, every camp and have a Block O tattoo aren't soft commits. This kid was committed at birth...just had to wait for the actual offer to officially do it.
Comment 02 Feb 2016
See kids? This program can get you to the league any number of ways. In all seriousness though, I appreciate Williams. Stuck around and was a valuable asset in many ways to this team. Best of luck in your NFL career.
Comment 02 Feb 2016
I don't know about saying Cooper hasn't provet himself. He was great in Limitless. And phenomenal in Silver Linings Playbook.
Comment 01 Feb 2016
They have put some big names in the league recently. Larry Fitzgerald, LeSean McCoy and Darelle Revis are pretty damn good. Some kids have more on their mind than rings and trophies. Pittsburgh is a tough pull to begin with. No need for sour grapes my man. I wish him the best and hope it works out.
Comment 01 Feb 2016
Surprised I haven't seen Edward Norton on here yet. His performance in American History X is about as good as it comes. To take such a serious and controversial topic on the way he did was masterful in my opinion. My top 5 would be: 1. Daniel Day-Lewis. 2. Tom Hanks 3. Jack Nicholson 4. Denzel Washington 5. Brad Pitt
Comment 01 Feb 2016
I know it may be an obscure film, but Williams was downright phenomenal in One Hour Photo. Terrifying how well he played that role.
Comment 01 Feb 2016
Wahlberg was pretty damn good in The Fighter as well. Although Christian Bale really stole that movie as a supporting actor.
Comment 01 Feb 2016
You must be German. Because, as Norm McDonald says, Germans live David Hasellhoff
Comment 29 Jan 2016
If you actually watch Jerry Rice, you can see why he is the GOAT. Dude trained harder than anyone else. Ran absolutely PERFECT routes. He wasn't the biggest. Or fastest. But he was just so damn precise in every moment. Every cut. Every break. He mastered his craft. I'm not a niners fan. But watching Jerry Rice was a clinic in how to play his position.
Comment 29 Jan 2016
Peterson is a different kind of human. He did that 9 months removed from a torn ACL. If you put him behind the right o line...he could break it. With the line he has now? Not a chance.
Comment 21 Jan 2016
They had to do something to make the game fair. If they left Bosa out there,,they may have never scored.