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Comment 28 Feb 2015

Not only for the mental test and the grind it out win. But for it cementing Barrett's ability to lead this team. Yeah...he put up some stats in the games between the loss and that game. But the first overtime possesion was when you saw that leader mentality. The gut check moment when you see what someone is made of. He showed he had the mental makeup to get the job done when it was most crucial. The National Championship doesnt happen if he doesnt step up in that moment and will his team to that victory in that situation. Thats when I knew this kid was a leader...the kind of guy you know will give you everything he has every time you take the field together. And will ask nothing more than the same in return. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

The calm and quiet during the early morning during a snow storm. So quiet you can hear the snow falling. Nothing better.

Laying on your back in the country on a clear night and stargazing. Never realized how much I missed it until I moved to the city. Absolutely the most peaceful and beautiful sight to watch the sky change.

Memorial Stadium in Bloomington. Not a hulking cathedral of gridiron glory...but a great place to take in a Buckeye game. Especially when its your first real taste of seeing the Buckeyes live outside of the Spring Game.

The lacrosse game before the Spring Game...a chance to catch a sport I dont fully understand. Sitting with the parents of the kids on the field in front of you. Who are more than happy to explain it to you

Getting home after a long day at work and putting on the comfy pants. pants suck.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I thought that show was fantastic. Was pissed when I found it wouldnt return for a second season. But was pleasantly surprised by the show they replaced it withn the 100. Still...thought the had a great premise for  a series. The last show was a great jumping off point for the rest of the series. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Two and a  Half Men was written for Charlie Sheen. Chuck Lorre drug it out as an F You to Sheen after he melted down.  The show had run its course even before Sheen left. It became a dumpster fire of crap after. And the series finale was an hour of bad jokes and shots at Sheen. Only thing I found funny was Jake's cameo and Berta was her usually hilarious self. The rest was just shameful garbage.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Well...we played our 3rd string QB in both halves against Wisky, Bama and Oregon. And won a National Championship. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I have looked at it in its totality. Urban Meyer didnt get where he is by being shortsighted. I am sure that there was a conversation between him and Weber to calm the waters. And even though it woukd would be a blow, there was probably mention of giving him a release if he felt oike he wasnt going to be happy in Columbus. Why do I think this? Because you dont want to have the image ofa coach who holds a kid hostage to prove a point. Kids talk to each other, and if Weber felt like he was being held to an agreement he didnt feel comfortable with it would get around. Meyer probably gave him time to process it, look at who the new coach was going to be and decide if he was on board. Obviously Wilcher is satisfied with what Meyer had to say about the situation. As is Weber...he is still on board. None of us here know the inner workings of what went down. And probably never will. The situation has been settled...Weber is happy, Wilcher is happy and the rift has been repaired. See no reason why Weber would transfer down the line.

Comment 26 Feb 2015
Perry is highly underrated...probably because all he does is stack up tackles. No big sexy stats...just a tackling machine. Surprised Bell doesnt recieve more love...hard hitting, ballhawking safety who does his job as well as anyone in the country. Something to be said about the unit mentality...all these guys play so together that individual performances go unnoticed. Power of the unit indeed.
Comment 25 Feb 2015
Did you just bro me? In all seriousness, I get its a joke. But yours wasn't the first reference to it I have heard today. Just chaffes me a bit that he first thing people go to is a Calipari joke. I would like to believe that both Cal and Matta are above these sorts of things..they have proven track records as coaches and have programs succesful enough to draw talent witbout stooping to sending a kid an avengers themed recruiting leaflet. I get people think Cal is a slimy snakeoil salesman. Same thing people here used to think of Urban before he got here. If Cal was doing what he does at Ohio State, he would be a local hero and cherished for it. Just find it silly something as innocent as this can be turned into a joke a large majority of people will belive to be true.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
I get what you are saying...but look at how many kids have said the rigors of recruiting wore them down and got them to a point they just wanted it to be over with. He doesnt have to worry about that...he made the choice early. Yeah, that isnt going to stop the mail and calls from coaches trying to at least get him to visit. Doesnt seem like they will have any luck...kid is a Buckeye. With the circus out of the way, he can focus on the bigger picture. Leading his class, leading his HS team and improving his game to be ready to compete when he gets to Columbus.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Remembering watching it and wondering the world of f#&k Curtis Grant and Josh Perry were doing. They took each other out of the play and opened the running lane. Kinda looked a bit oike they thought they were Florida O Linemen blocking each other.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
The kid knows what he wants and where he wants to go to get it. I see no harm in having that kind of singular focus on the future. We lament the wishy washy nayure of teenagers here on a daily basis. There is nothing wishy washy about him. Doesnt sound like a kid who is willing to rest and his laurels and expect to be handed anything in life. He seems like the type who has shoulders plenty broad to bare the load he places upon them.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
Said this elsewhere...there is talent in Ann Arbor. It has just been criminally underveloped and coached down during Hoke's tenure. Harbaugh brings an edge with him that Hoke didnt have. Hoke's lack of fire showed in how his team played on Saturdays. No edge, no intensity...two things Harbaugh brings in boatloads. Do I think he will be able to turn this team into an ass kicking, fire breathing machine that takes all comers? No...but I believe he will be able to knock loose the apathetic attitude shown by the program for the past couple years.
Comment 24 Feb 2015
To that end...he won 24 straight games with mostly holdovers from the Tressell days. Yeah...he sprinkled in a few here and there. But 2014 was he first year he had guys he recruited in key positions playing meaningful snaps. And lets not act like Harbaugh is walking into a bare cupboard. Hoke did a nice job of recruiting highly rated kids. They had some pretty solid O Line hauls, some good RBs and the almighty Jabrill Peppers. That alone should give tsun 4-6 wins alone having him. The problem at tsun wasn't was player development. Harbaugh likes a ground heavy gameplan and using a multitude of tight ends. He has some solid TEs, OL and a none too shabby RB stable to work with in Green, Smith, Isaac and Jackson. He has the personnel to fit his style...lets see what he does with it.
Comment 23 Feb 2015
I love work so much I have two jobs. My day job is in everyday reminder of how much I really dislike people. My weekends are spent bartending. Its a nice release to be able to say whatever I want to the drunken masses. And take their money while doing it.
Comment 22 Feb 2015
Have Corey Clement stepping into Gordon's role as the feature back. Kid looked mighty good in relief of Gordon during the season. And will no doubt have a mammoth O Line fir him to run behind. Plus McEvoy gives them a different wrinkle in running the read option. Paul Chryst should have the ground game running on schedule.
Comment 21 Feb 2015
I dont know man...Ive listened to LeBatard few times. Never heard anything worth coming back for. No real redeeming quality when it comes to him...Stugotz is ok in small doses.
Comment 21 Feb 2015
Just saw this post. At the end of a 24 hr run at work...but as all above have mentioned, Im here brother. Life has its trying times...but nothing is more beautiful than a life lived fully friend. I have been down a dark and twisted path myself. Entertained these same thoughts countless times. But I made it...and you can too. If I would have given in to the dark thoughts ij my mind, I never would have met the little girl that saved me from my self destructive ways. My little girl is 8 years old...and the truest example of God's love. He hand picked this little angel and sent her to me at a time I wasnt sure I would live to see 30. I dont know what it is that has you where you are tonight...or how old you are. But I pray you find the strength to pull through and write the rest of your story here on this earth. It isnt always sunshine and roses...but reach out my friend. Anyone one of us here would love nothing more than to walk you through this time of despair. Prayers up to you...and may the Lord help you find peace within the storms of life and see you through to calmer waters.