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Comment 26 Nov 2015
Anyone notice that "it is time!" Was not in last week's trailer. Video team cursed us...but seriously, whenever that drops I'm ready to run through anything solid. To the team up north...this Saturday, the Buckeyes unleash hell upon you. Prepare accordingly. This will hurt. It won't be over quickly. And you will not enjoy it.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
Aren't you just a ray of sunshine. You do realize MSU has the most wins against teams CURRENTLY ranked in the top 10 of the CFP? And against teams ranked in CFP period? Two of them were last second wins yes. But thats more than Clemson has. Or Alabama. Or Iowa. Or Oklahoma. Call it being exposed. Go ahead. It took MSU 59:57 seconds to put this team away. Even with offensive struggles. I was as upset as anyone else when that kick went through. But come on now...don't discount or denigrate this team. They did just run off 24 straight wins. Not easy to do no matter WHO you play.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
You said what I was thinking. Meyer had no problem giving Cardale the quick hook when he struggled. JT was not getting it done Saturday. They essentially neutered the run game. Why not make that change? Get Cardale in there and stretch the field. Miller was open deep consistently. Vannett stayed open all day. And JT either held on to it and ran. Missed the throw. Or checked down to a route short of the marker.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
Saturdays game was a wake up call...for everyone involved with the team. Players and coaches alike got the cold water in the face. One thing is important...beat tsun. Beat the brakes off them. I've heard from so many people that losing has exposed this team. I don't think that's the case. I think it will wake the sleeping giant inside the locker room. Sparty poked the bear...and tsun will bare the brunt of it. I feel good about it. I won't worry about anything else till the clock reads all zeroes on Saturday and the scoreboard has the Buckeyes victorious. That's what has to happen first. Then let the chain reaction commence.
Comment 24 Nov 2015
I've said this for a while now...why are reporters allowed anywhere near these kids after a game? Especially one with that much on the line and heightened emotions? This isn't the NFL. They aren't paid to be available to media. They are young men who put their heart and soul into this game because they love it. Talk to the coaches...but keep the mics away from the kids...let them process the loss and decompress. That being apology necessary in my opinion. Kid wanted it so bad. The pregame tears showed that. As did his face standing next to Alford on the sideline. He wanted the ball. Wanted to make this happen. And he wasn't given that chance. To do what he's done best the last two years. Grind down the D and find that one hole and pop a big, back breaking TD. The stats don't drive him...the winning does. Being able to strap his team to his back and do what's necessary to win. For the team. For Buckeye Nation. For all of us. You will be missed Zeke. Now...finish this thing on style my man. Collect that 3rd pair of gold pants. And run through those blue bitches up north.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Positive thoughts...I'm positive this team will take out the anger on tsun this weekend. They think it's a good thing we lost? No...worst thing that could have happened. Coaches will get things straightened out, players will be ready to crush skulls and the win will be cleansing. Nothing is set in stone. It's not over yet.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Keep Hackenburg upright. Give him a chance to throw the ball without getting crushed every play. Play sound defense and force them out of ground and pound. Make whatever qb plays beat you. Penn State can play some d. Just have to let the qb do work. Protect hack. Keep Sparty from controlling LOS and TOP. Would be nice of them to do us a solid. Since we didn't score 63 on them this year.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Time of possession tells that story. A matter how elite, can only withstand so much field time. When the offense doesn't run time off the clock, the d gets gassed. What Sparty did is what our boys usually do. Pound the ball. Soften up the d and grind them down. That's what Zeke did in every game. Second half teams got their medicine. Yesterday, our D got theirs.
Comment 23 Nov 2015
Can't say v the season would be over. Said that last year when Braxton went down. When the VA Tech loss happened. A lot of young guys grew up last year and kept pushing. You have the right leadership in the locker room, you can overcome even the most dire circumstances.
Comment 16 Nov 2015
If Ash does move on to be a Head Coach after the season, it will put a dent in the relationship with the young man. Best believe that Urban has a stack of resumes on file just in case though. Who had heard of Ash before he joined the staff? There are more Chris Ash's out there. And I'm sure Urban gas a short list of them in event of him moving on. That's one of the things about it have to think that these kids hace relationships with other coaches. And whoever Urban tabs to be the next in line works at a school recruiting these same kids. So the comfort level with school is one of the biggest things you have to maintain. Wasn't it Antonio Williams who said he already knew Alford from his time at ND? Relationships are big no just have to continue developing them while selling the young man on Ohio State.
Comment 14 Nov 2015
Herman gave Urban 3 years. I see him giving Houston the same at least. Really just depends if the righat job being there.
Comment 12 Nov 2015
I can attest to the truth in what was written. College football isnt a game. Its a profession. You watch all your friends enjoy the carefree college life. While you sprint from place to place...every second of your day being monitored and planned by coaches. And trainers. And tutors. And nutritionists. Morning lift. Position meeting. Breakfast on the run as you slide into that 8 am lecture. Lunch on your way to a noon lab. Hit the trainers table and off to practice. Dinner on the go as you head back for film sessions. Then mandatory study table til 10. Head back to the dorm as your friends are on their way to a kegger. You fall into bed just in time to do it all again tomorrow. I played at Ohio Northern. This was my day every day. A division III school. Imagine the rigors of every day life for these young men at Ohio State...
Comment 11 Nov 2015
Last I checked, the Bucks are still the big dog in the pack. There's a trophy in the WHAC that confirms it. Rankings be damned...the Buckeyes are still the reigning CFP champs. Until someone beats our boys, they are the kings of the castle. Would be nice to run through Bama again as a reminder though.
Comment 10 Nov 2015
D line is not where issues lie in Cleveland. And I would take Washington or Bosa without question. Even with the depth at d have an opportunity to add versatile guya like either one of them, you take it. Unless you'd have them take ANOTHER qb in the first? Because that's worked so well before...
Comment 10 Nov 2015
At the rate we are going, Bosa may find himself playing on Sundays in Cleveland. I would not mind that at all. I'd be pretty ok with it actuallt.