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Comment 17 Apr 2014
What...that hes visiting a potential transfer spot? Bet you said the same about jeremy cash when he left for duke, right? How'd that work out for him? Exactly...just because you leave one school for a lesser school doesn't mean you aren't talented enough. Just means maybe some things fell the wrong way and you ended up behind a couple guys. Doesn't make him unworthy of playing for a top flight program. Just make him unlucky, and realistic about hi s chance of succeeding elsewhere.
Comment 16 Apr 2014
Cash was a direct result of meyer being hired. He didnt well with him, and wasnt shy about that being the reason he transferred. Murray, if im not mistaken, was based on a pattern of behavior that didnt mesh with the core beliefs of the program. Jamie wood had shoulders issues throughout his career...could never stay healthy enough. And thompson...who knows. Could be his spot on the depth chart. Could be more. Either way...this is something that comes with being a top tier program. Especially one that recruits at as high a level as this one.
Comment 14 Apr 2014
Understandable...but think about it. The depth on the d line is insane. And the depth at lb has been paper thin. Why move him from a position with depth issues, to one that has the exact opposite problem? Dudes are crawling over each other on the d line to get snaps.
Comment 14 Apr 2014
If you watch tape on him, youd see he was raw. Very athletic, but needed to work on the technical side of the position. Even as a highly rated prospect, he was going to be a project as far as technique was concerned.
Comment 14 Apr 2014
Its really about the players mindset if you ask me. Look at bri'onte Dunn. He was a 5 star...and he he took a redshirt. Everyone speculated he would transfer as well. But he bought in and used the time to improve himself and his game. And now hes worked his way into the conversation to see meaningful touches. Not all 5 stars are created equally...some believe it entitles them. Some just see it as what it is...window dressing. Not going to criticize Mitchell in the least. If he transferred to be close to his father...which is the prevailing notion among those close to the program, thats admirable. If he transferred because he felt slightest by the redshirt, so be it. Its his decision, and for whatever reason, its done. And wish him the best going forward.
Comment 12 Apr 2014
Was that Schlagel running it? He brought some comic relief, and also got a heavy chorus of boos fate announcing the "tie" in the first heat. That kid brought it both times, and im happy for him. He gets to say he ran with some serious speed merchants and beat em once. Also, glad to see james clark out there running. Must mean hes ready to get back out there and compete. And loved Doran grants back flip to celebrate his win. Kind of forgot just how fast he is
Comment 12 Apr 2014
Keep in mind that a bulk of the gray's secondary was comprised of returning starters, or guys that are in the running to start. Powell, burrows, reeves and conley were over there. Not to mention Tyquan lewis was applying steady pressure all day. But in terms of reads and delivering the ball, Barrett was the better qb today. But aside from Eli apple...the scarlet secondary wasnt as stacked as the gray was. And I believe that was by design.
Comment 12 Apr 2014
If I remember correctly, Zaire wanted the commitable offer, but the staff wants to wait to see him throw. He didnt want to wait, and committed early to ND. I didnt have any issues with barrett today...once he settled down he had some nice throws. Did seem like he was trying to get Vannett killed though. Every time he there it to him, he got whacked.
Comment 12 Apr 2014
Meyer has done this since hes been at ohio state. His first spring game, guiton and miller played the whole thing. And last year, cardale got some reps late. But guiton played the whole game. Collier is most likely looking at a red shirt. Meyer wanted to see what his backup options had to offer in real time situations.
Comment 12 Apr 2014
Honestly cant remember seeing many starters play. Only saw bosa on punt team, didnt see washington play much at all. Same with spence. One thing is certain though...the o line needs work. Tyquan lewis ate lisle alive all day. Was impressed by overall play of lbs...lee as all over the place. So was kwon. Powell was laying wood. And Reeves looks much Better in coverage. Michael thomas had a sick one hander. Barrett seemed much more fluid in reads and throwing the ball. Of course, cardale was seeing most of the guys considered to be starters come the season. Silver secondary had Powell, reeves, burrows and Conley.
Comment 09 Apr 2014
Not to mention the whole APR issue they just went through. No way the Big Ten invites a team that has a glaring academic issue at the time they were expanding.
Comment 02 Apr 2014
That doesnt strike me as being a douche...that strikes me as being honest. Some coaches are media friendly, and others are Nick Saban. Urban makes comments all the time about certain position groups being clown shows. Or not at ohio state levels. And we applaud it. Saban is brutally honest and hes labelled a douche? What is it that he said that was so wrong...the fact that he lost two starters. Or that the guys left are unproven? Or that public opinion is formed from arbitrary numbers? Or that being good on paper means nothing when bodies start colliding? The delivery may seem gruff...but hes being honest.
Comment 01 Apr 2014
Oh I understand where youre coming from. They mined the well of emotion when it came to the whole ted/robin/barney triangle over the years. From heartbreak to friendship. From friendship to love. From love to heartbreak. From heartbreak to broken friendships. From broken friendships to renewed friendship. The only real constant was that underlying connection between ted and robin. No matter what happened, they couldn't stay away from each other and also couldn't get out of their own way. They made everyone believe team had finally come to terms with het not being the one. And her being able to change barney. In the end though, it took fatherhood to change barney. And robin seeing ted with tracy to finally realize she had been staring destiny in the face since the day she met ted. Their were so many intertwined arcs throughout the years. I can understand why so many people weren't satisfied with the ending. But it was the ending that was inevitable from the beginning. There is no way ted wasnt going to eventually find his way to her.
Comment 01 Apr 2014
Even during th I final season, there were moments of uncertainty on both Ted and robins behalf about their feelings for each other. Which led ultimately to Ted's decision to move to Chicago. Hell, even an hour before she was supposed to marry barney, robin made mention of the fact that ted was who she should end up with. Which ted quickly put the kibosh on...and she married barney. In the finale, you could see the point at which Robin finally cant be around anymore. When she has the flashback of ted from the slutty pumpkin episode. Then snaps back and realizes ted finally found his pumpkin. Then she leaves and has the conversation with lily in which she mentions again that ted was her one. True, a lot was left unexplained. But it stayed true to the great underlying theme of the show. He met the mother, got what he he always wanted and ended up where it all began...on the doorstep of the girl he fell in love with at first sight years before. Was it perfect? No. But such as it is with many great shows that come to an end...everyone is looking for something different. You cant please everyone...the show was about ted. And this the ending ted deserved.
Comment 01 Apr 2014
The show came full circle and served a fitting end to what the shows main story really was: a love story between two people who never could get it right. Ted and robin, in my opinion, was always the end game. They spend so much time developing the will they or wont they plot line to go any other way. Sure, they dropped in the near misses between ted and tracy. And weaved in the barney/robin angle. Even went so far as to build the wedding of barney and robin. But even with all that, the story always came back to ted and robin. The perfect match. With imperfect timing. Im pretty sure this finale was there way of giving ted what he wanted in life...that perfect girl and his two children. But also sent it out the way it came in...Ted standing outside robins window. Going after the girl he knew from first sight was the girl of his dreams. Side note: I do believe the most touching, poignant scene of the whole finale was Barney holding his baby girl. The emotion of that scene was so real, so raw...something that any man who holds his first child can relate to. I watched it with my daughter...who is 7 now. And it took me back to the delivery room on that sunday afternoon in November seven and a half years ago. To when they placed her in my arms and I felt that kind of love he felt. The entire finale was a fitting culmination of how life can change a group of friends over time. And this scene was, to me, the most heart wrenching moment.
Comment 01 Apr 2014
The episode when it shows all the near misses between her and ted did a somewhat decent job of filling in the blanks. And i know its too soon. But they should think about a show that develops her side of the story. Not 9 seasons worth...but maybe a 2-3 season run that shows her life, and then fills in the blanks that were left in this season. Probably wont happen. But would probably assuage some of what seems to be what everyone hated about the way this ended.
Comment 31 Mar 2014
Molina is a douche. But im not worried about one game. Its a long season. Cueto looked strong today.