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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Mo C pulling the ball away from sean taylor after he intercepted krenzel in the end zone in the 2002 NC game.
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Comment 27 Sep 2016 about a serious gut punch on a Tuesday morning. It may sound weird, but he felt like part of the family. Watched him grow up the last few years. From the excitement of his on the spot commitment. To watching his development. Hearing his open love of everything Buckeye related. Attending every camp and recruiting weekend. Every word was positive. Every action was pro Buckeye. Danny Clark was everything I hope my future son will be. And now this. Respectful and thoughtful all the way through. Wish this young man nothing but the best. Would have loved for his story to be written in Columbus. And it still never know. Thanks for everything you have done for this. God is great and will provide you with the best opportunity for you. Stay faithful and follow the path He has set for you. Best of luck, and know that Buckeye Nation will always be pulling for you no matter where you go. Godspeed young man. And Go Bucks.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
As a Browns fan, I would like to adjust your proposal. Joe Thomas gets to choose where he wants to go with no penalty to the new team. And NO FREE wins for B-more. This is their fault anyways.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
Look at that. A retired legend. An idiot. A waste of free agency money. A guy they ran out that actually wanted to be here. A first round bust that Belichik will make a pro bowler. And the best trade Cleveland ever made.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
Browns fans are like Goonies...We never say die! But honestly...watching the preseason I knew that with Griffin and McCown it was only a matter of tine before Kessler would be forced out there. The O line is just awful. Outside of Joe Thomas. And the two QBs both have injury histories longer than the list of starting QBs for Cleveland since 99. You put injury prone qbs behind a line that cant protect and the future becomes now real quick. Anyone else relieved they didnt wast a high pick on another QB yet?
Comment 14 Jun 2016
One thing is certain to will know early if the Cavs have a chance. I see LeBron going right at Green early and often. Playing the mind game and baiting him hard. I personally dont think Green is smart enough to not do something ridiculously dumb if LeBron gets in his head. That being said, someome else has to step up. Granted...Cleveland has the best player on the court. His Batman and Robin gamecwith Kyrie last night kept them alive. But they need someone else to hit shots. Create. If they get production from someone else, the chances increase of Cleveland making history.
Comment 09 May 2016
No. I didn't pick Kentucky to win it. And teah...they are my team. No reason to be disrespectful about that. I have family and a close family friend who are alums of UK. So that's the connection. Maybe you should keep your snide remark to yourself if you don't understand a situation.
Comment 23 Mar 2016
I didn't bother this year. For the obvious reason that no team really jumped out at me as being dominant. Im rooting for Buddy. I like the kid...he can fill it up big time. Plus, I hate Duke, Carolina and Kansas. And Villanova always pisses me off. So I'd have to say Oklahoma is my team since mine just got knocked out by Creeper Crean.
Comment 23 Mar 2016
I would post a picture of my little guy Lynk here if I knew how. He's a 5 month old red nose pit bull. He's also a little asshole. But so cute.
Comment 04 Mar 2016
That's an interesting question you pose pertaining to the DH. Never thought about it...but it is very valid. DH's are usually guys who have passed their days of playing every day. Yet they still have the requisite chops to hit consistently enough to be in the lineup daily. It might actually cause resentment that these dudes just show up, hit and get paid pretty well to do it.
Comment 25 Feb 2016
While I love Zeke...I don't think it's fair to judge either Crowell or Duke yet. The offense has been a potluck of awful. No passing game for a team that is usually down early. So you can't really use the running game. That's why I am all for trading down and taking a receiver. Get a vertical threat to pair with Gordon. You got a quality Tight End in Barnidge. And Lord knows there is slot guys a plenty on the roster. Take an outside receiver. Roll with McCown. Take a QB mid rounds and groom him. Take the lumps now for the greater good. There isn't a qb in this draft that will make this team a contender right away. So why not improve the pieces around the qb and let a young guy get comfortable in the system. Because if you take a QB at #2....there is no grooming period. The fans will demand he plays. And that will spell doom for the future.
Comment 25 Feb 2016
I want this. Badly. I can't stomach another QB bust...and that's what is available. Talk to can bet they are touching themselves over Bosa. If Dallas really is scoping out Bosa at 4...float that to them. Swap firsts. Take Treadwell. Then the pieces are there to make a run at a QB next year. Don't put the cart before the horse...again.
Comment 24 Feb 2016
My boss is a baseball freak. And we talk baseball a lot. He said that Votto and Bautista have similar swings. He got into a lot of technical talk about it.. which I didn't follow because baseball isn't my cup of tea. I enjoy watching...but quit playing young. He also said that the injury issues that have plagued both of them stem from their swings. Like I said...I don't really get into the technical part of the game. But I thought it was interesting.