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Comment 23 May 2015
What I took away from it is a greater respect for the men and women who defend this country. I have several friends who have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. None of them to this day want to talk about it. And I refuse to push the issue. Because there is no way I can understand the kind of duress they were under in those times. To me...the most poignant and heart wrenching scenes weren't the firefights. They were the scenes when he was at home with his family. The war at home is something that most people dont think about. The war within yourself to disconnect from the job you have to do overseas. To not even know your children...and to not be able to relax and enjoy the simple things. That tore me up big time. The scene where he calls his wife from the bar and breaks see a man who was larger than life on the battle field break down and sob like a child who skinned his knee...heartbreaking. I dont know what I would do if I couldn't hug my child every day. Or if I was married if I couldn't kiss my wife goodnight every night. Read my kid a bedtime story and chase away the boogie man. These are things I cherish most in the world. And these young men and women are missing them every day they are gone. I appreciate every single one of you who have fought the good fight for our freedom. And who keep me safe every time I lay my head down at night. You answered the call and for that I am grateful.
Comment 18 May 2015
Im pretty sure that Walker will practice just fine. Hes talking about the shorts and t-shirt circuit. What Walker has isnt going to be displayed best in that setting. He is a downhill, punishing runner. He has a power game. And that is what makes him a perfect fit for the power spread being run at Ohio State. You cant judge his abilities on the things that camps show. Kid is a good athlete yes...But his game is based off of what he does with pads on. Not at a camp.
Comment 18 May 2015
Totally different situation. Pittman left Ohio State early because of Beanie. Yeah...Pittman had a nice Junior season. But the writing was on the wall for him...Beanie was going to take the starting job going forward. He was just simply too talented to split carries. Dont get me wrong...I have nothing but log for Pittman. But Beanie was a transcendent talent. And he knew that. No shame in that.
Comment 14 May 2015
Pettine is the first coach in a while I actually can see who actually seems to have an idea of what he wants this team to be. He has an identity in mind for this team...and it has shown in free agency and the draft. He has opted for savvy, tough veterans of league in free agency. And has worked to build up both lines through the draft. I like what hes done so far.
Comment 14 May 2015
Most of us are pretty fond of a certain kid that a coach pushed for a couple years back. Darron Lee. Fickell pushed and pushed for him to get the offer. And pushed for him to be in the class. Sometimes there is something extra there that only a coach can see. So if a coach is all in on a kid...there's something there. Alford must see that extra bit with Watts.
Comment 12 May 2015
As important as the QB is to the offense, the center is as crucial a piece to the o line. Boren became the leader of the line. Decker may be the elder statesman...but Boren holds it to get. Look at the Sugar Bowl...he took a cheap shot and looked to seriously hurt his ankle. And on his way off the field he was in the ears of the Slobs exhorting them to punch it in. They did...and that was the only play he missed. Played like a man possessed after that and punished whoever was over top of him. Next man up is the mantra...and Elflein is no doubt a worthy replacement. But having Boren anchoring the o line efforts and Elflein in his natural position next to him is the optimum lineup. Center is not nearly as celebrated as other positions...but if you dont have a good one, it shows up on game day. Boren is the rock in the middle. Much like Linsley was before him. That makes him as indispensable as any other guy on the team.
Comment 11 May 2015
Spoelstra got hammered a lot as well when the Big Three formed in Miami. Reached a fever pitch whe. They didnt win it all his first year. I can see why he would want LeBron being the trigger man though...he has ridiculous vision. Sees things most players dont. Plus it wasn't a do or die shot. You make it, you win. You miss? Overtime. If the play was designed to go to Smith or makes sense. Both have a Bette outside shot than Lebron. And having Lebron trigger it is a best case to get the best look. Just so happened Lebron wanted it...and made it happen.
Comment 11 May 2015
Good call on centers not being the highest rated prospects. Look at Jacoby Boren. Dont believe he was very highly rated at all. Something about being undersized or something. Became a huge part of the Slobs becoming one of the more dominant units in college football. Only two highly rated centers I can remember in recent history at Ohio State were Bobek and Brewster. Bobek never played and transferred. Brew was a great guy and leader, but suffered from the curse of the Walrus. Most centers I can remember that have turned out to be big time players were not highly rated at all. Mangold and Linsley top that list.
Comment 10 May 2015
A 15 yd penalty? Hell...if he tried that in polite company, he would be arrested.
Comment 06 May 2015
Anchorman definitely. As well as any 90's era Sandler film. And Top Gun. Always Top Gun.
Comment 06 May 2015
No way this has any legs. Athletes play through pain all the time. At no point is any athlete 100 percent while in season. Same for boxers...they train hard for months for a fight. And beat each other up in the ring. People may be upset they put money on a guy who wasn't healthy...but its called gambling for a reason. End of the day, people who played for the fight on pay per view got 12 rounds...even if it wasn't what they expected. If anyone should sue anyone, Pacquiao should sue Mayweather for ducking him until now. Neither fighter is what they were 5 years ago when Manny wanted this fight. The fact he was hurt is irrelevant to me. I would have watched this fight 5 years ago. Money didnt want any piece of Manny in his prime. All Manny wanted was Money...and he finally got him. No injury is going to stop him from getting in the ring with him.
Comment 05 May 2015
The average lifespan of an NFL career is 3 years. So...having a plan for after makes sense. Even if he lasts longer and makes millions, he has a full life to live once the game goes away. Henceforth pursuing a degree in something he wants to do. Not all NFL guys are early entries...a lot of them come with degrees. So they can have the future they choose once the game is done.
Comment 05 May 2015
Best of luck to him. All it takes is a chance to prove yourself to make it all happen. And if it doesn't happen the first time, keep trying.
Comment 05 May 2015
If we had this conversation last offseason, I'd say you were on to something. But this 3 games were against the 3 best teams the Bucks played all year. And he came out and made the throws he had to make. He got the big 3rd downs. He showed poise and presence and the ability to make solid decisions. And he showed maturity. He has the tools and the measurables. It will take fine tuning and work...but he has said and done the right things in the wake of that 3 game run. The potential is there...and while I agree about the sample size, doesn't take away from what he was able to accomplish in those 3 games.
Comment 04 May 2015
Im kind of conflicted on this. On the one hand, Cardale is a Cleveland kid. And I am not holding my breath that McCown or Douchey Smurf are the answer at QB. This would surely please me. But so would somehow losing enough games to get up to 1 to take Bosa. I dont think either will happen...because the Browns hate us.
Comment 04 May 2015
Here is one that wasn't on there that drives me crazy. How North Carolina says they are First in Flight. No...two Ohioans were the first to fly. This is the Birthplace of Aviation. Just because they used your shitty beach to test their invention means nothing. They invented it here in Dayton.