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Comment 12 hours ago
Really just depends I guess. Their older one was a bit high strung as a puppy. But mellowed with age. And their younger one can be a bit high strung...but loves people. All people.
Comment 24 hours ago
My sister has 2 is on his last legs. And the other is no older than 2 with 3 paws and a nub. And thinks she's a lap dog. Sorry to interrupt your back and forth...just wanted say they are good dogs. Silly at times. But good dogs.
Comment 28 Jul 2015
One down. A few to sift through. And a whole boatload of top flight talent left to fight it out for the last couple spots next year. DB recruiting is just insane right now for this team.
Comment 28 Jul 2015
It won't make any highlight reels, and came from the lost season of 2011. But the throw Braxton made to Jordan Hall to tie the game up in the 4th quarter is my personal favorite. He took a he'll of a shot after the throw, but hung in and threw back across his body for the score. I was there...and though the outcome sucked, I was optimistic about the future of this Miller kid. Edit: at Purdue. Thought I put that part in
Comment 27 Jul 2015
You sure it was that play? Thought it happened when he got blindsided by Beasley on like the 5th play of the game. I'm sure this didn't help it feel better though.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
The VA Tech loss was ugly. Outcoached, outplayed and looked like a long season was on it's way after that. But that is what the team needed. To be put on their asses and shown that you have to be ready for everyone's best every week. That loss stoked the fire. And the Penn State game made this team what they finished as. A single minded unit forged by adversity that refused to let the guy next to them down. The loss wasn't the turning point. Going into Happy Valley and weathering that storm together was.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
What do these people want? An apology? Meter to say his team didn't belong or deserve to be there? Because if they didn't belong, why did they take home the hardware? Brand name means Jack when pads start popping. You gotta want it. You gotta earn it. And you have to win it. Pretty sure that's what this team did...earned it honest. Brand may have gotten them a deeper look. But heart, preparation and brotherhood brought home the trophy.
Comment 26 Jul 2015
The amount of DBS that are circling the runway waiting to land is ridiculous. Especially in'17...the amount of talent that's high on Ohio State is a who's who of top prospects. Coombs and Ash have made a huge impact. They mat have to turn away top rated guys for lack of room. Or take them all and run a dime every down...
Comment 26 Jul 2015
Yeah. If I'm not mistaken, Fickell holds the records for consecutive starts and games played in a career at Ohio State. Not bad for a walk on, eh?
Comment 21 Jul 2015
You aren't kidding. I'm 6'5...and the highest I've been weight wise is 230. That was during football training in college. All I did was train, eat, go to class and sleep. Just recently began training again. You dont realize how hard it is to ingest between 4-5 thousand calories until you try to every day...
Comment 21 Jul 2015
I've worked out with guys who juice. A lot of them. I dont, haven't and wont. Just because one does doesn't mean you do. Watt has one of this work ethics you can't coach or teach. I'd bet he's about as natural as you will find in the league. Also...Cushing came from USC. Pretty sure it was common knowledge those guys were hopped up on something during that time frame. Watt went to Wisconsin. Cheese and beef brother. And lots of whole milk.
Comment 21 Jul 2015
Smith was a football player. Saine was a sprinter who chose to play football. Big difference. Saine was fast as all get out in straight lines. But you could see the difference between him and Boom. Boom could take contact, find holes inside and get the tough yards. Saine was at his best on the edges or catching the ball...not running through traffic.
Comment 18 Jul 2015
I was trying to find a way to word this eloquently...then I realized Bianchi isn't worth the work. Build a bridge. Walk the F#*k over it. And realize the issues at the big money schools in Florida can't be pinned to one coach. It's the glorification and win at all costs mentality that creates that. Not Urban Meyer.
Comment 09 Jul 2015
I would say he will lean more towards a Watt type. With a Grink moment here or ther. His dad is a former NFL player...and I'm sure will stay on him when it comes to off field behavior.
Comment 08 Jul 2015
My best friend actually will go to Lowes or Home Depot for no reason at all. I call and say I need to borrow some tools...he meets me there and we spend an hour. And he spends easily 1-200 dollars each time. And just buys the tools I needed. Keep in mind this guy works in a machine shop. Works on cars in his spare time. And has a side business doing carpentry. There is not a tool he does not own at least 4 of. He just loved buying stuff.