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Comment 20 Aug 2014
Mostly because Germaine was clearly the better of the two and should have been the clear cut starter. But for some reason Cooper felt the need to reward the senior Jackson with playing time. Which cost us a shot at the 97 National Title. Still cant get the image of that gift pick six out of my mind from The Game. That was the difference. Damn you Stanley Jackson. Damn you.
Comment 19 Aug 2014
And whats to say Braxton would have let him take him out. He gutted out almost a full game with a shoulder that was, as we now know, pretty well damaged. And by all accounts, up until that final throw, he masked the pain pretty damn well and was instrumental in keeping his team in that game. By that point, if youre urban meyer, do you take the ball out of the hands of the kid who has given you everything he had inside him in that crucial moment? Or do you ride the young man youve chosen to lead your team? I dont question Meyera reasoning. Or just how much heart and toughness Braxton showed in that game. And who's to say that if he pulled him it ends any differently? You dance with the one that brought you. And if it doesnt work...oh well. At least you know that he left it all on the field.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
Im not so concerned with this years class. But how it resonates with guys like Kraemer and Eichenberg in '16. Two top linemen and Ohio kids who have been said to be leaning towards ND. Thats more of a concern to me than anything.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
Saw this last night. CC is still elusive to this day. Not even water can get him.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
His daughter Gigi also challenged him and Shelley yesterday. Id say hes a bit busy currently...but I think he will do it. With all the pay it forward talk and the good that the program has been doing in the community, Id say its a no brainer he would.
Comment 13 Aug 2014
Are they kidding? Its gotta be the Grown and Sexy Lounge. The name alone sells itself.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
Considering that the Buckeyes D line has been hailed by a lot of pundits as one of the best in the nation, I dont see TSUNs being best in the B1G East. And I dont believe that is what Dinardo is sayin. The two best hes seen are theirs and ours...with ours being the best.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
Surprised that no one has mentioned Patch Adams. Such a wonderful movie on an extremely dark topic. To me, that movie encapsulated Robin Williams perfectly. A man who could reach you even in the darkest times and help you find a way to smile. Sad to learn his own pain was too much overcome. Not only comedy, but the film industry in general lost a legend and master of his craft. Farewell good sir....your legacy of laughs will live forever.
Comment 11 Aug 2014
Sad news indeed...Berger is such a good kid. Tough to lose your senior year, rehab and be ready to roll. Only to have it happen again. But hes shown the heart to fight through once...and with the medical staff and Coach Mick in his corner he will do it again. Good on ya Kyle for having the mentality to not let it break you.
Comment 09 Aug 2014
The collective media joygasm shoukd commence next drive.
Comment 08 Aug 2014
Cant believe no one has mentioned his biggest faux pas...referring to us by our real name, and not as Ohio. Whateve will they do with him? Either way...hes buying into the rivalry already. No different than when our TE commit was speaking of The Team Up North ahortly after committing. Its all talk until these kids strap up and take the field. As much as I enjoy the steady flow of tears from up north, I hope to see some balance restored some time. least some competition.
Comment 08 Aug 2014
Heres the biggest obstacle I see for them...losing the steadying force of Craft during the Big Ten season. This is the toughest basketball conference in College BBall. And their will be a lot of youth on this team. If Scott can take on that role, it will be huge. Yes, the young guys are very talented. But the level of physicality in this conference will be a big change. How they adjust to that will be a big key to how far they go.
Comment 08 Aug 2014
Isnt Rainey the one who sent the threatening text messages to his ex gf while at Florida? If so...that shows hes probably a couple cards short of a deck.
Comment 07 Aug 2014
Aside from one day against Ohio State, what did Biakabatuka do that was so impressive? Wheatley was a freaking nightmare...a brutal combo of power and speed. Thomas had some solid days. Same with Perry. But I was never impressed with Hart...set aside the incessant diarrhea of the mouth. He just never really did anything that wowed me. And if thats the sample size you have to offer, you are doing it wrong. This isnt me looking through scarlet tinted glasses. This is me looking at the number of impressive backs Tress alone recruited/coached. Its about the same number as you mentioned as their "History."
Comment 07 Aug 2014
Its also been stated Kevin Love made it known that he would like to be in Cleveland and sign long term if he was dealt there. Minnesota knew they were losing him either they stuck to their guns when it came to what the price would be. I dont think Cleveland lost any leverage...I just think Minnesota made it clear what they wanted and wouldnt accept less. Better to do it now and get it done than wait and have something happen with Wiggins or have another team throw together a package they liked better.
Comment 07 Aug 2014
You think Minnesota would take that deal? First things first...Varejao ia a banger no doubt. Tough and solid down low as a defender and rebounder. But he isnt a scorer. Hes also one of Lebrons good friends. Doesnt work for either team. Now if they added Thompson, that woukd probably work. But Lebron has already mentioned he likes TTs game and looks forward to playing with him. Plus he has a lot of upside the Cavs dont want to lose.
Comment 06 Aug 2014
If Im not mistaken, Urban stated that either he doesnt have a handle on what they are trying to do, or doesnt fully understand the offense yet. Same thing really...just cant remember how it was worded. So that sounds like he doesnt have the mental side down yet.
Comment 06 Aug 2014
IDP leagues are the best. Been playing in one for years, and without a doubt my favorite type. Hate hiding behind team defense. Much more rewarding to find the impact defensive players every week.
Comment 05 Aug 2014
The Hyde incident was front page news. And involved the allegationa of violence towards women...which is a core value of the program. Plus he was a senior, a starter and supposed to be an example of how to handle yourself for younger guys. All that added up to Meyer being heavy handed with the discipline.