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Falcon's $1.2B Stadium Renderings

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August 13, 2014 at 10:49am

The Falcons have recently unveiled renderings of their new stadium in Downtown Atlanta. The project is expected to cost $1.2 billion and be completed in 2017. Put simply: it looks incredible. 


Once complete, the Falcons will probably move up to the 2nd nicest stadium in the league trailing only PBS. 

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Some pics:


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Not a fan of the outside design.  It feels like this stadium and others like it will look very dated in the not too distant future. 

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Falcon fan here. The concept is a "nest" it cannot be anymore dated than the existing stadium. 

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Wtf the Georgia Dome is only 22 years old.  Good job, Atlanta.

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Seems, to me, like the Braves just moved into its stadium too (at least in stadium years).  They must have money to burn in that city.

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Home Depot has allowed the city to write Blank checks.

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Braves stadium is less than 20 years old.  It was home to the olympic opening ceremonies in 1996.

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Braves and falcons were for two completely different reasons.....kind of. Money was the factor for both but it was assisted by two separate issues. 

Braves have to move. Ticket sales were driven solely by northern Atlanta and the stadium sat south and fans went through the worst traffic you can imagine. Bring the stadium closer to the fans and create an atmosphere similar to what the Nats have done and you can salvage the fan experience which is currently watch the game and get out of dodge before you get mugged. Atlanta wouldn't match investment dollars that Cobb county would.

Falcons / Blank want to compete nationally for events and the old stadium struggled to do that. Atlanta hotel tax and other tax dollars supplied this investment. You can argue the politics but it was the right move as well. 

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Once complete, the Falcons will probably move up to the 2nd nicest stadium in the league trailing only PBS. 

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Man, we live in the future. I feel like George Jetson.

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I feel like the stadium should be able to transform into a crime fighting robot based on the pictures.  And the amount of money they are spending.  And because...  it's Atlanta, they probably need the help.  The Detroit Lions will probably build a similar stadium that fights bankruptcy as well as crime.

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