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Good Panoramic Shots of Ohio Stadium?

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July 23, 2014 at 4:12pm

As my user name suggests, I am a Buckeye living in Kansas.  I grew up in Kettering and moved out here for school about ten years ago.  I've since married, had kids (all Buckeye fans now as well.. No KU/KSU fans in my household!), bought a house, and done all kinds of unfortunate growing up.  The perk to growing up and owning my own home, however, is that I get to do whatever the heck I want to it (within sternly expressed limitations that my wife allows, of course).  So I recently finished the basement and am preparing to make it into an amazing "man-cave", for lack of better term.  Everything is coming together nicely, but there is one thing missing..  I really want a large panoramic shot (ideally of a night game, i think) of Ohio Stadium.  In theory I'd love one of a shot during The Game in '06 with a small caption of the final score, but that may be asking too much.  Where you come in, beloved 11W community, is with suggestions of where to find such a treasure without paying a small fortune.  Keep in mind, I'd have to have it shipped or pick it up during Thanksgiving holiday while I'm visiting the family.  Anybody have great suggestions?? 

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Found this by searching the all powerful Google.... here's the website to buy it from. It doesn't have the score.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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Thanks, Jeremytwoface.  However, this one is, and has been, out of stock for quite some time. 
Also, I can't believe I omitted this tidbit from my original post.  I'm looking for a larger print.  Either a 24x36 or 30x47 (something in that range). 

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In the past I've bought photos from an ebay user by the name of vipsportsphotos. He'll sell you high quality photo prints, in your choice of size. If you take the photos to a local shop, they can frame and mat them for you. It's usually cheaper than buying them framed, and it saves you the hassle of shipping a framed photo. I bought two of the 2011 Wisconsin game from him. 

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I got your links bro...

There;s this BOSS decal. 

Also, I believe Conrads and/or Buckeye Corner has a GIANT full wall sized mural of the Shoe you can buy and apply like wall paper.  Im sure its on their websites.

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Not that it's entirely relevant, but I saw a 7' wide version of this for sale the other day, apparently it had hung on the wall in the Columbus dispatch's office for years. It was 400$

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man, that is a sick shot. May look into buying that soon.

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And there are also some possibilities (a bit more artsy) here:

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Hey, thank you all for the input.  Got some good suggestions out of this thread! 

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Makes me miss my old man cave.........gotta get busy and make a new one!!

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