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Comment 4 hours ago

Thanks for the medical feedback on Braxton's shoulder, Aloiya!  I really enjoy reading your articles and seeing the blend of the sport we all love with the physiological side of the athletes who play it.  And I agree on your concluding fingers crossed line wholeheartedly!  There's gonna be a lot of people holding their breath the first couple every time Braxton touches the ball.

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Larry Johnson, Sr. is regarded as one of the best defensive line coaches in the business.  How much impact does his presence on the staff and his history in putting his guys in the NFL have on your decision to attend Ohio State? 

Also, does seeing a guy like Joey Bosa head north to the great state of Ohio and have tremendous amounts of success make it more appealing to you, another Florida guy?

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Not a chance.  I am in full agreement with Bucknut up here ^


Comment 09 Jun 2015

I seem to remember that he was planning his visits to Florida/Florida State in June and then looking to commit sometime in July or August, before his senior year begins.

Comment 27 May 2015

Alright, who are you?  I played baseball at Fairmont.  My neighbor growing up (and good friend) is Chris Trochelman.  I haven't seen anyone else on here from Kettering before!

Comment 26 May 2015
I'm gonna add a guy you don't have listed. I go with Nate Craig-Myers, Austin Mack, and Binjimin Victor. My guess is Corley goes Sparty, Ahmir Mitchell goes TTUN, Bruce sticks with Miami and their 18 fans, and Nixon winds up at Duke. I also think the Buckeyes will be bigger players for Kyle Davis down the stretch than most assume but wind up putting their eggs in the NCM basket instead.
Comment 26 May 2015
Birm, I'm wondering about Ben Bredeson. I know he's not a player you addressed tonight, but he's someone I continuously see come up as an Ohio State potential from other outlets. I trust you (just ahead of Wiltfong/Gleitman) the most and wonder what it is that keeps the Buckeyes in the picture according to so many other sources. Do you think we're anywhere close to Wisconsin/TTUN in terms of his recruitment? I ask because I saw Wiltfong changed his CB to cloudy tonight. If you've got any insight on the 5 star OL it'd be appreciated!
Comment 19 May 2015

My wish list would be as follows:

WR: Nate Craig-Myers
WR: Austin Mack
OT: Greg Little
DT: Rashan Gary
DE: Nick Bosa
DB: Jordan Fuller
DB: Jared Mayden
DB: Damar Hamlin

Of course, if you said they were going to sign my entire backup list I'd be elated as well.. (minus the fact that Bosa would be missing)

WR: Binjimen Victor
WR: Donnie Corley
OT: Ben Bredeson
DT: Antwuan Jackson
LB: Caleb Kelly
DB: Nigel Warrior
DB: Craig Watts
DB: Wayne Davis

Comment 19 May 2015

No kidding, especially considering this kid was committed there for a year already. 
And while I agree that he's almost certainly going to UGA, I feel a little bit like this is similar to Nate Craig-Myers decommitment where everybody immediately said he's almost certainly a FSU lock.  While that may end up true, I think the longer he (both of them, for that matter) stays uncommitted and explores his options the more legitimate Columbus looks as a destination.  I'm certainly not going to count UFM out in any recruiting battle when he really wants someone.

Comment 19 May 2015
No kidding. Hard to believe a decision could have to be made between the likes of NCM, Corley, Mack, Mitchell, and possibly now even Davis! How many true receivers can they legitimately take? 2 or 3? And let's not forget we already have Kierre Hawkins.
Comment 18 May 2015

Urban Meyer has had a great deal of success in the college game utilizing and getting the most out of dual-threat quarterbacks.  When he and Coach Beck explain how they plan to utilize your talents, what excited you most?  What makes their system better than others?

Comment 18 May 2015
I definitely agree, and while it is befuddling as to why some guys (Van Jefferson for one) spurn us, I don't think this guy falls into that category. I'm not sure he was high enough on the Buckeyes wish list to be considered a "take" at this point in the process, kind of like Justin Layne. With so many other big time receivers that the Buckeyes are in the running for it's tough to accept a commit like this.
Comment 16 May 2015
The wife and I were out there a year ago and stopped in to try Red O. It was good, and there was a nice little theatre across the street where you can catch good shows (Daniel Tosh was there that night), but we both felt it was a little overhyped. Now, I would like to mention that its owned by a celebrity chef and he changes up the menu frequently, so the food chouces would be different now than then. But it was our feeling that there may be better options. Just my two cents.
Comment 15 May 2015

Living in Wichita, KS I watch them using any means necessary - online streaming, sports bars, Xbox ESPN app, and occasionally on my 55" when they're on ABC or FOX (no cable). 

And I used to be a mailman, too.  I had to listen to The Game a couple years ago on my phone while delivering mail out of the LLV.  I went crazy and literally threw mail up into the air when Tyvis Powell intercepted the 2-pt conversion attempt.

Comment 13 May 2015

I was more responding to the OP who said he hadn't heard of him and a couple other comments saying things were interesting that Birm previously touched on.  I could definitely tell this isn't the first time you've been introduced to Watts as a prospect. lol