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Favorite OSU Memorabilia

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June 22, 2014 at 3:57pm

A few friends and I were discussing what our favorite, or most random/unique, piece of sports memorabilia was, and I became curious to see what other people thought. My personal favorite that I own is a Ted Ginn, Jr-worn practice jersey signed by members of the 2003 team (including Troy Smith, AJ Hawk, Bobby Carpenter, Jim Tressel, etc). If I knew how to upload a pic, I would.

Your turn, what's your favorite?

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Troy Smith signed jersey

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James Laurinaitis autographed helmet

Buckeye fan from PA

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Signed football from the entire 2006 ohio state team!

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Those signatures must be tiny, there's a lot of players on that team. Must be pretty cool huh?

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I have a Jim Lachey jersey & a ball Archie scored a TD with.

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Got access into the locker room after the 2003 MSU game and snagged a lot of signatures including Will Smith, Troy Smith, Ted Ginn (Senior in high school and was visiting), and Donte Whitner to name a few. 

"I'm not going to lie. We're anxious to be a part of a matchup like that. It's two states that love the game of football." -Jim Tressel

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I would hang out and play cards with Hawk and Mangold, along with several others from that time, and AJ was gracious enough to sign a jersey for me to give to my dad as a Christmas present. So while it's technically not mine, it's the one piece of OSU sports memorabilia with which I'm proudest to be associated. 

Edit: If we are discussing any type of OSU item, I'm going with that one that says I graduated from there. I guess that's important too.

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I have a full can of Coke that commemorates the 2002 National Championship. 

I've trained Canaries in the sport of falconry.


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Jim Tressel-autographed Block O flag that flew in Afghanistan. 

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This wins on a whole different level.

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My dad still has an unopened bag of Tostitos commemorating the '02 National Championship. I have a signed Urban Meyer helmet that is my favorite.

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- picture with Archie

- Woody Hayes autograph from the 1954 NC season

- helmet signed by Tressel, Krenzel, MoC, Troy, Nugent, Archie, AJ Hawk, Doss

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James Laurinaitis autographed football

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Game program from the 69 Rose Bowl against USC along with a commemorative plate that Chrysler had made to give out to it's guests of the game.

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Pair of Gold Pants I got from this, never mind.

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1 square foot of 2002 vintage Ohio Stadium turf.  Still green.

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Damn I thought we  still had natural grass back in 2002. My have the years flown and blended together.

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I have an aerial photograph of the 'shoe signed by Jim Tressel saying "Dave, Happy Birthday and thank you for your service.  Go Bucks!"

My mom got it for me for my birthday when I was in Iraq in 2005 through a connection my church has with the football program.  It is framed on my wall and is my second most prized possession.

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'67 OSU v Michigan game ball.

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A 1-foot x 1-foot square piece of the old green astroturf at Ohio Stadium torn up in 1990 that was replaced with natural grass.

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- Picture of 11-year-old me in front of the locker room chalkboard from 1994 tOSU vs tun game prior to Cooper punching a hole in it.  (

- Urban Meyer autographed football helmet from 2012 with additional "Perfect 12-0" note.

- tOSU

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I have small Archie  Griffin  Statue that was made by a women that worked with my mother back in early 80's. And she only made two of them and my mother had Archie sign it when he was at Eastland years and years ago. She even got him to let her hold his Suuper Bowl Ring while he signed it. She was saying how while she was holding and looking at the ring she thought about running with it LOL. I told her you would not have made it 3 feet before he tackled your ass right there in the Mall.

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My diploma and my wife are both thanks to Ohio State. We both graduated in the same class and she actually was assigned to sit directly in front of my in the Shoe for graduation, which was a week after we started dating.