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Lifelong Buckeye, raised by lifelong Buckeyes. In my mid-20s, from the Cleveland area.


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Comment 17 Jul 2014
You have to believe we're playing to win now, which means trading for Kevin Love. Its not about looking at it player for player, its looking at it by team. Varejao and Love are two of the best rebounders in the game. If you make the trade, our team becomes: PG - Irving, Dellevedova SG- Waiters, Mike Miller SF- LeBron, James Jones PF- Love, Thompson C- Varejao, Haywood Without trade: PG- Irving, Delle SG- Wiggins, Waiters, Miller SF- LBJ, Jones PF- Thompson, Bennett C- Varejao, Haywood Sorry, but I see more potential for success in the first lineup. We are chasing the Spurs. We need someone inside who can score and tire out Tim Duncan if we want to win. Kevin Love pulls defenders out of the paint, giving LBJ lanes to drive at will. If a second defender closes for help, you have an abundance of shooters who can kill you from deep. Wiggins could be an All Star. But Love already is one.
Comment 16 Jul 2014
The question was about Christian Kirk, not Jashon Cornell. The point is moot. Christian Kirk is definitely considering SEC schools (Texas A&M)
Comment 10 Jul 2014
I will be in South Africa donating my time and resources into veterinarian care for lions, cheetahs, leopards and other big cats (this is what I do for a living). If we could get him to fly out there, I could add a different dimension to the sparring lesson...doing it in a cage full of lions.
Comment 09 Jul 2014
I have no way to accurately say this without sounding cruel, so my apologies if I offend anyone. If the man put two tusks in his mouth and did LITERALLY nothing else, he would win every Halloween contest he entered as a walrus (or Jim Bollman)
Comment 09 Jul 2014
I worked at a Chipotle to help get through college. Hand to God, I witnessed a living breathing human being eat 5 burritos in one sitting. He ordered 6, and took the last one home with him so I'm left to assume it was a road snack. It has haunted me for years, watching him tear apart the soft tortilla flesh like a starved lion tears into a fallen gazelle. There's nothing graceful about it, yet you just can't look away.
Comment 09 Jul 2014
The LaVert kid from Michigan who some project to be a top 10 pick. Believe he's from Pickerington.
Comment 08 Jul 2014
I know this is off topic, and I hope I don't get DV'ed into oblivion for my opinion here, but do we really have to avoid saying University of Michigan? I get it, and I know its a Woody-ism that has lasted for decades, but I'm over it. I hate Michigan as much as the next guy, dont get me wrong, but my pops always taught me that "the minute you don't respect your opponent is the minute you've lost". Plus, I think Brady Hoke is childish and immature for calling us "Ohio". I don't want to stoop to his level. Plus, Brady Hoke proves my dads life lesson to be true. He has a losing record to "Ohio". I'm sorry for ranting. I love the trash talk between the teams and never want it to end.
Comment 08 Jul 2014
1. I have performed open-heart surgery on an elephant. (I'm a large mammal vet) 2. My dad and I got to play a round of golf with Jack Nicklaus when I was 14. He made minor adjustments to my swing, and dramatically improved my game. 3. I have a basic understanding of Spanish, but my 5 year old daughter is fluent in 4 languages and sign language. 4. I have been inside of Eli Manning's place in New York. I have used his bathroom. 5. My dad was a guitar tech for Neil Young for 3 years. My favorite part of Christmas growing up was getting his Christmas card he would send us.
Comment 07 Jul 2014
I picked KMart at random, truthfully, and that was only because the Miami Heat with Wade, Bosh, and LeBron were the WalMart of the NBA. And, I base that solely on the fact that they were a team that reached its peak and could not get any better because they didn't have the salary cap flexibility or draft picks necessary to improve. (Comparable to WalMart because WalMart could not expand their name any further. Who hasn't heard of WalMart? They're hands down the biggest retail store in America. But that doesn't necessarily make you wanna shop there. Sometimes KMart or Target has a better selection.) It wasn't the most accurate comparison, I know. There are plenty of holes in it. I merely meant it was a more accurate of a comparison than cheating wife. I should've put more thought into it but I thought I did pretty well for thinking of that on the fly. Sorry for the confusion (genuinely)