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Lifelong Buckeye, raised by lifelong Buckeyes. In my mid-20s, from the Cleveland area.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Pretty hard to top tOSU vs Miami
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: past: Chic Harley, current: Vonn Bell
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Comment 25 Oct 2014
So, if ESPN ever goes international and becomes IESPN, it will be an actual anagram of "penis". How appropriate.
Comment 12 Oct 2014
Didn't Okie State barely beat Kansas? If Kansas gave them all they could handle, TCU will destroy them by 3 TDs.
Comment 04 Oct 2014
Do you think Braxton would consider an h-back role? I know he's a QB, but the thought of his speed on the outside makes me drool.
Comment 03 Oct 2014
I totally forgot about that. But the B1G has a ton of talent outside of JJ Watt starting in the NFL. Hell, Michigan State has THREE starting QBs. Every position is well represented by the Big Ten. Sure, the SEC spits out more draft picks, but how many start, stick, and keep their jobs?
Comment 28 Sep 2014
Vegas has them as a 2 TD underdog to the Little Sisters of the Poor, actually.
Comment 28 Sep 2014
Rutgers over Michigan. Outside of that, not too shabby, sir.
Comment 23 Sep 2014
Terrified, but hopefully ecstatic about the end result! Haha
Comment 23 Sep 2014
From now on, I will post any Ohio State sports-centric dreams I have lol and we'll ser if I can stay accurate. I mean, it was just a really wonderful dream I had last night, but for how vivid it was, I knew I had to share because they've happened before and been pretty accurate. I will also post any dream I have about the Pick 3 or Pick 4 numbers or any lottery numbers for all to enjoy.
Comment 23 Sep 2014
In my life, I have had 3 dreams involving sports where I was a spectator and not a participant. The first dream I had took place 4 nights before the 2002 Nat'l Championship, and in my dream, Ohio State was victorious in overtime over Miami. The second instance was ~ 6 or 7 months before Judgment Day, and in my dream, #1 Ohio State took down #2 Michigan. And, I swear this to be true on my Buckeye fandom (my amazing parents would swear on a Bible in front of you. My dreams/premonitions have won me the Ohio Pick 3 and Pick 4 on 3 separate occasions). I do not claim to be a psychic, and I don't believe in it. I am a spiritual person and I believe the universe sends you signs when you're paying attention. Back to my point... Last night, I had a magnificent premonition-styled dream again. This time, it was about THE Ohio State men's basketball team. Our talented freshmen, and motivated coaching staff led us to a 4-loss season, a #1 seed (not the overall #1 though), and most importantly...a 5 point victory over Kentucky in the championship game. I can't remember every single detail, but the game ended with Shannon Scott stealing the ball with 49 seconds on the clock and lobbing it ahead to a racing Slam Thompson who threw down a one-handed jam to tie the game at 84 apiece. On Kentucky's ensuing possession, Keita Bates-Diop blocked a Kentucky players 15-foot jumper from behind with Scott corralling the loose ball. With 9 seconds left on the clock, Anthony Lee passes out of a double team to Deangelo Russell for a wide open 3 on the baseline. He nails it (with ice in his veins). A missed shot by Kentucky forces them to foul with 1.7 seconds on the clock, sending Kam Williams to the line where he knocks in his 2 free throws and THE Ohio State Basketbucks pull out an 89-84 victory over the Kentucky TamedCats. Take it with a grain of salt, or as me being over-optimistic. But I rarely dream in vivid detail, and I wrote it all down as soon as I woke up. After speaking with my father this morning, he's putting 500$ down on tOSU ASAP (he lives in Reno, NV). It was a pleasant dream, my Buckeye family. Fingers crossed that it predicts our future.
Comment 20 Sep 2014
Seeing as that hire would benefit the program and make sense, you can cross it off the list of possibilities.
Comment 19 Sep 2014

I believe this kid will be special and I like our chances if he visits for The Game.

Comment 18 Sep 2014
Honestly, its pretty trivial. Football is a violent (and beautiful) sport as it is, so I don't know if the chant is entirely necessary. But, in the grand scheme of things, who realm cares? I personally believe in sportsmanship, and fans should act as ambassadors of their team. Students, however, have different standards. I guess I will remain neutral here because I could take it or leave it. Not exactly what children at the game should be hearing, but I don't believe in covering a childs ears every time a swear word is uttered. If parents can't handle teaching their children which words are appropriate and which aren't, then they can't handle taking them to a football game to begin with.
Comment 16 Sep 2014
Troy Smith. If we say Krenzel because he won a national championship, we must then say Brian Griese, Chris Leak, and countless other QBs are better than Troy Smith too.