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Comment 08 May 2015
Joakim Noah is actuall Russian for "ugly as unwiped asshole"
Comment 05 May 2015
He wont be in the NFL forever. That, and its actually more likely that he never plays a down in the NFL than it is that he gets drafted. Yes, the kid is supremely talented. But, Curtis Grant was the #2 overall recruit out of high school (second only to Jadeveon Clowney) and he has an uphill battle to even crack a practice squad roster. Trey Depriest was "cant-miss" as well, and he wasn't drafted either. Its a smart and mature choice to bet on your education instead of betting on your athletic skills. EDIT: There's also the possibility (god forbid) that he gets hurt and can't continue playing. It sucks that he wont be a Buckeye, but I have to respect his decision.
Comment 03 May 2015
We are known for our very high quality burgers and wings and make our money as a place you can feel comfortable coming for family dinner as well as a drink. Angry drunks would be detrimental to the atmosphere we shoot for. As we explore the opportunity to franchise (we have 2 restaurants, will have 4 by next summer, and an expansion plan to see 20 by 2020 if all continues to go well), our mission is to prove that quality does not have to be sacrificed in order to become a chain. We have every intention of being a multi-state chain, but will not do so if it means we cant continue to make our food at the highest possible quality. Dozens of customers have said our food is better than the likes of Winking Lizard, Panini's, Buffalo Wild Wings and other NE Ohio mainstays. By 2020, we hope to be all throughout Ohio and will franchise out once our name carries more weight. Your optimism and glass half-full thinking is truly awesome, my friend. But, unfortunately, doesn't match the family atmosphere we're going for. We are definitely not afraid to cut our customers off or ask them to leave. We don't want the type of crowd that makes parents afraid to bring small children in.
Comment 02 May 2015
The internet would literally crash. And as a restaurant manager/10% owner, I'd have thrown 6700$ in the pooper.
Comment 01 May 2015
Larry Kehres from Mount Union (retired after 2012, still AD though - 92.9 winning percentage over 27 seasons - 11 National Championships - 55 and 54 game winning streaks - 23 conference titles - 21 Unbeaten regular seasons - 100 game win streak again conference opponents - Record holder for greatest 5-season record at 72-3 At any level, 92.9% winning percentage is the record. Both Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts III played for him at Mount too
Comment 25 Apr 2015
I get what hes saying. I have seen "Come to Ohio State or get beat by Ohio State" posted quite often and multiple comments along the lines of " Why would anyone choose to go somewhere else? We just won the Natty!" But, I think the success of our team allows us to ask that question because from a football standpoint, we are #1. That can not be argued. And, from an academic standpoint, we do sit above a majority of opposing institutions. The OP is right about one thing: We should respect a teenagers decision to attend a non-OSU school. Its hard to take off the homer glasses when we just proved ourselves better than any other school, but we should make an effort to do so.
Comment 24 Apr 2015
I took it as... We're aware we ruffled some feathers by holding camps in the south, so to avoid NCAA punishment and pretend we aren't afraid of SEC schools, come up here to our camps. Maybe you could teach us something, we have no clue how to beat Urban.
Comment 24 Apr 2015
According to Beth Mowin's roster, that would be Rod Jones.
Comment 23 Apr 2015
Should've elaborated: In my dreams, no other Celtic player scores.
Comment 22 Apr 2015
Downvotes aren't the issue. Downvoting people for having an opinion that you don't share is. People shouldn't be afraid to speak their mind.
Comment 22 Apr 2015
I'm not worries about helmet stickers. I opened myself up to allow people to DV me. I am worried, sir, about people being treated unfairly simply because they have an opinion that others don't agree with. It makes me afraid to voice my opinion if it doesn't match how the majority of members feel. I dont want to be berated and belittled because I might not agree with someone's opinion. Should I be afraid to comment on this site if what I have to say isn't in agreement to how everyone else feels?
Comment 22 Apr 2015
I upvoted you for using a word I had never heard before (peccadilloes) because it forced me to look it up and identify its meaning. I learned something new today, which is always my goal, so thank you.
Comment 22 Apr 2015
JTF, you are an awesome contributor to this website. There is no denying that. We have come across each others paths before, and it has always been pleasant. I agree with you here, but this is a site where fans can interact. I felt it was my responsibility as a member of this site to voice my opinion on the topic because it is unfair of us, as free members, to ask the staff/mods to oversee every single detail of this site. The staff focuses on keeping the site free and delivering A+ content, and the Mods do their best to keep the riff-raff in check but we have to be held accountable for our actions. Much like referees, even if they're giving 100%, they cant be expected to catch everything. As a community, every member should be expected to step up and do their part. If we see something crass, we report it. If we see someone treated unfairly, we stand up for them. If someone is crying out for help, we offer them a hand. We have the undisputed #1 team in the land, we have the undisputed #1 alumni base in the land. Lets step up and be the undisputed #1 fans in the land.
Comment 22 Apr 2015
This shirt is awesome, the 85 yards shirt is awesome...but can we make a shirt celebrating someone other than Zeke too? A Slobs shirt would be awesome! TTUN can have their Snobs, I'm rollin' with the Slobs... or something EDIT: Or something commemorating Evan Spencers block...
Comment 22 Apr 2015
I threw you an upvote to help offset the downvotes. I disagree with your opinion, but you were constructive with your criticism so I dont believe you should be penalized for having a differing opinion than others.