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Comment 20 Sep 2014
Seeing as that hire would benefit the program and make sense, you can cross it off the list of possibilities.
Comment 19 Sep 2014

I believe this kid will be special and I like our chances if he visits for The Game.

Comment 18 Sep 2014
Honestly, its pretty trivial. Football is a violent (and beautiful) sport as it is, so I don't know if the chant is entirely necessary. But, in the grand scheme of things, who realm cares? I personally believe in sportsmanship, and fans should act as ambassadors of their team. Students, however, have different standards. I guess I will remain neutral here because I could take it or leave it. Not exactly what children at the game should be hearing, but I don't believe in covering a childs ears every time a swear word is uttered. If parents can't handle teaching their children which words are appropriate and which aren't, then they can't handle taking them to a football game to begin with.
Comment 16 Sep 2014
Troy Smith. If we say Krenzel because he won a national championship, we must then say Brian Griese, Chris Leak, and countless other QBs are better than Troy Smith too.
Comment 08 Sep 2014
Heard the Ravens just released him. Better late than never.
Comment 06 Sep 2014
No, she kinda turns me on too. Then again, I'm gay. So, what does that tell you?
Comment 02 Sep 2014
Isn't this like, a great sign for his commitment to the good guys? I mean, if he's committing to a school on 10/20, and taking an official here late November, that kinda sounds like he's made up his mind and is choosing Ohio State. Maybe I'm just relentlessly optimistic...
Comment 30 Aug 2014
DJ, Before you knock DIII football, familiarize yourself with Mount Union's program. That is true dominance on an absolutely unparalleled level. And even though they're DIII, they spit out NFL talent I the likes of Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts III. And, although he wasn't NFL caliber, look up Nate Kmic's college football rushing stats and you will be blown away. They are the Ohio State of DIII and they're located in Alliance, Ohio. Don't knock it till you try it brother.
Comment 29 Aug 2014
The only wrong time to start drinking is before (or during) driving. Other than that, screw it. Start crackin when your eyes open.
Comment 26 Aug 2014
The fact that its 2014 and we still have to talk about this shit is just embarrassing. Coming from an actual homosexual, can't we just talk about football? Gottlieb is just doing what every other media asshole with a Twitter does...get people to favorite/retweet. Coming out is hard on its own. Coming out and having an entire nation continue to remind you that you're not equal and half your co-workers are disgusted by you...cant we just focus on football?
Comment 24 Aug 2014
Throw Neville Gallimore, Josh Sweat, and Christian Wilkins on that list.
Comment 08 Aug 2014
I see your logic. But, I have to go with The Game. I get that it'll be played once a year for what I can only hope is an eternity, but more is at stake in a football game. For all we know, this year could be Judgment Day 2.0. One loss on Ohio States schedule is the difference between playing for a championship or not even playing for the B1G championship. That doesn't apply in the NBA. No team has ever lost less than 10 times. LBJs homecoming won't even be a once in a lifetime thing because ESPN will talk about it nonstop for a month before and a year after.
Comment 29 Jul 2014
I am not a grammar buff or an English major, but I believe there is still a difference between a simile and a metaphor.
Comment 29 Jul 2014
We are in rarified air here, where we get 7 more years of Danny Clark. And I have a feeling we will be talking about him long after he leaves.
Comment 28 Jul 2014
The only problem I have with 8pm games is my impatience. Noon games are also an excuse to crack open a cold one much earlier in the day.
Comment 26 Jul 2014
To each their own, my friend. Some see the glass half full, some see it half empty. But its like my grandpa always said, "While they're busy arguing about how full it is, go drink it."