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Comment 26 Aug 2014
The fact that its 2014 and we still have to talk about this shit is just embarrassing. Coming from an actual homosexual, can't we just talk about football? Gottlieb is just doing what every other media asshole with a Twitter does...get people to favorite/retweet. Coming out is hard on its own. Coming out and having an entire nation continue to remind you that you're not equal and half your co-workers are disgusted by you...cant we just focus on football?
Comment 24 Aug 2014
Throw Neville Gallimore, Josh Sweat, and Christian Wilkins on that list.
Comment 08 Aug 2014
I see your logic. But, I have to go with The Game. I get that it'll be played once a year for what I can only hope is an eternity, but more is at stake in a football game. For all we know, this year could be Judgment Day 2.0. One loss on Ohio States schedule is the difference between playing for a championship or not even playing for the B1G championship. That doesn't apply in the NBA. No team has ever lost less than 10 times. LBJs homecoming won't even be a once in a lifetime thing because ESPN will talk about it nonstop for a month before and a year after.
Comment 29 Jul 2014
I am not a grammar buff or an English major, but I believe there is still a difference between a simile and a metaphor.
Comment 29 Jul 2014
We are in rarified air here, where we get 7 more years of Danny Clark. And I have a feeling we will be talking about him long after he leaves.
Comment 28 Jul 2014
The only problem I have with 8pm games is my impatience. Noon games are also an excuse to crack open a cold one much earlier in the day.
Comment 26 Jul 2014
To each their own, my friend. Some see the glass half full, some see it half empty. But its like my grandpa always said, "While they're busy arguing about how full it is, go drink it."
Comment 26 Jul 2014
I think he was laughing at going to a UM camp because usually the best players want to go to the best schools. Not like a "Hah. Michigan is recruiting girls now" type of thing. More like a "This girl is way too good for Michigan."
Comment 25 Jul 2014
Your arguments were so solid. Law is definitely in your future. From one Buckeye to another, best of luck on your exam!
Comment 23 Jul 2014
Maybe we can get another 10 star day this fall with a Gibson/Harris two-fer. If Josh Sweat becomes a Buckeye, this website will explode.
Comment 17 Jul 2014
You have to believe we're playing to win now, which means trading for Kevin Love. Its not about looking at it player for player, its looking at it by team. Varejao and Love are two of the best rebounders in the game. If you make the trade, our team becomes: PG - Irving, Dellevedova SG- Waiters, Mike Miller SF- LeBron, James Jones PF- Love, Thompson C- Varejao, Haywood Without trade: PG- Irving, Delle SG- Wiggins, Waiters, Miller SF- LBJ, Jones PF- Thompson, Bennett C- Varejao, Haywood Sorry, but I see more potential for success in the first lineup. We are chasing the Spurs. We need someone inside who can score and tire out Tim Duncan if we want to win. Kevin Love pulls defenders out of the paint, giving LBJ lanes to drive at will. If a second defender closes for help, you have an abundance of shooters who can kill you from deep. Wiggins could be an All Star. But Love already is one.
Comment 16 Jul 2014
The question was about Christian Kirk, not Jashon Cornell. The point is moot. Christian Kirk is definitely considering SEC schools (Texas A&M)