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Lifelong Buckeye, raised by lifelong Buckeyes. In my mid-20s, from the Cleveland area.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Pretty hard to top tOSU vs Miami
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: past: Chic Harley, current: Vonn Bell
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Comment 20 Nov 2014
I agree with every point, whole-heartedly. But, is Wisconsin's O-line so good that they can make an average schmo seem like a world-beater? Ron Dayne is one of the greatest running back busts of all time.
Comment 20 Nov 2014
Arkansas over Ole Miss because I desperate want to see someone throw a wrench into that whole conferences plans
Comment 20 Nov 2014
BC over FSU (if theres a fair and just God). Minnesota over Nebraska
Comment 20 Nov 2014
Why is it that every Wisconsin RB isn't worth much in the NFL? Going back to Ron Dayne, they've all set NCAA records, then underwhelmed in the NFL. Never adds up.
Comment 17 Nov 2014
Its in reference to him saying Vonn Bell is not a flash player.
Comment 25 Oct 2014
So, if ESPN ever goes international and becomes IESPN, it will be an actual anagram of "penis". How appropriate.
Comment 12 Oct 2014
Didn't Okie State barely beat Kansas? If Kansas gave them all they could handle, TCU will destroy them by 3 TDs.
Comment 04 Oct 2014
Do you think Braxton would consider an h-back role? I know he's a QB, but the thought of his speed on the outside makes me drool.
Comment 03 Oct 2014
I totally forgot about that. But the B1G has a ton of talent outside of JJ Watt starting in the NFL. Hell, Michigan State has THREE starting QBs. Every position is well represented by the Big Ten. Sure, the SEC spits out more draft picks, but how many start, stick, and keep their jobs?
Comment 28 Sep 2014
Vegas has them as a 2 TD underdog to the Little Sisters of the Poor, actually.
Comment 28 Sep 2014
Rutgers over Michigan. Outside of that, not too shabby, sir.