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So uh this guy thinks its ok to tweet at recruits

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June 21, 2014 at 9:36pm

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~~The only thing that annoys me is the myth that Harris was a die-hard Michigan fan growing up. The kid was rooting for OSU in the bowl game. How many Michigan fans do you know who'd ever consider that? It seems that the staff has moved on, what with them telling Weber he's the number 1 priority, and having Malzone repeat that. I'm fine with that.

Yes... he isn't going to be in your class, because you "moved on". *rolls eyes* 

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If I were a M...igan fan there wouldn't be too many things I'd be fine with these days.

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Dave Brandon agrees and blames everything on poor cell phone service at the big house.  

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They didn't want him anyhow, he's not Michigan Man Material. He's only a 5 star and has a terrible 3.98 gpa, so Hoke is passing on him. 


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Somebody needs to take the shovel away from AmericanNomads. At the rate he's digging he's going to let the morlocks loose.

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Funny that they referenced Ramzy's piece. Seems like they are policing themselves well over there.