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Have a buddy who works for the Browns.

He said back when Mean Willie Green got pulled for riding on flat tires and eventually DUI.  That he was actually at Kevin Johnson's house having sex with his wife. (only info/evidence I can find) Johnson came home and saw Green's vehicle and started slashing his tires. Willie tried to get away from the altercation by driving home, and was pulled for the tires.

Never could corroborate it but never have heard a better explanation. Johnson was benched for the following game and subsequently released with little or no explanation.

Glad to see Willie Green back on the right track.


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Just for the record... having sex with Kevin Johnson's wife is on the wrong track?

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Really nice story. I like things like this too. Great to see that he's turned his previous negatives into a positive message for young people on how not to live their lives and what they can strive to be if they can just focus on the tasks at hand instead of the constant peripheral distractions.

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Good for Willie.  Glad he got his life together.  But can I just say that Butch Davis is an idiot?

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Glad for William. Sounds like he's put his house back in order. Saw the article on yahoo earlier today. Butch Davis, good college coach, horrible NFL coach. Think Carmen Policy thought he was getting the second coming of Jimmy Johnson...NOT!!


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Carmen Policy gets no love from me either, and Butch may have been a decent coach, but was horribly miscast as football czar and may have been the absolute worst personnel guy in history.

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I agree with you about Butch Davis, but I think Lions fans would say Matt Millen beats him in a head to head race of talent and personnel evaluation.

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Maybe, but "Hurtin' Buckaroo" Millen may be the absolute worst analyst in history, and no one deserves that title for two jobs.

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