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Not a list you want to be on...

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May 1, 2014 at 12:49pm

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here is a better link for the list, your link needs an account.

I wouldn't be too concerned for OSU. Even though they might be on the list, the range of violations could be something simple to something horrible. OSU might have just missed a continuing ed course on the matter and that was a violation. It doesn't mean OSU glossed over an investigation like FSU or UM. maybe, but I'm certain someone in this community would have mentioned it by now.


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Thanks, and that's weird.  Just pulled it from a search.  Don't have an account to either ESPN or SF Chronicle.

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Found it borderline amusing that no SEC team is on that list (except the obvious Vandy but we already knew that).  But yet you have Princeton?! Dartmouth?! Harvard? HAHA I love this country!

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There are some big names on that list in addition to Ohio St.: Arizona St., USC, Cal-Berkely, UConn, FSU, Oklahoma St., Meatchicken, MSU, UMass, Penn St., Temple, Vandy, Virginia, and  Wazzu. Notable "higher-ranked, academic" institutions like Dartmouth, Princeton, and Harvard law School are on there as well. Interesting.

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DJ Byrnes, 2/25/14:

File this under "the worst news possible" for Michigan: the Feds are investigating Michigan's lethargic response to Brendan Gibbon's 2009 sexual assault on a fellow UM athlete...


This is bad, bad news for Michigan.


M Man, 2/14/14:

I have written elsewhere here at 11W; with all due respect and collegiality with my Buckeye friends, you are one bad night involving one star football player (or even a kicker, Coach Coombs!) from having to deal with this situation. Imagine a hypothetical; a football starter is accused of sexual assault in Columbus.  The Franklin County prosecutor's office investigates, and finds no basis to bring charges.  Urban Meyer understands the whole situation, and suspends the player for two games, just for having been in the wrong place under the wrong circumstances.  But then the University, seeking to protect its federal Title IX funding, refers the matter to a student conflict resolution panel, which finds that while not criminal, the incident constituted sexual harassment.  And the player is... expelled.

So no public expulsion(s) yet at OSU and outside of my general prediction, which I stand by, I have no particular expectation(s) in that regard.  Others will point out; today's published list has no particular relation to athletics at all, although it is widely expected that the Michigan and Michigan State reviews involve Gibbons (Michigan) and Appling/Payne (MSU).

But, uh, welcome to the New Title IX Land...


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said Catherine E. Lhamon, assistant secretary for civil rights. “I also want to make it clear that a college or university’s appearance on this list and being the subject of a Title IX investigation in no way indicates at this stage that the college or university is violating or has violated the law.”

I don't think this is quite the "I told you so" you were intending in your original post, at least until more details come out.


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I do not presume that the Ohio State University has done anything wrong.

I do not presume that the University of Michigan has done anything wrong.

I presume that in both cases, the investigation is directly related to changed standards at the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights in mid-2012.  I don't expect that Michigan or Ohio State will plausibly be found to have covered up, papered over, or otherwise systematically ignored claims of campus sexual assaults. At least not under any thoughtful, considered standards.