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R.I.P. Princess Lacey

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April 9, 2014 at 10:42am

Good morning,

I just saw on twitter that 8 year old Lacey, who was diagnosed with cancer and created a friendship with Adriean Payne of MSU, passed away overnight.  Absolutely heartbreaking stuff. Cannot imagine how her family is dealing with this tragedy, but God Bless them all. Really makes you take a step back and realize some of the things we bicker about on this site seem so petty. If you have kids, hug them a little more tonight and appreciate all that you have.



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Woke up and saw Jay Bilas' tweet. After hearing about this story, I started rooting for MSU. If OSU couldn't win, I wanted them to win so I could see more of Princess Lacey celebrating with Superman. 

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Sad news indeed. Her relationship with Adreian Payne was pretty special. 


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It is always amazing how many lives a truly special child can impact in such a short time on earth. Prayers over the family as they cope with something that I hope to never experience. The statement and tone in which it was communicated on Twitter were beautiful and true.

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Prayers will certainly be with her family and with the Payne family as well. This hurts my heart........

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It wasn't even a week ago that she was at the college slam dunk contest watching Payne.  Truly heartbreaking.

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God Bless to the family and friends of this little girl.  Stuff like this is what helps to keep it all in perspective.

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This day damn. Godspeed princess. 

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I just saw the news of her passing on BTN. May God Bless her, her family, friends, Adrian Payne, and the whole MSU family.

It is fitting that it is MSU day on BTN.

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This sucks.    God Bless her, her family and Payne.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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It is sad when you lose someone to Cancer but it is especially heartbreaking when it is a child. Prayers to all her family through this difficult time as well as all the people her story has touched.




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Sad news to hear. A heartfelt  Thank You Mr Payne for your kindness.


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Horrible news. My heart goes out to her and her family. KeithMC is right to say that we should be conscious and appreciative of all we have.

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Definitely some sad news. Prayers for her parents and the MSU community that helped embrace her and make her feel a part of their families as well, particularly Adreian. After seeing their connection, it was hard not to root for MSU a bit and made me appreciate Adreian even more.

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I hope this gets some attention in the Skully tomorrow because it is both a beautiful and tragic story.  I don't know Adreian or Lacey, yet my heart breaks for both.  Bad things shouldn't happen to kids ever.  Here's a link to an article on ESPN in case you want to read more.

Rest in peace sweet girl.

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I miss her smiling face already - so sad - keeping her parents in our thoughts and prayers.