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Comment 15 hours ago

i probably should have mentioned that the hat was in North Royalton, Ohio. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Comment 28 Jan 2015

So what would happen if a player graduates prior to his senior season, but that major does not require any graduate school. Would they still technically be on a scholarship? this scenario may never play out, but i was just curious if there's anyone (perhaps Hale?) who would fall under this category and how the NCAA would look at it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies! 

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Yea Thompson was one of my favorite recruits as well. Just seems like a gritty guy who may not lead he team in sacks or tackles, but he just gets the job done. i think back to Tim Anderson for the 2002 team. 

Good call on Munger, i almost forgot about him!

Comment 26 Jan 2015

i really feel like next season is going to be a great yea for Nick Vannett. i know, he is going to be a SR and already gets decent PT, but i don't think we have seen just how talented that young man is. He seems to catch pretty much everything thrown his way and he is decent in run blocking as well. I think he will have a very nice season and push his way up the draft boards. 

On defense, I think Dylan Thompson and Tyquan Lewis are going to produce nicely for the good guys. Hopefully Thompson can stay healthy!

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I love watching the EPL, and painfully i have been an Arsenal fan since i was younger. Aside form any Cleveland sports team,  Arsenal has to be the most frustrating team to watch. Great talent, but they rarely play to their full potential.

I would love to see more Americans in the league, but it seems they are all coming back to MLS. Hopefully that will bolster the MLS a bit, but i have real concerns how that will affect the US National team. 

As far as the season plays out, i think Chelsea are in a good spot, but they seem to have a few head scratching games where they will drop points to an inferior team. i'm hopeful that doesn't happen this year as all i want is someone other than a Manchester team to win the league. Arsenal should hopefully bounce back now that they are getting some of he boys back. Your Liverpool squad has definitely had a roller coaster year so far! i cannot believe Gerrard is leaving, it just doesn't seem right seeing him in anything but Red. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I seriously just cracked up seeing this. Well played Tenn, well played!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

From some of the stories that were told during the season, it sounds like he is a very spiritual person who, as you said, reflects upon events that have taken place. I agree with you, that's all this seems to be.  

Comment 14 Jan 2015

For Birm, or anyone else in the know...

How is our Glenville pipeline looking for next season? i believe i remember hearing that they made the playoffs this season, but i have no clue if we have any of their top players looking our way and i don;t believe anyone from the 'Ville committed this season. Just wanted to see if anyone had any updates about that program.

Thank you in advance for any info! 

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Tough crowd today, huh? I think we all just need Monday to get here ASAP!

And for what it's worth, i think the fact that the OC was stuck starting so many rookies AND not having Justin Blackmon really affected what he could do. That's not to say with Blackmon they would all of a sudden turn into the greatest show on turf, but that had to hinder what he could do. Just when i think my Browns are a lost cause, i'm thankful to remember that i do not have to root for Jax!

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Well i like that these trades are getting done early in the season so that the team has that extra time to gel. With all these new pieces on top of the new guys from the beginning of the season, it's going to take some time. Fortunately we are in the East where all it takes to get into the playoffs is about 40 wins, so we can take a few lumps here and there as long as it gets the team playing better as a unit. 

While i agree that Mozgov isn't the savior, i like that he is defensive minded. We really just need him to protect the rim and get some boards. Anything else is really a bonus at this point. 

Comment 06 Jan 2015

I think i heard somewhere last year that the NFL was looking into moving the Super Bowl to a Saturday evening, or at least doing some research on it. Personally i have always wondered this as well. I understood the NCAA final four championship game being on a Monday, but that;s because they have games on the previous Saturday to determine who is in the championship game. To me, moving this game to a Saturday evening to me seems like a no-brainer, although you may have more people going out on Saturday nights, which may diminish ratings a bit? maybe? who the heck knows. 

Comment 06 Jan 2015

I couldn't agree with you more Tritz. I think Harbaugh is there for the long haul. Sure, he may flirt with a few select jobs in the NFL, but i think if he gets the right coaches, it will make recruiting a little easier on him and he won't have to deal with a GM who is going to tell him what he needs to do. Look at what Urban did, he brought in a great group of coaches and that's helped him TREMENDOUSLY and he doesn't have to do it all himself anymore. Next year will be a little rough for them at times, but they should get bowl eligible and TTUN will recruit well because they are TTUN. As much as we all love to hate them, it's still a big name school and they will pull in some decent recruits just off of their name and Harbaugh as the coach.  

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I'm going to be honest with you guys and say that i am MUCH more nervous about Oregon than i was with Bama. I think we should be able to move the ball on offense and i really hope we can feed Elliott and Samuel and enjoy a huge T.O.P. advantage. Where i get nervous is when Oregon is on offense. Mariotta does a decent job of getting his passes off quickly, so i wonder how much pressure we will be able to get with just the front 4 and possibly 1 LB on a blitz. Where Oregon seems to capitalize is when opponents blitz the house and Mariotta dumps a pass out to someone in the flat and that person has all day to run. Ideally we need to have some long, time consuming scoring drives and keep Mariotta and company off the field.  

Comment 30 Dec 2014

This is awesome! I love Arsenal more than any other club, but man, what the hell does Wenger see in Sanogo?? i just don't get it! i understand he is younger, but there are so many other options out there! 

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Wow i like this news! He has been impressive with the Arsenal U-21 team and i believe he made an appearance earlier this year during the FA cup (might have been the Capital one cup?). I like that we have another very talented younger player joining the squad, hopefully he will help to bridge that gap between US Soccer and the elite teams in Europe and South America!

Comment 24 Dec 2014

While i disagree with the Hot seat part, there are a few players that i would love to see step it up on both sides of the ball, and i really thing this will be the year they do this:

Offense: Brionte Dunn, Warren Ball and Marcus Baugh. I think next season is going to big for each of them and i really hope that Dunn can grab the carries that Rod Smith had in the beginning of this season. Baugh has no excuses now, Heuerman will be graduating and Vannett will be the only guy ahead of him. i did notice that we subbed at the TE spot quite a bit, so he stands to get some good PT if he can put together a nice spring! 

Defense: Trey Johnson. I think most of us assumed this guy would be a plug and play guy, but that just hasn't happened YET. I completely disagree with the few people that have suggested he is a bust, i just think the college game takes some time getting accustomed to and he will be just fine. I also think that Chris Carter could have a nice season backing up the starters if he had decided to stay, but you cannot fault that young man for looking to better his future and gain more PT elsewhere. I was sad to hear that he is leaving.