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Comment 20 Aug 2016

I was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend who was attending OSU law school that year, so we had season tickets to the Big Ten portion of the season. The Gamble pick-6 was, at that time, the loudest I had ever heard the stadium. We were in 11C and jumping up and down like crazed lunatics. Then the game versus Minnesota had a blocked punt (I believe it was Donnie Nickey?) and I remember looking over at her and saying, this damn season is going to be something truly special. Then Purdue happened. So once the Michigan game came around I was nervous as hell. Despite the fact that I was 21, I barely drank at all just to take in the whole Gameday experience. By the time the game kicked off I was a total mess. Yelling, screaming, swearing, you name it. During the course of the game we could barely hear each other, that's how loud it was. then Will Allen stepped up and picked that pass off. From our vantage point you could see the play develop and see Allen breaking on the ball. As the pass left Navarre's hand the people next to us were already screaming in celebration and it was instant euphoria. Not exactly sure what happened over the next 5 mins, but I think I hugged at least 30 people that I never met prior to that moment. I remember that season like it just happened and it's truly something I will never ever forget. I actually bought a sweatshirt prior to the first game we went to and wore it for every game. After the Miami win I washed it one last time, folded it up with my ticket stubs, the championship sports illustrated and a few other items, and boxed everything up to safe keep them for ever. What a season!! 

Comment 20 Aug 2016

The handgun charge will be dropped for all but one of them, and the weed charge will get reduced to a fine and "counseling" so they each might get 1-2 games with the handgun person getting double that. 

Now the kid who was charged with resisting arrest and assault of a police officer could be in real trouble 

Comment 19 Aug 2016

I was actually given two free tickets to the game. Seats were shitty, but that 9th inning more than made up for it. TBJ fans were talking shit for the last 3-4 innings and then they left with their tails between their legs. It was awesome. The USA chants after that were fun 

Comment 07 Aug 2016

Yea you are definitely right about that. I was thinking Hill was committed this year, but that was Todd Sibley. Man, I don't know how folks can keep up with recruiting, so many names to remember! Haha 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

I believe Walker was the class before Hill and Walker decommitting opened the door for Antonio Williams. i could definitely be wrong about that though, all these classes seem to blend in together. 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

Man that really stinks, i was looking forward to following his career at Pitt. Although the immediate news sucks for him, i'm happy that they found this now and he didn't have a catastrophic event during practice or a game. Saw an article the other day that estimates 17 teenagers (14-18 yrs old) day EACH DAY due to previously unknown/undetected cardiac issues. That stat really hit me since i have quite a few friends with kids approaching that age group. 

Glad to see Pitt is giving him a medical exception/hardship scholly to cover his schooling. I would like to believe that most schools would do the exact same thing if that situation presented itself, after all it's the right thing to do. 

Comment 01 Aug 2016

#1...Holy Buckeye

#2...November 2006 in The Game. Second quarter, 2 and 1 from the *ich 39 yard line and prior to the play i drunkenly tell my buddies, Smith play action to Ginn TD.  about 10 seconds later Troy pulls off a perfect play action just chucks it up to Teddy for the TD. Some random guy standing within earshot of me was amazed and bought us beers/shots for the rest of the game. 

Comment 01 Aug 2016

i was fortunate enough to have season tickets that year and this had been the loudest i have ever heard that stadium roar, until The Game a few weeks later. Loved that season!

Comment 28 Jul 2016

It certainly is a great time to be a Buckeye, that's for sure! With recruiting, I've done a 180 in terms of my thinking. I used to sit here and hope for certain guys that I thought would be great here, so when they would commit elsewhere i would get all fired up. Recently i found out that i don't actually know more than the OSU coaching staff, so for the first time in a long time i'm not stressing on who we are taking and offering.  haha

I really cannot wait for the season to start. 

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Yea it'll be interesting to see what happens. Just seems like a very weak trade market right now with so many teams on the fence about being buyers or sellers. I've often wondered why they didn;t bump the trade deadline back to the middle of August. 

Comment 25 Jul 2016

They had Antonetti on one of the news channels up here and he said he is happy with the platoon of Perez and Gimenez until Gomes comes back. I could be looking too far into it, but something about the way he said it just made it feel like he was actually serious.  

Comment 25 Jul 2016

I feel like the Indians will end up making a small move, but nothing that's going to come close to a Chapman-like move. Part of me thinks they make a move for a situational lefty from a team like Cincy. They may try to turn it into a Bruce plus relief pitcher for a few prospects, but i don't see the Indians adding a big bat. maybe it's the Indians scorned-fan in me, but i don;t see it happening.

As far as Sale goes, if the ChiSox do trade him, i don;t see how or why they'd do it to another American league team. Unless someone like Tex or Bos offered an insane combo of players, I'd trade him to the NL if i were their front office. 

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I'm not sure why, but a Buckeye road game at MD is something i have really been looking forward to ever since MD joined the B1G. I was hoping to go this year, unfortunately i wouldn't know for sure until a month or so before the game. Appreciate the post though, hopefully that ticket agent comes through for you all!

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Honestly, at first glance i don't like the trade. Don't get me wrong, DC is a VERY good player, but having him and TT down low will clog up the lane. While that's good on the defensive side, offensively it would create issues. Love spreads the floor which opens up room for Kyrie and Lebron to drive the lane, which in turn leads to them kicking the ball out to him for 3's. I'll admit i've never been a huge fan of Love, but i now see the value in his offensive skill set. He matches up well against 30 or so teams, he just struggles against Green for some reason. Maybe i am wrong about all this above, i don't watch as much NBA as i did in years past, so maybe i am off on some of my knowledge about DC. 

Comment 08 Jul 2016

That would be amazing!

I just read that we lost out on a LB from France due to Wenger waiting too long to submit a bid. hahaha

On a positive note, it appears that we are in the lead for Subotic from Dortmund. He didn't play much last year, but he is only 27 and will definitely help our central defense.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Douglas Costa is amazing, i would absolutely love to have him on the squad. we need someone on the wing who is willing to take people one on one and attack. Could you imagine him and Alexis on the wing with Ozil in the #10? that would be awesome!

So what's your gut say about incoming transfers? I really think Arsenal is done for the window as sad as that is to say. Hopefully i am wrong about that!

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Yes, you are correct. They get a smaller portion than the other prem teams since they were relegated, but if they get promoted next year they'll receive a parachute payment. Conversely, these newly promoted teams will forfeit some of the money if they end up getting relegated after this upcoming season.