Columbus a Top Market for the USMNT Victory over Ghana

By DJ Byrnes on June 17, 2014 at 3:26p

Columbus, the adopted home of the US Men's National Soccer Team, was one of the top markets in the nation to turn into the come-from-level victory over the bogeymen of Ghana.

To put these numbers in perspective:

So while the World Cup won't be muscling the Super Bowl anytime, it continues its steady growth in America. 


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For some perspective, I would say it would be really hard to gauge true viewership with so many outlets to watch the World cup. ESPN's numbers don't take into account the large fanfest type events, bars, mobile streaming, online streaming, and the really huge numbers of Univision (an over the air Spanish channel that is broadcasting the games). I'm not saying it's getting close to the superbowl in America, just saying the viewership numbers are always going to be skewed lower than actual. Still pretty great numbers though.

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FWIW, I watched on Univision because I don't have cable. 


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The Crew is popular and has an amazing stadium. Lots of internationals in C-bus; lots of younger people, too. Also, C-bus has some great youth soccer clubs and hosts a really good tournament, the Nike Cup (well, I guess it's technically in the Dublin area). I'm not surprised that the numbers were that good for Old Columbus Town.

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Forgive me for posting here as I am not really a futbol fan.  Not here to dis anything, just offer by 2 cents on this. 

I am not surprised at all by these numbers.  There are many contributing factors, such as the influx of internationals in the cities reporting the highest ratings.  But the real story here should be how futbol is actually making inroads in the general populace.  As with anything, you need to look at the numbers to get a better picture of what is going on. 

Attendance wise, MLS still trails both the NCAA and NFL crowd sizes (at least at the major colleges).  This despite the price difference for seats (currently you can attend a Crew game for about $30 average, we all know that NFL and major colleges average much more than that).  However, that price differential is starting to attract more of what could be described as diehard American sports fans to futbol.  Yes, it is time the colleges, in particular, stand up and take notice of what is happening just down the street in many instances.  The Seattle squad leads MLS in attendance (at about 40k per game), and their average ticket price is about $60/seat.  And, the Crew, despite averaging just around 16k per game are starting to become a popular attraction in Columbus.  For the most part, most of the MLS teams offer an affordable option for the family that wants to bring their up and coming athletes to a professional sports venue.  Heck, you can take a family of 4 to a crew game with money left over for the price of one ticket to this year's OSU/Mich game.  It is true that demand drives the price, but this price difference is going to make a lot of people think twice before dishing out big bucks for a seat in Ohio Stadium.

Don't get me wrong, I have no interest in attending a futbol game, whether it be here in Seattle, or in Columbus.  But, I am a diehard, 62 year old Ohio State fan.  If I attend any game it will be in my seats in Ohio Stadium (and I have access to complimentary Seahawk tickets just about anytime I want them).  However, the typical American family with several kids needs to be really cautious with their budget, and that means that those kids who used to stand in line hoping to get seats in Ohio Stadium can now look elsewhere.  The Crew offer an acceptable fix for that 'need sports now' habit.  

That brings us back to viewing numbers generated by this game.  Has futbol actually taken a foothold in American sports?  Sure seems that way.  And, in many cases it is right in the back yard of some pretty substantial NFL franchises and College venues. 

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I'm actually surprised that Seattle wasn't in the top-5 in ratings this week.  Sounders are without question the most popular MLS franchise.

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Seattle fans are the opposite of fair weather fans.  When the weather is nice they do other things than watch pro sports.  

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That's not bad for a Monday game with a 6pm start. 

Read my entire screen name....

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About midway through the article: "At times this stadium on the northeast coast of Brazil felt like Columbus, Ohio."


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I love that our fair city is the adopted home of the USMNT. Pretty nice feather to have in our proverbial cap.

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