Big Ten Football Championship Game to Remain in Indianapolis Through 2021

By DJ Byrnes on June 5, 2014 at 2:56p

The Big Ten has announced its council of Presidents/Chancellors unanimously approved a recommendation from university administrators that the Big Ten football championship game will remain in Indianapolis through the 2021 season.

The Big Ten men’s basketball tournament will rotate between Chicago and Indianapolis in 2019/2021 and 2020/2022 respectively.

Here's the B1G general, Jim Delany, on the announcement:

“The Big Ten Conference and member institutions are excited to return to Chicago and Indianapolis for future football championship games and basketball tournaments. These two cities have been tremendous hosts and partners with first-class facilities and an outstanding base of Big Ten alumni and fans who support conference events. We are proud of the history that we have developed with these two great cities and look forward to maintaining a significant presence in both locations.”


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Hypothetically a national title team would have 3 neutral site games in one month. Doesn't seem sustainable at all.

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New Hampshire & Towson played 3 road playoff games last year - New Hampshire lost in the Semi's & Towson lost in the Final.  I'm sure tickets were not $1000 a seat for every game, though.

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After attending last year's B1G Championship, I came away impressed with the facilities in Indy. It was a great location for the game. 

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I was there too and I agree.  A lot cheaper & easier than going to Chicago.  I hope they keep it there.

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Agree as well. Didn't like the outcome but the venue was nice. We were going to park on the street a half mile or so away and a guy knocks on our window to ask who we were rooting for. We pointed to our Buckeye gear and he gave a parking pass right next to the stadium. Saved us a brutal walk back

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I'm OK with this.

Long live the southend.

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Selfishly, I'd love it if the game was in Chicago. But Soldier Field is a nightmare in December. Indy is the right call (and the city is dirt cheap to stay/eat/play as opposed to Chicago).

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It is geographically ideal. The combination of the event center and stadium can't be beat. 

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I was impressed w/ Indianapolis last year. I think it's a great central location and the facility is very nice.

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I live in Indy.. This is an awesome announcement!!!  Go Bucks!  Come visit every year.

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This is great for our Buckeyes. It has to be the closest realistic place to hold it plus we have a pretty big following in Indy.

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Lucas Oil was great last year, as was the town of Indy.  I really had a good time BEFORE the game.

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Good.  Honestly when it comes to championships and post-season play, I don't want weather and field conditions to be a deciding factor in who wins.  I want the best team to be victorious.  

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More so than that, I want to be comfortable as a fan. I already spend enough time in the freezing cold, I don't want to watch a championship game without feeling in my extremities. 

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Selfishly I've always dreamed of Cleveland Browns Stadium (or whatever it's called now) Soldier Field, or Lambeau for the B1G Championship. I'm probably the only one who thinks that would be great.

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Personally cant stand Lucas Stadium. Wish there was an alternative. 

Go Bucks!

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Cool, so this means we'll be 8-1in B1G title games at the end of this deal.

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Great news. Great stadium and a quick drive down 70. Also didn't have to wait 3 hours to get on the highway like we did last year at the toilet bowl.

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Although the outcome was not favorable last year, it was a great experience.  The stadium is downright impressive and our mobile fanbase made an amazing atmosphere for a conference championship.  I had the privilege of being at almost all the games last season and can say that being on that field before the game began was an unforgettable experience and by far the loudest that I had ever heard a stadium get (obviously being inside helped, but it was still remarkable).

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Honestly, is there really anywhere else geographically that is indoors?

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No B1G championship games in DC?  Aww what a shame.

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