Felony, Misdemeanor Charges Sought Against MSU QB Commit Jayru Campbell

By DJ Byrnes on February 10, 2014 at 7:19p


Above, you will find a video of what is allegedly highly-touted 2015 dual-threat QB (and Michigan State commit) Jayru Campbell almost suplexing Cass Tech's security guard through the crusts of the Earth. 

The event made waves a few weeks ago, and the ramifications are just becoming known. Today, a recommendation for a warrant was filed against the 17 year-old in the 36th District Court. 

According to records online, the possible charges include assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder (a felony) and aggravated assault, (a misdemeanor).

Here's Cass Tech's coach:

"I just heard about the charges,’’ Cass Tech football coach Thomas Wilcher said. “I really don’t know what to say. I don’t have anything to say about it, really. I’m just really in awe. I’m just ticked at the whole process.’’

It looks like you need to be ticked off at your star quarterback, coach.

No word yet on Campbell's commitment status from Michigan State, as they'll probably wait for this to run its course in full. Campbell isn't set to graduate until next year, so they have plenty of time.

Regardless, Campbell's about to get a glimpse into just how quickly everything you've worked for can get body-slammed to the turf. 


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A cautionary tale to all young, highly-touted rockstar-type recruits, for sure. Don't believe your own press releases, keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble.

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You got it, athlete or not no one is above the law. 

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I think he would agree with you:


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That video will follow him, however, in cases like this, if it is a first offense, I'd prefer to only charge him with a misdemeanor, put him in some anger management classes, probation and community service.  No need to throw him in jail very long for this.  Now if the guard needs any medical expenses, he should be forced to pay for that.

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Maybe Steven Segal can take a break from policing N.O. and patrol the halls of Cass Tech.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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I've always said, it's not that hard to not get arrested.

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You ain't lying.

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That video will follow him the rest of his life. And it should.



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Dunno if I agree with the 'should' part.  He's 17 years old and has plenty of life ahead of him to right his course.  

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A lot of young punks like him actually think its cool to have videos out there like that, even if it puts him in a negative light. Its a generation addicted to instant fame via digital media. When he grows up though, he might look back at what a dumbass he was. Sure some people on here think my words are too harsh for a 17 year old 'kid', but if he was my boy, I would beat the snot out of him for doing something like that.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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What an idiot... Such a stupid thing to do when you have your whole future set, whether it be academically or financially (if you plan on going pro and you make it). Everything you work for, just burnt up in front of your eyes. Such a stupid thing to do. 

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Wow, he could have easily broken that security guard's neck. Luckily he didn't seem too injured.

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Sad to see a kid with his whole future set and in front of him throw it all away that quickly. Some of these kids have no concept of the magnitude of their actions.

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What a moron. It is a shame people act like this. He will do well at Marshall. 


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I have been interested since the incident, what caused him to deliver a powerslam of that magnitude.  Did the guard say something to him?

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I was just pondering this very question... What set of circumstances has to occur for your natural reaction to be to powerbomb a security guard in the hallway of your school? Can't say that I ever encountered anything quite like that in my formative years...

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One student that was interviewed said that Campbell was told to take his sweatshirt off because it violated the dress code, and he didn't want to take it off so he body slammed him

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Now I understand... SMH

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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since I doubt it was a Buckeye sweatshirt... community service it is!

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I assume he and Damon Webb were on the same team. I wonder how close they are.

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Nothing spoken justifies a reaction such as that.  Nothing.

Hopefully a lesson learned and he will move on, do his community service, then continue on in college.

Go Bucks!

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It is a horrible incident with no justification for body slamming someone but there has to be more to the story.  More to the story meaning, why was someone videotaping Jayru Campbell at the EXACT moment he body slams a security guard.

I am interested to find out what led up to the altercation, if it was in fact over a sweatshirt. Anyhow, whatever happened still does not justify his actions.

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Maybe at that school, somebody's always following Jayru around with a camera like he's some kind of superstar.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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i am not surprised that it was caught on video. More than likely there was a long enough argument to get everyone's attention. You can see in the video that a crowd is gathered around and  I know that if I see something interesting, disturbing or something I want to tell a story about later, I immediately go for my phone to grab a picture or a video even if I don't fully understand what I am capturing. The video would have been on youtube, worldstar or some other site regardless of who it was. We are talking about it because it happens to also involve a five-star recruit in the middle of Big Ten Country

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No one can justify picking up a security guard and slamming them to the ground, no matter was said or done prior.... Stupid act.

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Looks like this young man has a problem with authority.  I hope the results of his actions (whatever they may be) help turn him around not just for his football career but for life.  Man...it is tragic when young kids with such tremendous God-given talents don't have enough sense to stay away from situations like these.  Good luck to you Jayru.  

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Ticked with "the process," you say?

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Yeah, that is a curious choice of words, huh?

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If MSU allows him to keep his scholarship it speaks volumes about the kind of ship Coach D is running now up in East Lansing! This kid as I have stated before isn't as talented as he is said to be, and clearly has some off the field issues he needs to tend too. What are they waiting on? Could this be the environment that Malik McDowell's mother spoke of? Current and future players running a muk? Not going to class, body slamming security offers? The simple fact MSU hasn't distanced themselves from this kid is a joke.

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Can't imagine that Coach D would keep his offer on the table, this is definitely not the type of image he wants for a MSU team that is trying to become a consistent B1G title and rose bowl contender  

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PAWEST1202's picture

I believe that Dantonio and MSU will be looked at very closely in how they deal with this situation. I expect a strong and visible statement. Mostly to protect the integrity of the University and the program but also because of what is happening at TSUN with the Brendan Gibbons Fiasco/cover-up. The last thing they need after a year of considerable on the field success is to be linked with that mess happening in Ann Arbor

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After reading this report, I had one very strong thought in my mind:

BOY AM I GLAD that there weren't cameras in everyone's pockets when I was growing up. If there were, you could google my name and about a dozen videos of me doing stupid shit would pop up.

I'm going to go a little easy on my opinion of this 17 year old kid. I turned out pretty well (getting a masters degree in May from tOSU, responsible father/husband, etc), but you wouldn't have known it by my record as a teenager.


Kernfan's picture

Murse, I have that thought anytime I see someone young doing something stupid on Youtube.  Also thought he is lucky that guard did not get seriously hurt.  If the angle of the body slam was a little different and the guard ends up in a wheelchair, he might not get out of jail for a long time.

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It was in incredibly stupid, but I don't think you just write him off. I hope he's punished to the point that MSU isn't an option, but not so far that he's denied a chance to play somewhere in college. At 17, he's at a crossroads. If you take everything away from him, his future is more if the same.