Michigan State WR Macgarrett Kings Jr. Won't Miss Any Games for D.U.I. Arrest

By DJ Byrnes on August 22, 2014 at 1:33p
Mark Dantonio: Michigan State WR Macgarrett Kings Jr. Won't Miss Any Games for D.U.I. Arrest
Mark Dantonio before the 2013 Big Ten title game

If you have any doubts of Mark Dantonio being Jim Tressel's former apprentice, look no further than their punishments for DUIs.

Michigan State wide receiver Macgarrett Kings Jr. was arrested on April 6th for suspicion of DUI. That suspicion, however, was soon supplanted by proof: Kings blew more than .17, more than twice the legal limit.

On July 7th, Kings Jr. plead guilty and received 13 months probation and a $750 fine.

His punishment from Michigan State? Missing spring camp.

Kings Jr. has since been reinstated to the team. He won't miss any games, however, and Mark Dantonio recently explained why (emphasis mine):

"He's a playmaker and he's doing what he needs to do,'' Danntonio said, asked for an update on how Kings was doing. "He's in the mix (at receiver) and he's done the right things.''

And that's how the sausage gets made in elite college football, folks. 


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Imagine the outrage if Urban made that decision/statement.  Would be a front-page story about Urban not disciplining his players.

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You beat every other person on this site to say that haha

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Pretty boring day at work, been on top of new posts today, haha

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It's still Urban's fault.

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I'm not going to toss Dantonio under the bus when I openly supported Tressel's lax handling of these types of indiscretions.

That being said, I'm happy that Urban has taken a harder line on arrests and violations of team rules.

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It's when it becomes commonplace that the type of discipline would need to change.  Not sure if that is the case here.

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Urban would still have to hand out a more severe punishment

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I have no doubt all you guys are correct, but I don't remember specifics. He did suspend Bellisari for 2 and a half games including the Michigan game for a DUI, though, right?

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I think specifically, Doug Worthington was punished "internally", did not miss any game time, and I don't believe Alex Boone missed any time for his dui either (I could be mistaken)

This article from the PD lays it out nicely...

Bellasari - 1 game plus first half of bowl game (DUI)

Arden - 1 game (DUI)

Joe - 1 game (DUI)

Pitcock - 1 game (alcohol related offense)

Pagac Jr - 1 game (alcohol related offense)

Boone - 0 games (DUI)

Worthington - 0 games (DUI)

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This is one of those 'let's file it away until a bruhaha' with Dino's team moment.  He's not even projected to be a starter, so why take the hit on the reputation Dino?  Just bench him a few games (oh wait, in case you want him for Oregon?)

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So because the national media didn't pick it up and plaster it every where one day during the summer its non-news?

If MSU should somehow be make the playoff this will most likely come back to haunt them.

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I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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High and tight boo boo

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Well yeah, where do you think they store the overload shit piles from Ann Arbor?

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Sparty gonna Sparty...don't buy into the hype. 

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Been saying this all off season. Until proven they can do it back to back seasons I wont believe the hype. +1 on this final Saturday with no football!!

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For a school with a dry campus, you'd think they'd care more, not less, about alcohol related arrests. Whatever, he won't be catching anything against us whether he plays or not, so let Sparty Spart

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Bookmarked this shit for future use.

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3 games minimum under Urban.

Long live the southend.

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"Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio announced April 15 that Kings had been suspended for the duration of spring practices. He was reinstated before the start of fall practice.

Dantonio indicated last Thursday that Kings had met the requirements to put himself back into good standing with the team."

So, hypothetical. .....do we know for certain he will play in first game? Sure, hes practicing. ....and not officially "suspended"....but how do we know for certain he will play in opener?

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Dantonio may be right on this. What good comes from suspending a player for a game they may not have played in anyway? Suspending him for spring, however, gives others a better chance to move past him. Dantonio is solid and considering he suspended over a dozen players from a bowl game and Bullough from the Rose, I think he's proven that he isn't a "win at all costs" coach.

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