Bargain Hunters: Michigan Turns to Groupon-like Website to Peddle Appalachian State Tickets

By DJ Byrnes on August 15, 2014 at 1:57p

Michigan caught some hell in May when the world-renowned school turned to Groupon, a group discount site, to drum up alumni memberships. (It touted discounts at places like Hertz!)

Michigan is back to peddling things on group discount sites; this time turning to LivingSocial, which describes itself as:

LivingSocial is an online marketplace that allows clients to buy and share things to do in their city.

So, on the face of it, it appears Michigan has turned to a reputable business in order to get the word out to the people about up-and-coming Michigan football.

And on August 30th, Michigan will need all the help they can get from the natives as the Wolverines play host to Appalachian State, the team that handed Michigan a 34-32 thumping on their own field. 

So what does buying a $65 ticket — normally priced at $99 — through LivingSocial get me, the end-consumer? From the ad:

  • One Ticket Package
  • Includes a T-Shirt, Hot Dog, Beverage, and a Program
  • Catch the Season Opener Against Appalachian State

Nice! What better than the added perk of catching the season opener earned by simply purchasing a ticket to the first game of the season?

The magic of Dave Brandon appears to be a well that will never run dry.


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Urban Nation Army's picture

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Damn, I just came to the site to send a screenshot of this e-mail to someone at 11W. Beat me to it.

When a vendor can't sell the value of their product, they start discounting. I can only hope this signals the long slow death of M*chigan football but they'll probably ask for a bailout, like they do there.

..Til' we wobble in our shoes!

Vinsaniti's picture

Wow I hope Ap St fans are buy those up to watch another victory.

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buckeyedude's picture

If they would have included fireworks, I would have been all over it.



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Seattle Linga's picture

I'm pretty sure this ticket promotion is right around the corner.

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Would you pay $65 to see App st. beat *ichigan live? I would.

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Oh, yeah.....

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Dave Brandon.

We are all laughing.

"Because I couldn't go for three!"  - Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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(towards your next UM purchase!)


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BUCKSOMIES's picture

Hoke made sure hotdogs were involved in the promotion. 

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IGotAWoody's picture

T-shirt $10-15, Hot dog - $5, beverage - $5, program - $5, game ticket - $35-40.

Revealing to the world that you're having a tough time selling out your season opener:


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original buckeye's picture

Hahahahahahahaha.  Predictable.  Pathetic and predictable. 

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But Wait, There's More!!!

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NashBuckeye's picture

Watch out guys! M Man is getting mad and you're going to get a lecture!

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Habu71's picture

Yea, but now that ND has to vacate all 20 something of their wins over the last 4 seasons, the sun and blue are once again the winningest coll...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, sorry what was my point again? 

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Nick's picture

Wow what a deal. 

johnblairgobucks's picture

Anyone remember the reason they recently added more seats to the Big House?  

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They were having a hard time getting all the buckeye fans in every two years.

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Knarcisi's picture

They shouldn't need to discount a commemoration game, do they?

FairfaxBuckeye's picture

Michigan is just returning to the pre-Bo Schembechler era, where they had trouble selling out games. 

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Next promotion is "night at the fights!" 

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So sad...

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.