Kentucky Returns More Than 2,000 Tickets to Season-Ending Clash with Louisville

By DJ Byrnes on July 31, 2014 at 10:58a

Mark Stoops and Kentucky only won two games in 2013, but it hasn't stopped them from being a bit of a thorn in the side of bottom and mid-table Big Ten teams.

While Kentucky is punching above its weight on the recruiting trail, it appears their fans haven't yet caught that Kentucky football fever.

Well, there's always basketball season, Kentucky.


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Can we forward this to Damien Harris?

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Homeboy Drake needs to get on that LBJ/Braxton Miller/Ohio State bus

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He's already been on the bus. He's an Ohio State "fan"...Of course he's kind of a "fan" of everybody...

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I did know he mentioned the buckeyes in one of his older songs, bud I didnt know that he was that big of a fan, thanks for droppin some science on me tennbuck

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ah Drake, the biggest Ohio State football, Kentucky basketball, Lebon's Miami Heat fan in the world. 

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And don't forget his hometown team the Toronto Raptors. He was named their 'International Ambassador".

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And Johnny Manziel

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So Drake is the one responsible for the 'oversexualized culture' of TBDBITL.....

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Some UK fans have told me that they are tired of beer being thrown on them while at pizza stadium, tired of being urinated on while at pizza stadium, tired of their cars being vandalized while in Louisville. They rather stay home and watch the game on their tv. Quite frankly the Louisville (loserville) fans I know are nearly as bad as the scum fans.

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"Wildcat: it's what's for dinner!" - quote from my wife, the UK grad, on the UK football program. 

They're recruiting on the coat-tails of two name brands: Stoops and SEC.  I have complete confidence in Coombs\Meyer vs Stoops in a recruiting battle.