Mark Dantonio Thinks Michigan State Would've Won the Playoffs Last Year

July 29, 2014 at 11:57a    by DJ Byrnes    

Michigan State inexplicably lost to a Tommy Rees-quarterbacked Notre Dame team, but after Connor Cook got his sea legs under him, Michigan State finished the season as one of the hottest teams in college football.

But what if their season hadn't ended with just a victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl?

Dino thinks they could've went all the way, had the playoffs existed.

From Chris Vannini of

“Do I ever think about that? Yeah, I’ve thought about that,” Dantonio said at Big Ten Media Days. “I thought we’d have been national champions, to be perfectly honest with you. I think we would have had a shot to do that. Coming out of the end of the season, we were playing great football. We were believing in ourselves.

“Were we there at the beginning of the season? No, but we played our best football in November into the championship game and Rose Bowl. We were like this (going up). That wasn’t necessarily the case for some other teams.”

After watching Michigan State close the season, it's hard to argue with Dino. Michigan State as national champions? Yeah, it could've happened.

Boy, will the playoffs be fun. 



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it's hard to argue with Dino.

It's not hard at all.

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It begs the question, would you rather a B1G team not named Ohio State win a title or have a different conference win it

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There are 13 teams in the B1G that can win and I would be fine with it.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I tend to agree with you. It would do well for conference perception but it would certainly be a hit to both the pride of Ohio State clearly no longer being the top dog in the conference as well as likely a hit to our recruiting since we'd be competing for regional recruits with a national champion conference memeber

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Totally agree.

I am all for it, assuming its not TTUN, as it can only help our case.  Look at the SEC where only 3 or 4 teams do all the heavy lifting yet all the bottom feeders get the benefit of the doubt and still run their mouths.

I love what Dino is doing and saying.  Plant those seeds in the media and lets grow them on behalf of the we are the conference that gets two teams in...and we regain our historic title of best conference in the land.

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Exactly. Alabama, Auburn, & LSU - post-Urban and the ass whoopin Florida got from Louisville, they have fallen out of that conversation.

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I would say 12. I don't think I could stomach Penn State's pathetic fanbase celebrate a chamionship

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Then we could chant B1G B1G B1G at every non-conference game.

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Oh, the humanity!



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Winston wouldn't have been squinting when that rush was coming at him.  His eyes would have been wide open, really, really wide open.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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What gets lost in this article is the early season loss to ND.  Anyone that watched that game now believes in the luck of the Irish....either that or a ND-linked officiating scandal.

MSU got hosed that entire game.  MSU should have won that game.

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Oh you mean the 6 Penalties against MSU DBs on 3rd or 4th down to extend ND drives??  MSU needed to point points on the board but ND definitely got bailed out several times 

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We were like this (going up). That wasn’t necessarily the case for some other teams.”

Oh, so that's the way it's going to be? 

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Hard to not think that he was pointing at us, but I'll let you live it up Dino - you guys earned the right to brag last year, but remember that this is a new year.  See you in Nov!

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That picture of Dantonio smiling is so terrifying

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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I think MSU would have won it all last season; especially if Florida State performed like they did against Auburn in the title game.  The 2013 MSU team reminded me a lot of our 2002 Buckeyes.  Their defense would keep them close no matter how poorly their offense played.  If their offense is working they're almost impossible to stop.

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I think MSU would've been underdogs to Bama, and FSU and on equal footing with Auburn if that was the foursome in the playoff from a Vegas perspective.  And I pretty much agree with Vegas.  OSU was a more talented but defensively flawed team last year while MSU was solid in all phases and excellent on defense.  Matchups certainly matter as I think we would've handled Auburn's 1 dimensional attack but had tons of trouble with FSU's passing game.

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Dantonio came away from Chicago with just what he wanted with the press favoring OSU. The chip is still there and on their sites they are slighted. Now the have the motivation they claim they needed to make it two in a row.

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meh, we will see what the records of each team are when the match up rolls around. If both unbeaten, I'd expect MSU to be the favorites as its at home at night. 

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I think MSU could have beaten FSU. I don't think they could have beaten Auburn. I didn't like MSU against the run, but they could have stopped Free Scooter U's pass game all day.

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IMO, we should have beat Michigan State and I don't think we were nearly as good as Auburn or Florida State. I think MSU could have done it, but in a playoff format they wouldn't have been put against Stanford, they would have played Florida State and then the winner of Auburn/Alabama (rematch) if they got by FSU. For the sake of what ifs, they'd have to beat FSU and then Auburn. Great defense, so-so offense. As good as their D was, Im not so sure they would hold FSU or Auburn to less than a few scores. I probably would take FSU and Auburn over MSU, but MSU was very capable of beating both, especially FSU given the type of offense they run IMO. Cant hurt to be confident Dantonio, they've earned it up there in EL. 

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If our defense looks anything like a normal JT era defense we should be right there as one of the best 4 teams with a legit shot. I think MSU would have beat Auburn would have been close with Bama and would have lost a close one to FSU.

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After reading Dino's comments...Google Ads suggested this vid for me.

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Talk is cheap, Dino. By the way--wasn't this the guy who quoted the line "Pride comes before the fall?"

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I think Florida St would have beat sparty by at least 14 points.