Dorial Green-Beckham on Oklahoma's Campus

By DJ Byrnes on July 3, 2014 at 10:09a

Former five-star receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, who was dismissed from Missouri after being linked to a burglary for which he was never charged, is on Oklahoma's campus today meeting their coaching staff.

Many thought Green-Beckham would sit out this year and enter the 2015 NFL Draft, but being apart of an elite college program (under a No-Shit-Taker like Bob Stoops, especially) would probably be a much better route to professional glory.

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FROMTHE18's picture

Im sure I'm in the way minority here, but I think if you get booted from a program due to legal reasons, you should not be allowed to play at the same level of competition. Not to hurt the kid, but you get several benefits of playing not just at the FBS level, but also for a BCS program that are outside of a full scholarship (TV exposure, etc.), and if you choose to commit a crime, especially something like armed robbery, you should be punished for it. If anything, he is is taking a 'step up' by going to Oklahoma. As another route, perhaps making a rule that they are not allowed to to receive an athletic scholarship but can be admitted to the school and play sports (but have to pay their own way). Just don't get how an armed robber (allegedly…a term exploited by college athletes) is allowed to improve his situation. Just my take, don't mean to offend anyone. 

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I didn't think it was considered an armed robbery, first degree burglary is what I had heard.  Still dumb.

C.L.E Man I rep my town, everyday bleed that orange and brown.

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I'm not sure about the robbery, but was linked to an assault against a female (though no charges were pressed) and two other marijuana-related charges.

No way are you in the minority with your opinion. He should have to sit a season, period. The NCAA's transfer rules are a joke.

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Stoops taking some chances. Gibson and now DGB.