Jim Delany is Gathering Feedback on Friday Night Games

By DJ Byrnes on February 25, 2014 at 3:16p

Move over, high school football, there could be a new sheriff in town on Friday nights, and he calls himself B1G. From Andy Baggot at SportsMadison.com:

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is trying to get feedback to be used in negotiating the next series of TV deals for the league. The current contracts run through 2016 (with Fox for the conference football championship game) and ’17 (with ESPN and ABC for regular-season games).

If the networks want Big Ten games on Friday nights — a slot traditionally reserved for high schools — Delany wants to know where his constituents stand and an idea of what a commitment like that would be worth.

Same goes for Big Ten outdoor night games in late November, something the Badgers have never done at Camp Randall Stadium or on the road, though they did play five November night games vs. Minnesota indoors at the Metrodome.

Unless there is major pushback against this idea... it's definitely going to happen (in my opinion). It would definitely increase the appeal of the Big Ten, and if the networks want it... well, they're the hidden puppeteers of college football after all.


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Friday night game at the shoe and have two full days to recover for work on Monday?!?! I could potentially be on-board with this. Definitely in favor of the night games in November. 


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Were this enacted, the obvious next step would be for tOSU to ban ALL ACADEMIC ACTIVITY BETWEEN FRIDAY AND MONDAY MORNING!

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If the networks want Big Ten games on Friday nights — a slot traditionally reserved for high schools

And that right there is why I don't want Friday night games. The B1G gets ridiculed enough, I can't imagine the field day the S-E-C mouth-breathers would have with the B1G being relegated to high school levels. I've never looked at a team playing on [pick your day other than Saturday] and thought, "Gee, they must really be good if they're getting all this sweet [non-Saturday] exposure!" (Excluding bowls, obvs) Leave Friday -- and Thursday, and Wednesday, etc. -- to the MACs and the AACs of the world. I want my B1G on Saturday, dammit.

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I have no problem with one B1G Friday night game a week. It's be a good way to get teams like Indiana and Purdue on national tv. 

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If those are the choices, people will opt for the HIgh School games instead.

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Some may, but as a whole I disagree. I'm not watching high school football games now. That will likely change when I have kids in school, but most have no desire to watch mediocre football. It really depends on the level of local football you have. 

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This could be a problem with recruit visits for games but it seems pretty cool.


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Our Honor Defend!

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Of course no one is thinking of the out of town fan.  Going to a Friday night game in Columbus would be brutal.  Trying to get kids home from school and able to actually go and to get to the game on time.  Let alone then either driving back home late  or staying the night.  No thanks Delaney.  Maybe if he regulates the lower tier of the B1G to Fridays OK, you know teams like Illi, Purdont and AACC.  Not the Buckeyes!

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 Friday nights in the fall belong to the kids under the lights. Saturday at the crack of dawn until my hangover passes on Sunday belongs to college football. Horrible horrible idea!

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Personally not a fan. First it sucks for recruiting because kids generally play Friday night. Sure it would be nice for tv purposes but I don't think the numbers are going to be as strong for a Friday game as they are for Thursday games. Also the logistics of it will be a mess. Try going to an opposing stadium for a Friday game. Heck I live about five minutes from ohio stadium and between getting off work at 5 and trying to get close to the stadium I would be lucky to get 30 minutes of tailgating in before heading in to the game. 

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I don't like the move but if it comes down this way - I guess I will eventually enjoy it


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Keep my Buckeyes on Saturday. However, Rutgers vs Purdue, sure, why not.

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I'm not a huge fan of Friday nights .... but night games in November should have been happening for years. 

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Thursday and Friday night games are a great idea. They can help programs like Iowa, Indiana, Maryland and Rutgers. I think OSU and Michigan will be playing on Saturdays for lots of reasons -- one being that HS football is huge in Ohio and another that Saturday is still where the biggest bucks are and the biggest bucks will get the Bucks. 

And hooray for November night games. Bring it. 


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I only see a downside for the idea.  Recruiting, opposing fans travel time, and encroachment on HS game nights that they deserve the spotlight on.  Just another way to grab $$ and TV time.  Sorry, will never get my vote.

Go Bucks!

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There are only so many hours in a Saturday and so many games one can watch. I'm all for adding another one on Friday.  

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Don't like the idea of Friday night games for Ohio State, however I'd love to see OSU play Michigan at night sometimes instead of the usual noon start time.

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Where I grew up (New Philadelphia/Dover), Friday Night Lights rules supreme. The town essentially shuts down to see the Quakers play in "Woody Hayes Quaker Stadium". Yes that Woody Hayes. A Friday night schedule would be nice in order to get some of the underachieving B1G teams national recognition, but moving tOSU games to Friday night would kill the atmosphere for OHSAA games. 

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The only Friday the B1G should be considering is the Thanksgiving Friday

Night November Games - Absolutely!

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I find it amusing that many support Saturday night games because of the positive impact they have on recruiting.  It is assumed that being in prime time on Saturday nights affords all HS prospects the opportunity to view the game.  However, that aspect of a night game is surely lost when >80% of HS games are played on Friday nights. 

Make no mistake about it, the move to Friday night games is driven solely by TV revenues.  IMO this is a bad precedent to set as it establishes a direct head to head competition with the system that feeds talent to the college teams.  There is a reason the NFL has avoided going head to head with college football on Saturdays.  While they know that the Saturday market is lucrative, their philosophy is to "not bite the hand that feeds them".  College football should recognize Friday night as a necessary haven for HS football games. 

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I love the Saturday 3:30 pm time slot the best

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Mr. Delaney, no thank you.  Friday is high school football night in Ohio.  More night games?  Sure. Just. Saturday.

Thank you.

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I'd rather have a Thursday night game on BTN each week. Let the High School kids have their stage. I'm all for some Friday night Maction though.

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