Steve Spurrier Accuses a Big Ten School of Negative Recruiting

February 11, 2014 at 1:03p    by DJ Byrnes    
Yogi Steve Spurrier, Troll Lord

Steve Spurrier is one of the best trolls college football has ever seen. Today, he struck out against an unnamed Big Ten School for — negative recruiting? From the Atlanta Constitution Journal:

“We don’t run into much of any negative recruiting around here as SEC coaches,” Spurrier said. “We were involved with a player who was being recruited by a Big Ten school. They got negative a little bit with ‘There’s a lot of crime in Columbia, the big city. They don’t graduate their players,’ which was completely untrue. They searched for a little bit of everything but the player came with us anyways.”

Ah yes, the SEC: where recruiting is totally a gentlemen's game and completely on the up and up.

We can rule out Ohio State as the culprit, as Columbia's population is ~131,000, so it's not a "big city" compared to Columbus.

My guess is Penn State. Newly minted coach James Franklin has said his No. 1 goal is graduating players (check), went on a recruiting frenzy upon his arrival (check), and Happy Valley's population is a mere ~42,000 (check).



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But James Franklin came through the ranks as an SEC recruiter so he knows that Southernly gentleman don't negatively recruit

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That's why he came to the B1G, where everyone except Bert and Dantonio know there are no gentlemen here.

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SEC doesn't negatively recruit? HA!

go ask Da U about Mushmouth and UF's tactics!

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Not sure why I cared enough to do this (and not saying it is one of these schools for sure) but according to 247 here are South Carolina's commits and the other schools that were options from the B1G:


  • Chris Lammons, 4 Star CB, FL (Wisconsin)
  • Blake McClain, 3 Star DE, FL (Nebraska)
  • Michael Scarnecchia, 2 Star QB, FL (Iowa)


  • Chauncery Rivers, 4 Star DE, GA (Illinois & Michigan State)
  • Dexter Neal, 3 Star WR, GA (Illinois)

Seems like Urban's hands are clean on this one...


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In that case I'll take a guess and say Wisconsin did it if for no other reason than I dislike Wisconsin

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wilkins0802's picture one likes Bucky


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Someone on one of the SEC boards said it was Wisky..must have been Lamons. If I didn't know either way I would have assumed Pelini. Incidently Spurrier took quite a beating on that board as well. Even the SEC folks aren't THAT naive..they know the recruiting is cutthroat in that part of the country.


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I'd guess it was Bo Pelini and Nebraska. Spurrier stole one of Nebraska's recruits late. 

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When Lane Kiffin was at Tennessee for that one year, he supposedly told receiver Alshon Jeffrey something like if he picked South Carolina he'd end up pumping gas for the rest of his life like everyone else who'd played there.

And of course he also accused Urban of recruiting violations in public at a booster meeting and committed a violation himself in the process by talking about the recruit by name.



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Lame Kiffin will obviously try anything to woo a recruit since he can't coach a lick. He must have some dirt on Saban, otherwise I don't know what he's thinking with that hire. Although his wife is pretty hot...Slick Nick in the hizzzouSe!

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That picture should be a recruiting violation!

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Agreed.  What the hell kind of hat is he wearing!?  He looks like Gilligan mixed with Lane Kiffin.


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If UFB was the culprit, the recruit would not be in Columbia now.

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Haha ok ok, might have been a little HFM (Happy Fingers Malloy).

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Columbia, SC is pretty crappy. Towns with Army posts in them tend to be a magnet for being like that, at least the ones I encountered save for San Antonio. For such a small place, I believe they do have a ton of crime. 

I remember a few years ago Columbia was voted one of the worst cities to live in; they also made it illegal to be homeless.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Exercise is not a good look for Steve Spurrier.


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I know we're probably not allowed to do this here but...LOL! Bout spit my coffee across my desk...good add a caption opportunity here!

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The thing that pisses me off about Spurrier is that he owns his only NC because of a B1G school...The Ohio State University. The guy is a colossal prick.

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LOLOLOLOLOL, I can't stop laughing about an SEC coach complaining about recruiting ethics.  Funniest thing I've heard all day.  Does he have any other jokes that I haven't heard yet?

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What's up w the little toe, Stevie boy? There is so much negative recruiting in that photo...where do you begin

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Pot, meet Kettle.  Or.  Takes one to know one.

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Are you kidding me......that picture of the ole ball coach just caused a dozen recruits to take South Carolina off their list.

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You can take ttun off the list too if they mentioned how bad the crime is.

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This is funny since it just came out that other schools would use Michael Sim being gay to negatively recruit against Missouri....and yet the B1G, who can't recruit is using dirty tactics. 

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Seriously?  LOL if they used Michael Sim's gayness to negatively recruit against Mizzou, they're going to effectively negatively recruit against themselves.

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Yeah, SEC coaches never negatively recruit, except to tell recruits how cold it is up north.