2015 Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Picks Georgia Over Ohio State, Tennessee and Florida

By DJ Byrnes on August 25, 2014 at 3:55p
Van Jefferson picks the Bulldogs
[Twitter, @TimS_Wolverine]

Days after losing out on 2015 OL Venzell Boulware, Ohio State lost another 2015 target: wide receiver Van Jefferson.

Georgia made a late push for the four-star prospect, and in the end was able to supplant early contenders Tennessee and Ohio State.

Best of luck to Jefferson in Athens.

Source: @TimS_Wolverine

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tennbuckeye19's picture

I'm curious to see if Tennessee will still claim this as a recruiting win, you know cause S-E-C, S-E-C...

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FROMTHE18's picture

Hadn't had a good feeling about Jefferson for what seems like a very, very long time. Not a surprise. Hope we get some momentum here after VT visits. 

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Killer nuts's picture

Our class may very well end up with no WRs (other than maybe EGW), are Cager and Kirk the only two guys we're still after? Best of luck to Van though I doubt we're done recruiting him 

BuckeyeGrownFloridaLiving's picture

Cager will be in this class. I bet 69 HS's on it.

HilltopHustle's picture

After quite an awesome clip of recruits this summer, we've really hit a rough patch. It'll be interesting to see how this class concludes.

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THE's picture

Best of luck and happy trails Van Jefferson. 

UGA is a nice place, I actually respect Mark Richt, and I'd probably pull for them if they weren't in the SEC. 

Gibson may end up pulling a Devin Gardner and playing WR then moving to QB later. 

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Exactly. Richt might be the one SEC guy not named Miles or Spurrier that I don't despise.

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jonping67's picture

I predict we will get Christian Kirk (#3) and Devante Peete (#28) come NSD.

Jefferson was ranked #23 by Rivals.

jamesrbrown322's picture

Really need a guy with Van's skill set for OSU's offense IMO. They don't have a physical route runner with excellent hands, just a lot of speedsters. But, then again, Meyer's offense has really only ever featured small, speedy wideouts, so we'll see. I still think that it could have a been a great fit for him in Columbus.

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teddyballgame's picture

Damn, this one hurts.  He grew up a buckeye fan, visited us multiple times, depth chart at his position is lacking tall receivers....still won't pull the trigger though.  I think It's just way too easy to negative recruit against us at that position.  Here's what he probably had beat into his head; OSU WR's don't run NFL routes, OSU quarterbacks aren't great passers, and there is little to no history of Zack Smith/this OSU coaching staff of producing pro talent at the position.

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allinosu's picture

We lose our share of battles but at least we are in them. None of them are a sure thing until NSD. A number of things can change things like an illness in the family, a pregnant girlfriend, a bad decision or just old fashion leaving home.

Buckeye Colin's picture

At this point i won't even bother guessing how our WR class this year will turn out.. we were shocked with the likes of Dixon, Wilson, and Clark over the past few years so i can't even guess who we will sign this year. I was thinking Van was a lock to OSU for a long time too.

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Jabba1977's picture

I hope we get a wide receiver in this class.I am starting to wonder if we will get one at all!!!