Former Ohio State Linebacker Mike Mitchell Commits to Texas Tech

By DJ Byrnes on May 30, 2014 at 2:36p

Eleven Warriors broke the news about Mike Mitchell leaving Ohio State back in February. The former five-star recruit wanted to be closer to his ailing father in Plano, Texas. He spent the 2013 season as a redshirt.

While it was speculated Mitchell might take the 2014 campaign off entirely, that is not the case. Today, Texas Tech landed a big-time commit for their ailing defense.

Best of luck to Mitchell as he continues his footballing career in Lubbock.

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Glad that he didn't end up at A&M. Hope he does well in life. But mostly I hope that Mickey doesn't flip. 


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well I will believe the whole ailing father move if his brother does flip. but if he comes and plays hoops just tells me that mike just didn't want to put his big boy pants on and compete for a position on the D. went somewhere where its going to be easier.

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People react differently to the same thing sometimes. Don't judge one brother's character based on the other's decisions.

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As a person who enjoys Coach Kliff Kingsbury's playing days at Texas Tech and his genius mind at the spread offensive game, I'm happy to see Mike Mitchell go to an school I normally have fun cheering for.


Good luck to him.

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Sounded like thats what everyone thought would happen...color me jealous, MM is an athletic freak and I was really excited for him to don the scarlet and gray.  Klingsbury seems to be getting a nice program together down there.

Anyhow, best of luck to Mike...hope everything works out for him.

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At least we have closure. Best of luck to the young man.

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This one still hurts me.  This kid is a monster.  Good luck Mike!

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I'll miss his nickname...

Sad to see him go, but if his father needs him close by, I cannot fault him.

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Good luck, Sir. He is going to be a great one.

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Would have liked to see him making plays for the scarlet and gray, but glad he's doing well. Best of luck to him and his pops.

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Wish him the best of luck in Lubbock.

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Read an article by Seth C where Ken Mitchell and Mike was expecting him to start not just play and when he did not even see the fields it was upsetting so I think Mickey is safe and the story about closer to his father is whatever. Another Lubbuck article claimed the falsehood and something about being able to play right away which that part I don't get. Anyway best of luck to him.

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I agree. I have no idea if his dad is ill, but the "wanting to be closer to his ailing father" story sounds better than saying "I was promised to start or that I'd play right away and they redshirted me so I'm transferring." 

Lubbock is still 6 hours away from Plano, Texas, which is closer than the 16 hours away he was in Columbus, but still. It's not like Mike is transferring to SMU or TCU or somewhere in the Dallas area which would seem to make more sense if his dad was in fact in poor condition and he wanted to be closer to home.

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I think his defining moment was when Fickell admitted in an Ozone article last October he didn't play Mike because he didn't want to waste the opportunity to redshirt him. That couldn't have sat well when you are expecting to see the field.

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He also wasnt ready for the field. So why waste a year of eligibility?! Mitchell is an absolute freak of athlete but he was very raw talent. All spring they talked about him having ability but needing to get more solid in how to actually play LB. In high school he relied on athleticism to make plays, not that easy at the next level. Wish him the best and wish he would have stuck it out at OSU as he would have had a better chance of becoming a great LB.

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I thought Baylor would have been a good place for Mike, but he will get lots of playing time at Texas Tech.  

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I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Best of luck to Mike and best wishes for his family. 

Hope he has a great career

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Mitchell was a player with unreal potential but was very raw. It seemed to me that in highschool he relied solely on his incredible athletic ability and not instincts or knowledge. He seemed slow reacting to the snaps and reading the offense. That is my guess for what caused the redshirt. But if he gets those areas smoothed out he should be one hell of a player for the red raiders. 


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And that was worse than what we saw?

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I agree with you but my conclusion was to why the staff redshirted him, not me. 


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Got it. You know his reason wasn't any deficits but not wanting to waste a redshirt according to the article.

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But if he gets those areas smoothed out he should be one hell of a player for the red raiders. 

Everyone did say he was an athletic freak but he was "raw". And he might have some smoothing out to do, but OSU's defense had so much smoothing out needed last year, there wasn't enough sand paper in the world that could've helped.

Which is the big question that all of us were wondering, we saw how bad the defense looked and yet there were guys like Mitchell just sitting around on the sideline. Would he have helped things? Did the coaches trust him to make plays? I don't know, I guess not...

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This is a case where red shirting bit us in the ass. MM is the player I was most excited to see on the field. I wish him the best.

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Godspeed to Mr Mitchell and his family. Off the charts talent and athletic ability. Hope it works out for him.


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So does he have to sit this year since he don't play last? What's his eligibility I do no know the rule.  My guess is he would be able to play right away as a redshirt freshman

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I think you have to sit regardless of if you just redshirted.  The only allowable exceptions that I know of are family hardship (could be used but rare that NCAA grants one) and graduate transfer rules.  I would bet on him sitting.

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The factor that his father is ailing may qualify for the family hardship.

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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That's my guess as well - along with sounding much better than saying "I'm ticked that I was redshirted," pinning the decision to transfer on dad's health opens the door to the medical hardship waiver. Ultimately, none of us know how which side of the story is more "accurate," but transferring to another BCS school right away makes the story about dad ring a little hollow, especially if little brother still honors his commitment to play in Columbus.

Either way, best wishes to Mitchell and his family - he was the recruit from last year's class I was most excited to see on the field, as it seems was the case with several fellow 11dubbers.

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Look at it from the NCAA's perspective. You have one member of the Mitchell family (Mike) who is transferring cause of his fathers health reasons. Then another brother (Mickey) who is still a verbal commitment to Ohio State and has not claimed that same hardship as his older brother has. Now, are you still willing to let Mike qualify for a family hardship?

Edit: Sorry Andy, I had left my post up for awhile before I realized I had sent it.

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I was thinking the same thing, and as someone who lost their father way too soon and unexpectedly, I hope it's not a fabrication.  This is the NCAA we are talking about though, so who knows if they will use any logic when it comes to determining family hardship.


It would be a real shame for the Mitchell family to make something like that up though, just to get Mike on the field a year earlier.

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Umm, I don't care about being DV'ed, but what exactly in this comment warranted it?

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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Good luck to Mike Mitchell. I think he's gonna be a very good player for Tech. 

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This one still hurts.  He was my favorite recruit for last class, even though it's hard not to move Bosa up a stop or two to first now.  Obligatory good luck statement.

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Got my master's at Tech.  If he can't be a Buckeye, a Red Raider is all right by me!

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Good Luck Mike

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Good luck Mike and I hope you don't play against OSU.  I'd hate to root against you, but that would leave me no option.



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Well, bummer that things didn't work out.  Wish him the best of luck at Texas Tech. 

Go Bucks!

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Have fun in your homeland

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Best of luck to him,  he should've picked Baylor if he wanted to be close to home.

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I wonder if Ohio State will be recruiting Kiwi Mitchell as a S|LB.

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I sincerely wish him and his family all the best. Having family illness is a tough thing to deal with. Especially when you are half way across the country and wanting nothing more to be closer to the situation at hand. Good luck Mike!! Make sure that all those Red Raiders get to see "The Abusement Park" that we wanted nothing more than to see!


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This kid has had written about him than any other Buckeye who never played one down of football.


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The Big 12 is where I would go to learn how to play defense....sarcasm font not working...

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Good Luck to him and his family. Hopefully his little brother still comes to play for Thad.

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I have never seen this GIF before and it is majestic. 

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That GIF is actually from an anti-littering PSA from the 70's.

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Having been stationed in the "Hub-city," I just can't buy the fact that he wanted to be closer to his ailing dad.  West Tay-haas is a whole world away from the metro-plex...I think it's farther away than Ohio!  When I was there, I called it West Mexico.

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Maybe it was those damn cotton modules!  Those are the only points of elevation in that red dust storm-covered planet.   

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Once a Buckeye always a Buckeye... hit em hard!

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Just listening to some of the comments from the coaching staff and UFM over the winter regarding redshirts, I think they know they made some mistakes and given what we saw on the field on D, we couldn't get the kid some playing time? I also think the opposition is using the redshirting against us big time in recruiting too. Looking forward to a different D this fall.

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Now we're not just having a terrible recruiting season but are now losing key players.  This spring has been a disaster for the roster so far.

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I've got season tickets for Texas Tech football this year and I'm excited he will be added to their LB core which is in desperate need of bodies. Just to give an example of how bad he is needed, last year's starting RB is currently projected to start at LB this year.