New Mexico State-Utah Valley Basketball Game Marred By Brawl

February 28, 2014 at 1:03a    by DJ Byrnes    
Photo via: @baiamontematt

Utah Valley vs. New Mexico State was supposed to be a showdown between the top two teams in the Western Athletic Conference. In the end, though, it will be remembered for a lot more than Utah Valley's 66-61 win over the Aggies of New Mexico State.

Some folks are against court-stormings because fans and losing players can sometimes be a dangerous mix. Tonight, those people add another arrow to their quiver. From NBC Sports:

NMSU’s K.C. Ross-Miller threw a ball at Holton Hunsaker before fans stormed the court, which sparked a scrum that included athletes on both teams as well as fans that were on the floor.

Here's video of the incident:


Probably not the best way for the nation to be introduced to WAC basketball.  



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That's hardly a brawl.  It might be a skirmish or a scuffle ... perhaps even a slap fight or fisticuffs.  But definitely not a brawl. 

Yeti's have feelings too.

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I see someone has been consulting their thesaurus this morning....

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Nah, if he was using a thesaurus, I'm sure he would have used melee or donnybrook, maybe even kerfuffle.

Your Noble Savage is a Straw Yeti.

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I'm leaning towards a brouhaha.

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DJ would call it a Banger!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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Not looking to start a fight or anything, but I've never even heard of Utah Valley before this.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

"My idea of a good hit is when the guy wakes up on the sidelines with train whistles blowing in his head." - Jack Tatum

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Chappell Show reference is an automatic upvote from me.


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Raise your hand if you had any idea Utah Valley was a school....let alone, in the WAC....

Okay, good, just checking.

"As long as we're keeping score, we're gonna try to win this thing." - UFM

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That fight was WAC(K)....




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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The Utah Valley WOLVERINES? I was automatically rooting for New Mexico State in that fight, does that make me a bad person?...

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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Anyone else surprised to see that Macklemore is a Utah Valley student who gets into it with other teams' players? (:38)