Jalen Hurd Commits to Butch Jones and Tennessee

By Jason Priestas on March 14, 2013 at 11:38a

Jalen Hurd, a five-star running back from Bech High School in Hendersonville, Tenn., and long thought to be a strong Ohio State lean has committed Tennessee.

“I have committed to Tennessee,” an excited Hurd said. “The decision just came natural to me. The first time I visited with the new staff (Feb. 16), it clicked with me and I knew that Tennessee is where I wanted to be. I feel like in my heart this is the place I need to be, and can’t wait to play for my home-state university.”

The decision to commit early to Tennessee was due in large part to Jones and his vision for the Vols’ program.

“Coach Jones is a real genuine guy,” Hurd said. “I just love him. I met his family when I went down there, and they are great. He feels that I fit in perfectly as a running back and that I’m a game-changer for the program. With the new staff, and where they are headed, it’s the place for me. I’m going to do everything I can to help get the program going again.”

Hurd, who is full of pride for his home state, said today is a dream come true.



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BuckeyeLawyer's picture

Interesting.  Some of my visions for the 2014 recruiting class are starting to fall apart a little bit.  However, its early and I have faith in Urban!

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That's recruiting, right? Last year was nerve racking & had plenty of ups & downs...then OSU finished with arguably it's finest class ever. Never fear, your faith is not misplaced.

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well, him saying that he is ready to help UT get out of the dumps and back into contention, and saying it is a dream come true does not bode well for Ohio State's chances to flip him.
He is going to have a lot of work ahead of him helping UT get out of the dumpster after the atrocious record that awaits them this season (speculation of course).
Good luck, Mr. Hurd. I do hope you have a great career. That highlight tape is just nasty.
Edit: I am not knocking the kids choice, just speaking freely. UT is a great school. A lot is going to have to happen for success to come on the field. Who knows, maybe Jones is close to getting it done. Only time will tell.

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I agree, Hurd's gone...that said, I believe OSU will be just fine this year.

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Powers's picture

Well we beat out UT for Vonn Bell. They got us back with Hurd.
Best of luck to him in the SEC.

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Wow, what's going on with recruiting these days? Seems that all of the guys who are "very interested" in Ohio State are turning out to not be. :(

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Maybe Ohio State was just the flavor of the month. Might be the depth chart as well. Best not worry about it and move on to the next candidate in line.

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Depth chart is probably a big factor, we do already have Parris locked in.  But it still sucks that we were his top two or whatever and weren't able to close the deal over Tennessee.  Perhaps the biggest difficulty will be overcoming the loyalty southern kids have to their state teams.  Vonn Bell proved it can be done, but Jalen Hurd has proven that it cannot always be done.  Oh well, now we just hope we can reel in those other big time guys.

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This is the guy I wanted most. Alas, I guess you can't win em all.

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Very surprising!!! Can't get em all, even with Urban's wizardry. Good luck to him - next man up!!! go bucks

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This sucks because most of us believed OSU was Hurd's leader. But, on the bright side, if there is a position where we are stacked and deep at --- it's definitely Running Back.
Furthermore, it's a looong time till February of 2014, (11 months to be exact)...so there is a chance he could flip to Urban. Especially if OSU goes undefeated or close to it, and Tennessee continues it's mediocrity and finishes in the area of winning about .500 or close to that mark.

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It's funny that we, as nothing more than big Buckeye fans, think we really have a vision for a recruiting class...especially this far out. Urban has put a whole lot of offers out there this year and we'll only get (or can only take) a small minority of those kids. Relax, Urban will handle everything, and just like the last 2 years, a big chunk of the big gets will come down to the last day(s) of recruiting season. 

D. Anthony

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This is the way it is every year. Between now and signing day everything will think we "know" will change. Many, including myself, thought D. Green would be wearing Scarlet & Gray. Trust the staff and I promise come signing day J. Hurd will be an afterthought. JMHO
Good luck to Hurd.


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Just like with Michigan and Ty Isaac last year. Welp, good luck to him.

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I did not see that one coming. Well, it's along way til signing day. The rollercoaster, that is college recruiting, has barely started up the first hill.

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Not worried about this class at all.  Congrats to Hurd on making his decision.