Big Ten Tournament Bracket Released

By Jason Priestas on March 10, 2013 at 8:19p

Ohio State nets the No. 2 seed and will play the winner of Purdue-Nebraska on Friday at 6:30 p.m. If things play out, the Buckeyes will get No. 3 Michigan State in the semifinals.

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Man it sure would be great if Michigan lost to Penn State again

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Go Pennsylvania. 

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All things considered, that #2 seed looks pretty good.

And a 5-12 upset seems possible.

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I love tournament time, but someone please explain to me the purpose of the B1G tournament?



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It allows for teams like Penn State the chance to get an automatic invite to March Madness if they win the tourney.  Otherwise they have no shot on a year like this.  Liberty made it in to the dance with 20 losses by winning their tourney.

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OSU might have the best road to the final. 

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I really like this bracket. While many Michigan fans are going to cringe seeing us go up against Penn State, Wiscy, then hopefully Indiana, to me it's screaming REVENGE. We will not lose to Penn State in consecutive games. Their upset was well deserved, but that just won't happen again. Wiscy will be tough, but our team will be more than hyped to suckerpunch them with payback. And Indiana; well we all just saw the choke show that went down this afternoon. 
I don't care much about winning the BTT, obviously that would be nice, but I'm more-so interested to watch us seek revenge against those three teams, work out the kinks for March madness, and hopefully face you guys in the championship. I absolutely love watching Burke and Craft go at it. It's without a doubt one of the most entertaining match-ups in all of college basketball.
As destructive as our loss was this afternoon, I thought we played a great game for the first 39 minutes, and it gave me a lot of confidence entering the two tournaments. Our freshmen are finally starting to step up in big games, which is necessary if we even want to think about making a run.  You guys seem to be clicking on all cylinders. Should be fun to watch. 

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Hoping to draw the Ohio U Bobcats again in the NCAA tourney?

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Keeping on the theme of revenge, absolutely.
It's one of the primary factors as to why Burke returned in my opinion. He would go off for 30+ 

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Just hope he doesn't draw Craft again. 

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Like how he couldn't nail down the Big Ten regular season crown last year without his hometown friends to the south doing the legwork when it really counted. Put the ball in U of M's court this year after Ohio State sets the table for them and they come up as short as expected. Boy, if he  could've gone for 30+ today in a revenge game, on senior day, at home, Big Ten title on the line, etc. 

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Don't forget that Michigan, OSU, and Sparty all had chances to win it out right, last year, too.  Michigan lost to Purdue on Senior day, OSU lost to Wisconsin on Senior Day, and Sparty lost @IU and home to OSU.
So, while it's inaccurate, IMO, to overlook an entire season's body of work and boil it down to one game due to how the schedule falls, I think OSU and MSU owe Purdue and IU for doing the leg work, as well, the same way Michigan relied on OSU to beat MSU when it was on the line.

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Hooray for avoiding Indiana and Wisconsin in the semi

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I would actually like to play them in the semis. A (maybe) last hurrah of Craft versus Burke would be amazing to see, and I think we would win.

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Love the draw. 

The South will NOT rise again!

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How insane is it that Minnesota was a top 10 team in the country at the start of Big Ten play and winds up nailing down the #9 seed in the Big Ten tourney when the dust settles?? This conference was absolutely insane this year...and Gonzaga's reaping all the benefits.

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Just saying, if Iowa can make a run (win 2-3 games) don't be surprised if they end up a tourney team

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Oh it looks good! MSU usually mails it in anyway come B1G tourney time do they not? 

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Things look lined up pretty well heading to Chi-town this week. Although I was really hoping we'd come on like we did at IU Tuesday yesterday, but a W's and W in the B1G this year. Also in Lunardi's latest Bracketology he's moved us from the #3 seed in the West, meaning we'd have to of played in LA potentially against Gonzaga if it got that far; to the #2 seed in D.C. Could result in a rematch with Duke at some point. But we all know Coach K's teams often underplay come Madness Time. Sit down and buckle up folks its going to be a great ride and March season of basketball all around. 


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