Alabama Fan Wins March's Worst Tattoo Just Five Days into the Month

March 5, 2013 at 9:04a    by Jason Priestas    


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Wow. My first thought was "is that a woman?" the second was "she has a beard".  I need help. Ten years from now that will certainly be on one of those tattoo cover-up shows.

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Pretty sure he is going to change the Sa(b)an to Sa(t)an as soon as Little Nicky leaves.
But this tat makes it look like the grim reaper has come to kill alabama football.

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I do not see that bayonet being too useful or efficient in close combat situations
sarcasm aside, this tattoo blows rancid ***

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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That tat is fuckin terrible!! The M-16 is all crooked!! Just awful!!

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Accidental down vote, sorry.

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When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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To be fair to the tattoo artist, the Bama fan probably just has scoliosis

A man got to have a code...

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I was thinking exactly that!
It did, however, flash in my mind that whoever made that tattoo may have thought it would be cool to make it curved like a sickle. The pathetic result makes me hope some Alabaman didn't really think that far about this abomination of skin stamping...

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I'm pretty sure that was done because he didn't take into account the guys back. In one position it might be straight, but normal position it is slightly curved. It's just one of the worst tattoos I've ever seen executed. I hope this was the guys first one.

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An AK-47 M-16 that has a scythe blade is actually a cool idea! Props to the tattoo artist! 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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And totally practical - reap while you shoot.

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haha, new slogan for the Alabamians.... "Reap while you shoot"

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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To bad he/she isn't a good tattoo artist... or it might have been cool.

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They pilfered the image from the show on FX

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Ouch, and now he's not even original...

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Not original and in 5-10 years when Saban is done at Bama and Sons of Anarchy is off the air he'll just have some sh*tty faded tat with crooked gun and confusing message.

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That looks totally rad bro.
I'm gonna get the same thing but "Minions of Meyer" with the Block O.

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Wonder if this guy got his ink from the same place as AJ McCarron:

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Is that really his?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Yes. Google AJ McCarron and his tat will come up. 

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The tattoo is a TERRIBLE rendition of the SAMCRO figure from the FX show Sons of Anarchy. Great show. Terrible artwork on that dude's back.

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Why is Death playing bocce?
I also reckon that the guy who got this tat likes fried taters too.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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"I reckon I'm gonna kill you. Mmm. Hmm."

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I figured that reference wouldn't be too difficult to get for many around these parts.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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"They was a one feller that says the water's deep, then there's another feller that says the waters a cold".

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Why is Death playing bocce?

Because he refuses to play Twister anymore.

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Haha, well played Tenn...well played. I couldn't remember where I saw Death and Twister in the same scenario. Nice memory on this one.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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"Ball" is being used loosely here. Egg is more appropriate.

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Gumpland is always good for a few laughs. Life would be a lot less entertaining without them.

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Bama is now trying to beat us in everything, and they just won for tat recognition.

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It was a fellow Alabamian that coined this phrase.  "Stupid is as stupid does."  That about says it all.

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Dude!  Stick a NSFW over those moobs...

A man got to have a code...