No Hike Planned for OSU Tuition

By Ramzy Nasrallah on February 21, 2013 at 8:29a

There are a whole slew of reasons why college tuition rates have skyrocketed, but once again Ohio State is planning on keeping its tuition rate flat for in-staters:

Ohio State is able to freeze tuition at a time of diminished state funding and uncertain federal dollars, Gee said, because it has looked for other revenue.

In the past two years, the university has generated more than $1 billion through new financial strategies. It leased its 36,000-space parking operation to private investors for 50 years for a lump-sum payment of $483 million, now invested to support student instruction.

Ohio State has the second-lowest cost among the six Ohio public universities with selective admissions, campus officials said. Only Kent State costs less.

Ohio is still one of the most expensive states for in-state tuition, but price-freezes are always good news for consumers.


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This is great news, with a baby due (my first) any day, I fear for the affordability of higher education.  I know this is not a permanent freeze, but it is a step in the right direction. 

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Ditto - our first is due (technically speaking) in five days; we're doing our 39-week checkup later this morning. Congrats to you, btw! Exciting, isn't it?
And yes, the affordability of college scares the beejezus out of me. Using this frightening little tool from Vanguard, I calculated that if I contribute 10% of my gross income to a 529 plan, I'll still only cover 83% of the projected cost of my daughter attending Ohio State.
God forbid she wants to go to Harvard or something.

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Andy, I knew you were expecting and I think of you often.  Good luck with the check-up, we just had ours (due in 6 days).  Glad to hear you are having a little girl, I was wondering.  We have not found out so I am very excited for the surprise. 

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congrats to both of you. Hope everything turns out great with healthy babies on the way!

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I'm trying to keep tabs on all of us in the gestational period - I think there are four or five of us that I know of at this point!

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Well, I just clicked on that link for a bit, thanks for ruining my day.

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Yep. Start saving now, and pray you hit the lottery, and/or your child is a genius and/or runs really, really fast. Or something like that.

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PFFFT easier than that. Left Handed Relief Pitcher-the most secure job in all of sport. Kid doesn't even have to be good, just lefty. So ignore those dirty looks from other parents when you tie your son's  (or daughter, what the heck, why not?) right hand behind his back. Quickest way to a long term career in sports! Problem solved.

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Andy, you live in Ohio, right? Why send your kid to Harvard (unless on scholarship of course) when the crown jewel of all universities is right here in-state?
I will be telling my kids that they must go to school in-state unless they get some form of scholarship. I will give to them what my parents gave to me. I will pay as much as I can and they can take care of the rest after they graduate.

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When I was young, I had this vain idea that I would go to Harvard... When it came time to apply to schools, though, I only sent applications in to two: Ohio State and... wait for it... wait for it... USC!?! (It pains me to admit that now.) I applied early decision to OSU and was accepted, and USC had something like a three-round application process, so once I got my letter from Ohio State I just never submitted the rest of the USC paperwork, 'cause I was a Buckeye, baby!
My Dad told me he'd see that I could go to any college in the country, except for one. Seriously, he laid down the law that I couldn't go to TSUN, which is a good parental policy. But he worked two jobs to see that us kids had, and if I'd wanted to go to Harvard, I'm sure he'd have figured out how to help me pay for it. I guess I like to think I'm something like him, I guess, so if Gizmo wants to go Ivy League, who am I to say no? (Truth be told, I hope she'll be like one of my friends from college and do her undergrad in Columbus and her Master's in Cambridge.)

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Congrats to both of you two.  Get your sleep now, you're going to need it.  I pray that everyone is safe and healthy.

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If burritos were included, it'd be the best bargain school out there. As it is, better double it for burritos and beer. Sigh.

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Inclusion of burritos would be an extremely attractive amenity.  I spent nearly as much on burritos in college as I did on books.

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I actually hope that the education bubble bursts in the next 5 to 10 years and returns to normalacy by the time my kids are ready to go.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

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