Cincinnati Still Sending the ACC Mixtapes

By Jason Priestas on February 19, 2013 at 6:46p
Cincinnati, you're kind of freaking the ACC out

When Maryland agreed to join the Big Ten in late November, several schools from the disintegrating Big East – notably Louisville, Connecticut and Cincinnati – lobbied the ACC as replacements for the departing Terrapins.

The Bearcats sent pamphlets, attempted to book meetings with the ACC and even tried to enlist the services of Urban Meyer, but the eye-batting amounted to little as the league ultimately chose Louisville to replace Maryland.

Thankfully, Cincinnati's president President Santa J. Ono is not in the business of taking "no" for an answer:

In separate Jan. 16 emails titled “ACC Communication -- Holiday Card” and “ACC Communication -- Nippert Stadium,” Ono notified Cincinnati vice provost for faculty development Ryan Hays of his recent communication with the league presidents.

Ono told Hays that he sent the holiday card on Dec. 12 “to many university presidents across the country, including presidents of institutions in the ACC.”

“May your holidays be joyful and your New Year filled with happiness,” read the card, signed “President Santa J. Ono, Wendy Yip and Family.”

On Jan. 11, Ono sent a notice to each ACC president about the renovation plans of Nippert Stadium, considered a detriment to Cincinnati's quest for a spot in a power conference because of its capacity of only 35,097. The message included a video about Cincinnati's plans.

Appreciate the effort, UC, but you're kind of creeping the ACC out at this point.


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cplunk's picture

If today's UVA, UNC, GA Tech rumors are true, Cincy probably needs to send a holla at the Big Twelve ASAP. 

d1145fresh's picture

I have actually always wondered why they don't talk to the Big 12. Especially now that WVU is in the conference it would make some geographical sense. Plus I feel like the Big 12 would love to have a foothold into Ohio for some recruiting and Cinci isn't a bad market to be involved in either. 

popeurban's picture

DFresh, I am not sure the B12 would go for it, but I like your rationale.  This might be the best place for Cincy I have read yet. 

d1145fresh's picture

I obviously don't know all of the specifics but if you are open to taking WVU then Cincinnati seems like it would be an option. 

Torpedo Vegas's picture

Paging Dr. Dobler. Doctor Lloyd Dobler.

Poison nuts's picture

Lloyd Dobler.....alright.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

JollyFatMan's picture

That's so cute.
I wonder what would happen if they didn't get ACC.. what would be next for them? 

How firm thy friendship..

ohiowhitesnake's picture


I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

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As long as it has some 98 Degrees on it, they should be golden!

Riggins's picture

I hope Cincy and UConn eventually find a home in a legitimate conference.  Their fans and alumni deserve better than whatever they're trying to pass off as the Big East nowadays.

sb97's picture

If I were part of the Bearcat leadership team.  I would focus on getting WVU to support them ina  possible move to the Big Twelve.  Its not likely to happen but I am not sure I see the point in trying to join a league that:
1. Has shown they don't want you

2. Is on the verge of collapsing

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

They will get accepted into the ACC.... when Florida State, Clemson, Miami, and Virginia Tech leave.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

popeurban's picture

Dear Cincinnati, they just aren't that into you....
with regards,
A Sad Friend

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great song to crank down to

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I hope the Bearcats don't end up in another dying conference like the Big east.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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You have to give UC credit for trying.  The university invested a ton of resources into the athletic program prior to (and after) joining the Big East, because after years of jumping around the Metro/Great Midwest Conferences and Conference USA, the school finally found a legit home in the Big East.  Within just a few years of joining a BCS conference, UC was in multiple BCS bowls, which should prove to the ACC or Big 12 that they can have success if given the chance.
UC's athletic facilities will never match Ohio State's (not many schools can or ever will), but the updated facilities are a complete 180 from where they were in the late 80's/early 90's when UC considered getting rid of the football program completely.  I visited UC for a camp when I was a little kid and the athletic facilities were an absolute joke.  Now, they're pretty nice (still, not at the level of OSU or UM, but decent enough to bring in legitimate recruits).  UC's current issue is attractive athletes to play at a program who doesn't really have a conference affiliation (I do not consider the Big East a viable option for the long-term).  Rival coaches recruiting against UC for the same type of athletes (Louisville, West Virginia, Pitt, Tennessee, UK, etc) are using this against UC, so the school is working diligently in hopes of alleviating this disadvantage.
I've always wondered why so many OSU fans look down on UC.  I root not only for OSU, but UC and any other Ohio university (unless they're playing the Buckeyes).  UC can be just as successful as Pitt, Louisville, Georgia Tech, or any other metropolitan university that isn't the flagship university of the state.  Many of the kids that play/attend UC grew up either Buckeye fans or wanting to be Buckeyes.  Sometimes, things don't work out and due to logistics or other reasons, students/student athletes matriculate to UC instead (or Miami, UD, YSU, Akron, etc).  We're all Buckeyes regardless.

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If we are being honest here, Cincinatti fans have been every bit as antagonistic towards Ohio State as Ohio State fans have been towards Cincinatti. 
Personally, I never used to have anything against Cincy.  In fact, I used to actively pull for them when they had coach Dantonio.  But like Penn State and Wisconsin, the general attitude of their fanbases caused me to dislike the sports teams.