Meet the Stieber Brothers

By Jason Priestas on February 19, 2013 at 12:17p

The Lantern profiles Logan and Jordan Stieber, Ohio wrestling royalty from Monroeville:

Logan Stieber, a redshirt sophomore, is the defending 133-pound NCAA Champion and possesses a career record of 56-5. His younger brother, Hunter Stieber, a true sophomore, wrestles in the 141-pound weight class and holds a career record of 54-7. Both siblings were named All-Americans last year.

It’s why OSU coach Tom Ryan dreams of more than two Stiebers.

“I wish they were octuplets,” he said.“They’re a pleasure. They’re respectful. They’re disciplined. They win at a very high level and they’re eager to learn and get better. So we are very fortunate to have both of them.”

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dubjayfootball90's picture

Now that is awesome. I could only dream of a record like that, even though I stopped after my senior year of hs and I was underweight for the 189lb class, haha. Glad they are buckeyes

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I don't follow wrestling on any level so I just wanted to know about the records. I see 56-5, I'm thinking wow, this guy has had 61 matches so far. Is that a typical wrestling season? How many matches will wrestler have in 1 meet?

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Logan is a redshirt sophomore. He wrestled a bit in his true freshman season before being injured. That said, he's amassed 61 matches in just under 2 full seasons. 
By comparison, Penn State's head coach Cael Sanderson had a record of 159-0 in his 4 years at Iowa State. 
To answer your question, many elite wrestlers will only wrestle 4-5 times in a tournament. Number of matches can be deceiving as some teams schedule more dual tournaments (Team A wrestles Team B in each weight class, often giving wrestlers up to 10 matches in a weekend), but that is more common in high school wrestling. Logan is 18-0 on the season, while Hunter is 26-0. 
At a glance, I'd say that each Stieber may wrestle a total of 12 more matches for this season if he wins all of his matches. 3 at this weekend's NWCA National Duals, up to 4 at Big Tens, and up to 5 at the NCAA tournament. 
Carence, now is a great time to get into wrestling if you're interested. The Buckeyes have an exciting, young team and should finish high at the NCAA tournament for years to come. The Big Ten Network often does a great job when they decide to cover collegiate wrestling. Most of the announcers are knowledgeable (not always the case if they're showing a match run by students, as was the case in the Nebraska-Wisconsin match from earlier in the season, when neither announcer had any idea what was going on) and they do a nice job of explaining what is going to take place. There are many resources out there to get into wrestling, and watching wrestling is relatively easy compared to a sport like football, as there's only 2 contestants at a time compared to 22 on the field. 

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Thanks Curt, I appreciate it! I am a MMA nut and I notice that alot of the fighters have trouble with wrestlers so I have been intrigued for some time.

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Agree on the BTN.  Usually have a match on live Friday nights, or if you sign up for BTN 2 Go (it's free, depending on your television provider), you can watch match replays of OSU and the rest of the Big Ten.  

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Great article - congrats to Hunter & Logan!