Ohio State Will Take on Notre Dame in Madison Square Garden this December

By Alex on February 18, 2013 at 9:49a

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ticket info???

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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I would guess not available just yet....regardless I will be there either covering the game or as a fan for sure

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I may be able to sell it to the wife as a chance to visit her aunt at Christmas.
Easily the worst in-law to visit; mean, cranky, racist, and she stiffed us for school tuition...I should be able to sell it.

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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It always irks me how brand new tournaments/games are allowed to call themselves "The ______ Classic" when they've never existed before.

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Totally agree.

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Playing ND in basketball is cool by me, but these made-up tournaments are kinda silly. Is it really a tournament if OSU and ND are guaranteed to play each other in the "championship" game in MSG? I assume ND and OSU will play the same 3 teams before squaring off together. And this description is a pretty good spin on the whole thing:

College basketball's newest early-season tournament is the Gotham Classic. Featuring two of the nation's most prominent programs, the Gotham Classic promises to make its mark on the college basketball scene. Notre Dame and Ohio State will host three games on campus before advancing to New York's Madison Square Garden to meet in a nationally-televised game.

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I'm there! Love it. College basketball needs to be in NYC. Can't wait til either the Garden or Barclays hosts the Final Four. 

The South will NOT rise again!

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I'd rather kick their ass in football.

Long live the southend.

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Now if they would only play us again in football. 

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I'm kind of concerned those won't be the only games we play next season at MSG, if you get my drift.

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You really think we'd be in the NIT? With a roster of:

PG: Craft, Scott

SG: Smith, Williams, Della Valle

F: Ross, Thompson, Loving

C: Williams, McDonald

To me that is elite guard play and if Ross and Thompson make the next leap in their development it could be a dangerous team. Once again key could be C, but definitely not an NIT team with Craft/Scott

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You are probably right, it's just hard to think about it that way at the moment.

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Elite guard play? Is Penn, Redd, turner, Conley, butler or Diebler coming back?

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Better D up because with that roster our scores will have to be 40-39 or something like that every game.

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I am so there. Might be a good 11W event.