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By Jason Priestas on February 18, 2013 at 8:55a

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Nitpicking here but for my own understanding -- I think that's the Athletic Band, not TBDBITL?

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I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure, but you're almost certainly right, Omaha.
Still...  Pretty darned impressive!  Heckuva job, Athletic Band!

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It looked athletic to me. How do they stay that steady on the ice? Special shoes?

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They go out before they Zamboni the ice, so it's pretty rough from the skates chopping it up. They also use a strap on black stud on one foot (typically the plant foot, since it absorbs the impact on the ice). With the ice the way it is and the stud it's not too bad, it's like walking on snow.

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Thanks for the info Urbz. I've seen fans try to run onto the ice during games and it looks tricky.

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The ice is really rough... And a lot of us don't even bother to use the foot studs (there aren't ever enough for everybody with how big the Athletic Band has gotten). It's a lot of fun!

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That's great work, and I'll bet it looks even better from the stands than it does on video.

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My favorite part of last year was when they Zamboni'd the ice for our practice and even with the remaining studs people were falling over, including Waters. Hilarious. 

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Don't know for sure, but they may be wearing ice cleats, a rubber device that pulls over the shoe/boot with short metal spikes on the bottom.
They sell these at Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops for ice fishing and people that work with hockey teams have them all the time.




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See my post and Prevet's from earlier. They used to use them but now most don't simply because they've broken/run out.

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now that was pretty fun to watch, nice share

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Best Damn Athletic Band in the Land!

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That was friggin awesome, BTW. Worth the price of admission right there.



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Defintely! Hockey is also free for students, which is amazing.

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Yes it is. Although I wish that the team played in a smaller venue as the Schott is far too large to create a good atmosphere for the hockey games. A 5,000-6,000 seat arena would be perfect though. 

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Let's you and I start a campaign to make this happen William. Ohio State hockey needs all the help it can get. We're about to become the basement team of the new Big Ten ice hockey league. A sport we've been playing at a varsity level for 50 years.
Here's a list of the last five college hockey arenas that were built:
Notre Dame - Compton Family Ice Arena, capacity 5,022 seats, completed October 2011
Minnesota-Duluth - Amsoil Arena, capacity 6,764 seats, completed December 2010
Quinnipiac - TD Bank Sports Center, capacity 3,386 seats, completed January 2007
Miami - Goggin Ice Center, capacity 3,200 seats, completed August 2006
Boston University - Agganis Arena, capacity 6,150 seats, completed January 2005
And here's a list of the Feb 18th USCHO poll:
1    Quinnipiac
2    Minnesota
3    Miami
4    Boston College
5    New Hampshire
6    North Dakota
7    St. Cloud State
8    Western Michigan
9    Minnesota State
10    Denver
11    Notre Dame
12    Massachusetts-Lowell
13    Yale
14    Nebraska-Omaha
15    Boston University
16    Niagara
17    Merrimack
18    Wisconsin
19    Dartmouth
20    Union
Yes, I'm saying that a new arena can have an impact on a program's success. FYI, the next college hockey arena to be completed will be the 6th team in the Big Ten hockey league.
Penn State - Pegula Ice Arena, ~6,000 seats, to be completed October 2013
I don't know about you but I don't care for Penn State fans and I especially don't want to hear them crow about how bad us Buckeyes suck at ice hockey.

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I live 5 minutes from Notre Dame's campus and can tell you the new Hockey rink is phenomenal! Big upgrade from what they had and the intimate feel provides a great atmosphere.

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Totally sweet!  The band is the best.  They bring it every time.

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Very cool to watch it form out...Obviously different than on the football field, but still very cool to see on ice...

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