OSU = Lowest BIG NCAA Seed?

By Ross Fulton on February 17, 2013 at 10:02a

Interesting tidbit from this Columbus Dispatch preview of the Buckeyes versus Wisconsin today. A mock selection committee last week placed OSU as a sixth seed. That was the lowest Big Ten seed — behind Minnesota. The Buckeyes' biggest hindrance is their 2-6 record vs. the RPI top 50.  

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Poison nuts's picture

I'll be putting zero stock in this...Until the season actually plays out, this means nothing at all.
Edit: I wrote this earlier today....After seeing the Wisconsin game today, not feeling so confident anymore.

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BME_Buckeye's picture

A win today and against Minnesota can change that idea real quick. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


Killer nuts's picture

I think we'd be a terrifying 6 seed for a 3 seed to draw in the second round. Much like Georgetown was for us a few years ago

Buckeye Chuck's picture

It's funny you mention the second round, because when you look at the kinds of 3-6 seeds that tend to lose in the first round, they're usually teams like this year's Buckeyes: teams that get nice seedings because they go something like 9-7 in a power conference, but with a real deficit of impressive wins. Combine that with the small problem that we seem to be regressing rather than improving, and talking about the second round might be overly optimistic.

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I'm not saying you're wrong, but you can't really make this comment without providing examples... Otherwise it just looks like you're pulling that "fact" out of your butt. Again, not saying you're wrong.

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and because we probably will get stuck in the west or south bracket and be playing right in some teams backyard and basically be playing a road game.......gonna be like losing to Siena however many years ago........uggggghhhh

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

No matter. A team can be a 1 seed and still draw tough. Was it 2 yrs ago we were a one and had UK & UNC in our region? Too lazy to look up, but I remember feeling screwed.

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yeah that was 2 years ago. that was an awful region to be in

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Totally agree that a mock seeding today doesn't mean much, but the point about the team's performance against the RPI Top 50 is the important take-home. Without some key wins down the stretch, and a solid performance in the conference tournament, the Buckeyes will be facing a tough row to hoe in the big dance.

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This will happen if Ohio State has an early exit in the B1G Tourny, and doesn't get any key wins the rest of the season. I was thinking 5th but 6th seed worst case scenario.

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Our offense isn't worthy of even a 6 seed.

TLB's picture

We appear to have stopped playing defense now too. By the time it`s over we may be an 8 or 9.

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

I'd rather be a 6 than a 4 or 5.

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Depends on what the #2 and #3 seeds look like.  If it's something like scUM or MSU as the #2 seed and Florida or Louisville as the #3 seed that would be a gauntlet as a #6.  Compared to having to play say a #4 seed Butler team and then #1 Duke which I think I would like tOSU's chances slightly more.  It all depends on what the bracket looks like and sometimes being a lower seed could be beneficial, especially if it puts the Buckeyes close to home for the first 2 games.  Anyways if the Buckeyes continue to play like they have this week then we won't have to worry about who is seeded in front of us cuz that #11 or #12 seed will probably take care of things right away.

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After their perfromance today sounds about right.  

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Ohio State had the best defense in the big ten by points per possesion, then the last 4 games happened.  Honestly if this team isn't playing elite level defense they really don't belong in the tournament at all.  

GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

Understand your point, but remember that West Central Mid Podunk U gets a bid, and so should a team that beat UM and UW

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The remaining schedule is tough (even the one at NW after barely beating them at home). This team could easily go from 6 seed to being out.

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This team needs a BIG dose of toughness. They need to spend some time with Coach Mariotti. Sam Thompson, Amir Williams and LaQuinton Ross all need to put on weight. They get pushed around and can do nothing but hang their heads. I am HUGE Buckeye fan and was very optimistic, as always. But, this team will be lucky to make it to the tournament. If they do, it will be one and done.

Buckeye Yard Dog