Spring Game Tickets On Sale March 1st

By Chris Lauderback on February 8, 2013 at 6:20p

Though it just won't be the same not having the Spring Game in the 'Shoe, it's still Buckeye football and it's your last chance to get a glimpse of the squad before things get real on August 31st against Buffalo. 

All seats are reserved with club seats going for $18 and general reserved listed at $12. 

You can purchase your tix online at OhioStateBuckeyes.com or Ticketmaster.com, via phone at 1-800-745-3000, or in person at the Athletics Ticket Office located in the Schott. 

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OSU was able to get a big spring crowd through the students and since less will have the opportunity, this could potentially be seen as a large failiure on Smith's part

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I don't see this as a potential failure. We know Ohio Stadium cannot host the game, so Cleveland and Cincinnati are the next choices. Cleveland is much more in OSU's corner than Cincy, so it makes sense to expose them a little more to Buckeye football. Not to mention UFM went to UC for undergrad, so there's a connection there.

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I agree, this is a weird choice.  People seemed to think that the atmosphere at the Spring Game in past years swayed some recruits, and it's hard to imagine that the atmosphere will be the same in Cincinnati.

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I believe they are doing construction on the stadium thus the move to ciny for this year. 

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Correct. Construction on the 'Shoe made it impossible to stick with the normal routine. 

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Anyone familiar with paul brown stadium that can tell me the difference between general admission and "club" seats?

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What has been the local reaction to OSU coming to Cincy? I know they don't care for OSU too much down there. They don't even devote a section to them in the newspaper. 

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I think Cincinnati's reaction has been very positive to this game.  Mike Brown REALLY wanted this to happen.  The 'Banks' next to the stadium will love the crowd the game brings, and the city will welcome the chance to show off the Banks and the updated sections of OTR to the visitors who come into town for the game.
On the media stuff, the dynamic of Cincinnati's fan base is a little different than any other major city, which definitely plays into the perceived lack of media coverage:
Cleveland: Browns/Tribe/Cavs/OSU (big-time pro sports town, but no other college program garners coverage unless you consider CSU, so OSU is the top priority in terms of college programs in Cleveland).
Dayton: UD/Reds/Bengals/OSU (Dayton isn't as invested in pro sports as Cincy/Cleve. and OSU is as popular as UD in the area, so OSU is given a pretty high priority in Dayton)
Cincinnati: Reds/Bengals/UC/XU/Miami/UK/U of L/OSU/IU/ND/NKU (a huge priority placed on the pro teams and a huge priority placed on UC/XU/UK (Northern Kentucky's population very much comes into play in terms of ratings/subscriptions and they're VERY loyal to UK, so the local media pretty much has to cover UK as much as UC/XU. OSU fights with IU and Miami for the 'second tier' college coverage (two main Cincy media figures told me that Ohio State's SID doesn't do any favors in terms of being very cooperative with the Cincy media (interviews, accessibility, etc), so keep that in mind).  ND, U of L, and NKU are the third tier.  Additionally, OSU doesn't have a branch campus in Cincinnati and they really don't do anything to promote the school in Cincinnati (I've heard radio spots for both ND AND U-M's MBA programs in Cincinnati in the last year, but not OSU's).  Non-Cincinnatians can mock UC and/or XU, but these two are a lot more 'major' college programs than any other non-OSU college program in Ohio.  UC is a legit top 20-25 basketball program, they've made 2 BCS bowls in the last 5 years (yeah they were killed in both), and XU has made like 3-4 straight sweet 16 appearances.  So these two will get (and deserve) a lot of the coverage in town.
Toledo: Toledo covers a bit of everyone, whether it's pro (Mud Hens, Detroit and Cleveland teams) or college (OSU/UM/Toledo/BG).  Even though it's close to Detroit, Toledo doesn't have their 'own' pro teams and neither local college program is ever going to be legitimate, so OSU (and UM) get a pretty significant amount of coverage (especially due to the 'front line' atmosphere of the rivalry since Toledo is on the border).
There are a good amount of OSU fans in Greater Cincinnati.  Maybe not as much in the metropolitan Cincinnati area, but once you get around the 275 loop and farther out, there are less and less UC/UK/XU fans and more and more OSU fans.  The big difference in Cincinnati compared to any other Ohio city is OSU's polarizing nature.  They're either loved or hated in Cincinnati (instead of loved or kinda liked as in most other cities in this state).

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Grew up in Cincy, and I think you hit it pretty well.
its also much more of a bball town for college sports than a football town. With a basketball focus and CCincy, Xavier, Kentucky, Louisville, and Notre Dame all relatively close, there is a lot of competition for media time. The Cincy-Xavier Crosstwon shoot out rivalry game receives as much, if not more, press than OSU-TSUN in football.
there are lots of OSU fans there (like me growing up), but even then it is often a split loyalty. I always rooted for OSU football from day one, but I also always rooted for Cincy bball. Never followed OSU bball.
Now in my forties I've gradually come around in bball to be about 51-49 Cincy versus OSU. In football? Still 100 pct OSU, like I've been since I was nine.
Its just a different area than most of Ohio in terms of viable rooting choices for the preferred sport of bball.
That said, I think the Spring game will be pretty well received. Cincy is a town that loves its festivals and special events, and there are quite a few OSU fans there. My parents and sister's family all live in Columbus now, but it's possible we'll meetup in Cincy for the game. 

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Grew up in Cincy too, and I think there are alot of people like us that grew up rooting for Buckeye football and Bearcat basketball mostly due to the fact that Bearcat football was a joke in those days and Bob Huggins made the basketball team a powerhouse.

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It's interesting for me to read about culture in fandom about cities I have never lived in, good stuff.  The toledo stuff I totally get though, with it being so close to Michigan though.

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I never understood the OMG Cincinnati hates Ohio State line of thought.  A couple of the blowhards on radio try to make it into something bigger than it is, but I can tell you being in bars in Cincinnati during Buckeye football AND basketball games, there are plenty of fans down here.  I was at a bar on the North Side of town for the Syracuse tournament game last year and the place went nuts when it was obvious Ohio State was winning that game. 
As for the paper? Meh, the Enquirer is a fucking terrible newspaper.  Don't judge anything based on their coverage.  Obviously, Cincinnati isn't as Buckeye friendly as Columbus, but let's face it, Ohio State is the only show in town up there and that University is immensely important to Columbus.  Of course it's going to be a bigger deal up there.  The only competition is an NHL team and a soccer team.  
As was mentioned above, there are no colleges with significant sports programs in Cleveland.  There's just no competition college wise for Ohio State up there.  Do I think it's really a more "pro Ohio State town" meh I really don't think so.  My wife teaches in Cincinnati, several teachers love and the principal love Ohio State.  She had an OSU fathead on the wall, and a lot of the students thought it was awesome because that was "their team".  Any time I go to a bar and Ohio State is on, the crowd is overwhelmingly pro-Ohio State.  Sure there are UC fans and Notre Dame fans, and fans of other schools, but Ohio State is well represented down here.  

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I'm a Bengal season ticket holder.  Don't buy the club seats, the other seats are just as good, just avoid behind the field goal posts and outside the end zone seats on the side and you'll be in good shape.
I'm an OSU grad and lived in Columbus about 10 years total.  I grew up in Cincy and came back to live here after my stint in Columbus and I can tell you the city is BIG OSU fans.  Most are OSU fans, the media hates OSU down here, but the people do NOT.  The media wants Cincy to stand on its own, but most like OSU because its the dominant football team in college in Ohio and the media hates that fact.  It is a Catholic city and does have strong ND ties though because of that fact.  I think the crowd will surprise you.  My whole family, which includes about 30 strong and 2 other OSU grads wil be there.  We are pump to see our Bucks in our city and can't wait!

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Totally agree!  The local media that "hates" Ohio State are basically Lance McAlister, Ken Broo, and other clowns on the radio.  What are they going to do though?  Talk shit about UC? A lot of them have season tickets to UC sports, and have a lot of friends/ties to the program.  They aren't going to run their mouths and lose the access to the program that they are given.  
In addition to that, talk radio is all about ratings.  They know there are arguably as many fans for Ohio State in this town as there are UC.  Knock Ohio State, you'll get a huge response.  I look at Ohio State in Cincinnati about how I would look at Uk in Louisville here in Kentucky.  Louisville is a big school with strong programs, BUT Kentucky may have just as many or more fans in their metro area, and UofL fans and the school resent the hell out of that. 

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The lack of students will be incredibly noticable. We'll be putting on viewing parties here on campus.

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Why can't the students travel down for a road trip?  It's 100 miles from Columbus.  And how many OSU students are from SW Ohio and have parents/family in the area that would probably take them (pay their way) to and from the game?
People complained when OSU played Toledo in Cleveland and there were a ton of students at that game.  Cleveland is what an hour farther away from Columbus than Cincinnati?  Take this opportunity to have a fun road trip.  Check out some of the new bars/restaurants in the area.  It's one freaking year, it's not like it's a permanent deal.
If Urban Meyer scheduled a neutral site game between OSU and Florida at Paul Brown Stadium, would you complain about that as well?  When Meyer is pitching to recruits that they'll have an opportunity to play in a NFL stadium (even though it's a scrimmage), the OSU fans probably would see things a little differently.  
This Spring Game thing is about taking a negative (Ohio Stadium construction) and making it into a positive (exposure in an Ohio city that has traditionally not supported OSU as much as other Ohio cities, and making a splash with recruits (hey, you can be on the field in an NFL stadium before you ever play a college game).  Nothing more and nothing less.

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Regarding a lack of students and attendance:
1. For what it's worth, I never attended the spring game when I was an undergrad and neither did any of my friends. I didn't start going until after I graduated and it seems to me that it appeals much more to alumni (any reason to go back to old Columbus town and tailgate) and families (possibly the only time a larger family can afford to enjoy The Shoe together).
2. It's important to keep in mind that Paul Brown Stadium can hold about 40,000 fewer people than Ohio Stadium. Much easier to fill.

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Road trip! Fire up some old Golden Earring.

Long live the southend.

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Read through the comments quickly and didn't think this has been answered yet...Does anyone know if current students will be able to get in free as they would if the game were still at The 'Shoe?  
EDIT: I'm an idiot.  Should've clicked on the link and read!  

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Do we know if alcohol will be sold with the game not being held on a college campus?

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It should be, I know when I went to the Buckeye game at Miami they sold beer there

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I wonder if it's at Midnight on March 1st that they go on sale?  Or say 8 AM? I'll have to set a reminder on my phone. 
I'm amped about it!  My in-laws are all from the Cinci area, and have never seen anything OSU other than on TV.  I've been to the Shoe for games, but have never seen a game inside of PBS. I've refused to pay the price for the product Mike Brown puts on the field.
I wonder if the band will be there?  Last spring game I was at I can't remember if the band was there or not.