Your Crazy Recruiting Story for 2013

By Michael Citro on February 6, 2013 at 2:20p

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Empty Nest ain't no joke.

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Leroy Corso FTW:

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Can't the school fax him another copy to sign?  Or maybe just hand write "I will attend your wonderful institution" with a signature and fax that.

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He isn't 18...He needs a parents signature.

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From the linked article:

Collins is 18 and does not need a parent or guardian to co-sign his letter of intent.

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He is 18, read the ESecPN article.

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Mom's do crazy things? I'M SHOCKED!

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I often refer to mine as, "The Momster."

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Even Mom's hate Bert

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Especially Moms hate Bert.


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WTF?  I thought this had to be a joke when it was first reported.


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Did she take Townsends LOI as well?

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Do we know for sure just exactly what kind of "papers" his mother confiscated?