CBS Sports Latest Mock NBA Draft

By Alex on February 5, 2013 at 5:26p

Here is how Jeff Goodman breaks it down in the first round:

1  Nerlens Noel, 6-10, 228, C, Fr., Kentucky 
2  Ben McLemore, 6-5, 195, SG, Fr., Kansas
3  Cody Zeller, 7-0, 240, C, Soph., Indiana 
4  Anthony Bennett, 6-8, 240, PF, Fr., UNLV 
5  Shabazz Muhammad, 6-6, 225, SG, Fr., UCLA
6  Alex Len, 7-1, 225, C, Soph., Maryland
7  Isaiah Austin, 7-1, 220, C, Fr., Baylor
8  Otto Porter, 6-8, 205, SF, Soph., Georgetown
9  Trey Burke, 6-0, 190, PG, Soph., Michigan
10  Rudy Gobert, 7-0, 230, PF/C, 20, France
11  Michael Carter-Williams, 6-6, 185, PG/SG, Soph., Syracuse
12  Alex Poythress, 6-7, 239, PF, Fr., Kentucky
13  Archie Goodwin, 6-4, 198, SG, Fr., Kentucky
14  Mason Plumlee, 6-10, 235, PF, Sr., Duke
15  Marcus Smart, 6-4, 225, SG/PG, Fr., Oklahoma State
16  Dario Saric, 6-10, 225, SF, 20, Croatia
17  Rasheed Sulaimon, 6-4, 190, SG, Fr., Duke
18  Kelly Olynyk, 7-0, 240, PF, Jr., Gonzaga
19  Willie Cauley-Stein, 7-0, 220, C, Fr., Kentucky
20  Steven Adams, 7-0, 250, C, Fr., Pittsburgh
21  James Michael McAdoo, 6-9, 230, PF, Soph., North Carolina
22  C.J. McCollum, 6-3, 185, SG, Sr., Lehigh
23  Victor Oladipo, 6-5, 215, SG, Jr., Indiana
24  Lorenzo Brown, 6-5, 185, PG, Jr., N.C. State
25  C.J. Leslie, 6-9, 200, PF, Jr., N.C. State
26  Glenn Robinson III, 6-7, 210, SF, Fr., Michigan
27  Jeff Withey, 7-0, 235, C, Sr., Kansas
28  Tony Mitchell, 6-8, 235, PF, Soph., North Texas
29  Deshaun Thomas, 6-7, 215, SF/PF, Jr., Ohio State
30  Isaiah Canaan, 6-1, 195, PG/SG, Sr., Murray State


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gwalther's picture

About damn time. has him just outside the first round, so they've moved him up around 4-6 spots.

Class of 2008

Killer nuts's picture

This looks about right, I think Deshaun could play himself as high as a mid first rounder or as late as a second rounder

Killer nuts's picture

Also, it blows my mind to see UK with 4 guys in the top 20 and know how much they're struggling this year

bucknutz18's picture

Call me crazy but if I was a contender I wouldn't be opposed to drafting Thomas because you know what your going to get.  Fact is the vast majority of picks 20+ end up in the d-league or leaving to play outside the US.  Thomas can play a role on an NBA team.

Alex's picture

I have said this whole year that DT is better off going to a good team at the end of the first round. He can just go out there and score, as he doesn't need to be "the guy" on either end of the court and can play a nice role off the bench as a rookie, delivering a jolt of offense to a gifted squad like Miami, San Antonio, OKC, etc.

millertime2011's picture

Probably not, but if he's slotted as a 2nd round pick, does he stay for one more year, knowing that the buckeyes will probably be a top 5 pre-season team?

petebuc52's picture

DT could/should go higher, it's all a crapshoot and only one squad has to really like you..The kid produces just about every night even when teams know he's the Bucks only consistant scorer and maybe im a lil bias but id take him over 3 of the UK kids (not noel) who have really been avg. to me...

mclovin's picture

I'll be interested to see how Thomas measures up against all these other guys when it comes to strength, speed, quickness, jumping ability, etc.  He is a late first round, early second round pick and yet he is probably  one of the better pure scorers in the class that will eventually go pro, which would make you think that there is something that he is missing that these other guys have.  You hear people say he's not athletic as the other guys but I think that is baloney -- that is until I see something that proves there is a significant separation between him and the other guys.  I think the combine will dictate where Thomas ends up.  If he performs well in the athleticism tests, he will jump up the board.  If he doesn't, you'll see him stay in the late first or sometime in the early second.  People think that it was only the dr's red flag that made Sullinger's stock drop last year when it was a combination of that and his terrible performance in the athleticism tests.  One scout said you couldn't slide a sheet of paper between Sullinger's feet and the court when they tested his vertical.

onetwentyeight's picture

Not saying he doesn't have first round talent, necessarily, but a lot of times NBA teams value high 2nd round picks a lot more than Low 1st round ones, simply due to the lack of guaranteed contracts they have to dole out in these situations. 
From an NBA standpoint, Deshaun has too many question marks to take in the first round versus taking him in the 2nd, sticking him in summer league, and seeing if he performs. It's a risk/reward thing.