Ted Ginn Throws up an "O" during the Super Bowl

By Jason Priestas on February 4, 2013 at 6:13a

Following a 32-yard punt return to set up a crucial 3rd quarter touchdown for the 49ers, Ted Ginn let his emotions get the best of him, proving you can take the boy out of Ohio, but you can't take the Ohio out of the boy.

Source: @ctownvin

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Sweet catch!

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My girl is a life-long niner fan. Tough loss.

Teddy Ginn effin Jr is, and always will be, the man.

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Saw that. I was pumped when he did that. Cool as hell.



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This was my favorite part of the SB. I had to rewind and watch it a couple times.

No relation to OSUFORLIFE...

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Teddy Ball Game is my favorite recent Buckeye.  Effin awesome!

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Too bad they used the same formations offensively the entire game... It would have been nice if he had been in at WR some too.

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They put him in for one WR play & he nearly had a TD but the defender swatted it away last minute...He seemed so keyed up last night!! I wish he would have had some more opportunities as well, because he was definitely ready to play some football!!

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Way to repersent Ted Jr. (O-State/G-Ville love)..And prayers out to for your Dad Big-G...

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thought he had an opening on the return for a second...

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and he has a great mustache

I like football

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Can never take the OHIO or JUICE out of our boys

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I swear it looks like they sped up the video, but if you look at the clock in the corner you can see that he really is running that fast. 

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Reminded me of the '04 Alamo Bowl when was participating in the O-H-I-O during Hang On Sloopy.  Must have been a nice break for him while going all PS3/Xbox360 on OK State that game.

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One of my favorite Buckeyes of all time!! My first post, Hello everyone!


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Howdy and welcome!  Have a helmet sticker!

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"It all goes so fast, and character makes the difference when it's close."
Jesse Owens

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The only thing better would have been Whitner with an H, Boone with an I, and Grant with an O doing it to their coach !! OHIO

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That was awesome. Saw that and nearly spilled my beer. The other non-Buckeyes at the party had no idea what I was so excited about.

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