Wisconsin Makes it Three-Straight

By Jason Priestas on January 2, 2013 at 6:10a

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Wisconsin is starting to look like the Buffalo Bills of the Rose Bowl!

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Wisconsin is just being generous. They gave TCU their first Rose Bowl victory. They gave Oregon their first Rose Bowl victory in 95 years. Now they've given Stanford their first Rose Bowl victory in 41 years.

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Bucky being Bucky...

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I thought Wisky played well under the circumstances.  Playing with a substitute coach and half the staff with one foot out the door.  They kept it close and had a chance until the INT at the end.  I applaud the team for their effort.

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After Stanford scored 14 points in quick succession, I was afraid it was going to be a Bert-style blowout for the Cardinal. Kudos to Barry and Co. for clamping down and making a game of it.
Now I need to take a shower. Congratulating Wiscy for anything makes me feel dirty.
Edit: Hurray! Got my voting privileges back. Boo! Did it with a post mentioning the Hog that Must Not be Named.

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I felt the same way that you did. It did make it easier to root for the Bagders with Alverez at the helm for this game. We will wait to see how the new coach is, but can't be as big of a douchbag as Beilima was, can he?

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Im not even gonna down them. There was once a time not too long ago when our beloved Buckeyes couldnt seem to win the big ones.....

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Differenceis Ohio State had won a NC before that 2007-09 tragedy.

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True but that NC came over 10 yrs ago. Losing to FL, LSU, Texas (VY), USC (2X) doesnt do much for national spot light. Beating up on the B1G is great but there comes a time when you gotta flex your muscles against superior talent and we often came up short in those moments....

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Have you forgotten that they've beaten ND, Oregon, Miami, Arkansas, and Texas in the last decade?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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And none of those teams you mentioned above besides maybe Oregon were really anything special! Notre Dame lead by Brady Quinn wasnt really that impressive, Miami wasnt anything, Texas had just lost VY, and Arkansas was decent at best. Oregon had a nice team that year so thats the only game i'll give you. Im talking about BIG TIME games against BIG BOY opponents. Please dont make it seem like those were big time defeats... 

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I'm assuming this is some sort of record, though not one you really want to have the distinction of having.  Our conference's three best chances of saving face this year fell flat yesterday :P

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Its not there fault they did belong there, that should have been TOSU, had not for a few. But it is amazing to see Bucky fall yet again, in a big game.

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