Ohio State Students Camping Out for Sunday's Game with Michigan

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2013 at 5:09p

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I had to move my birthday party to next week due to this. Why must my friends be so damn passionate? 

Anyway, it's going to be a hell of a game tomorrow!
(and yes, that was sarcasm, I love them to death).

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The game is Sunday.

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You guys miss Bruce Pearl in Tennessee??
Had to be a shock to the sytem to have both of your major sports go from great to medioc in the course of like a year.

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Pearl is missed. He made UT basketball relevant while he was there, so it was a big loss when he got fired. And the football team's been in a mess since they fired Phil Fulmerand hired Lane Kiffin.
It's no skin off my back though. I was born and raised in Ohio and I'm OSU to the core. I've only lived here for the last decade due to work and met my wife here. My in-laws are UT grads and I have several friends that are UT grads and fans, so I get inundated with orange 247. If I'm being honest, I've actually enjoyed all of the misery and misfortune they've experienced in recent years. It's knocked the fanbase down a good peg or two.

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I hear you, but liked that UT was good in football as a counterweight to Florida & 'Bama and the same for Kentucky in hoops.  They have a good tradition, but I don't like their ignorance ... they are presumptuous enough to think they are royalty in College Football, when at best, they are handmaidens along the likes of probably UCLA, Wisconsin, Va Tech and some other wannabes  

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The game is Sunday, you are correct. Didn't see my typo.

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Awesome. I love to see the hoops support, and I am glad the temp will be warm for those camping out this weekend. 

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I freaking love what Matta has done for Buckeye hoops! I hope the guy stays a long, long time. Go Bucks!!!

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I hope that's just water by the "Beat M*chigan" tent.

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I hope the students are like last years Puke game and bring it. They need to be loud and disruptive

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