Johnny Intervention

January 15, 2013 at 9:25a    by Jason Priestas    


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Johnny Football was arrested for a bar fight? I didnt think I could like him even more.Strange feeling the Bucks may have to deal w him before its all said and done.

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That would be nice to see, Silver Bullets smash Johnny Football.

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If he were a buckeye I am sure that I would love him, but because he is not, I can't stand him... It is not because he is a "bad boy", because I hated Tebow too.


Eh, I'm already tired of hearing about him. Kid doesnt have much of a support system around him that's for sure.

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A college student in a bar with a fake ID?  Gasp! 

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I more or less agree, however there have been a pattern of less than expected events from a guy like him.  Fair or not we hold stars to a higher standard and when you are still in college that standard is even higher because people feel the need feign some resemblance to amateur athletics.

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I read something similar to this on Yardbarker earlier today. I had a conversation with a friend about him before he won the Heisman and how if he won, it would just go to his head. With a kid like him, who had been in trouble before and clearly has a big ego already, it would only make matters worse. The fact that the AD has to meet with him and his parents like a little elementary school kid is a little worrisome. He's insanely talented, but with his publicity over the last month or so, the NCAA may start sniffing around him. I can see him bolting after one more year so that he can cash in.


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He is a redshirt freshman so after next year he will be able to declare for the draft.

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My point was that although I think he is a great college QB, I don't think NFL scouts are drooling over him, much less as an early entry.  Time will tell.

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Cash in is such a subjective phrase. I'm not saying he's being saught after, but I think he leaves early to go to the draft. It has more to do with less restrictions and he can be involved in all sorts of crap that he can't do in college legally.


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We'll see.  I mean he is rich already.  He could be like Matt Leinart and hang around a while and enjoy being in college.  Leinart was always partying and in the news, and he stayed a pretty darn good college football QB.  Honestly, he probably could of won a 2nd Heisman his stats were so good.
He had a little trouble that honestly was the same thing that 1000's of college kids get in trouble for every year.  The other stuff has that has popped up has been perfectly fine.  He was at NBA games with premium seats, but he's rich so he can afford to do that.  He was at a casino on a reservation that is 18 and over.
The picture no one talks about is the one he had on Twitter the other day where he was visiting kids at the hospital. I kind of like this guy, and hope he is around a couple more years and keeps this stuff up.

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The worst part is that the AD had to talk to HIS PARENTS as well.  How can you expect the kid to know better if his parents are encouraging the behavior.

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Reminds me of the Men at Work song Be Good Johnny. Sorry for the 80s flashback.

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"Are you going to play football this year Johnny?"

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No, No, No!

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This kid just has NCAA violations written all over him and that's sad he is a very talented young man    .I'm glad braxton don't get foolish like Manziel does 

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I really wish Klein had won the Heisman.-_-

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Geez.  Cool out guys.  He is 20 years old and just doing what most other 20 year old college kids do. The difference is the microscope is now on him. There is probably not one person on this site (or the sites of most every other school in the country) who knew who this kid was at this time last year. Now he is basically a household name.  I guess I'm surprised that no one pointed this out to him sooner than this, but that's about it. He's not doing anything wrong but everything he does is now being scrutinized like crazy.

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I don't disagree with you, but I think the point that most people are caught up on is that his parents are not helping the matter. it's one thing to have success, and fool around, like a 20 year old, but have parents to knock you back to earth. It's another to have them encouraging jerk/asshat behavior at every bend at the risk of the NCAA finding somethiing out that can hurt his team and/or career.

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I am not going to hate, mainly because i'd be throwing stones. Gambling and courtside seats aside, I did alot worse between 15 and 20 years of age.


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There is quite a difference between Joe Schmoe college freshman and Face of the team Hiesman winning QB.  He needs to tone it down a bit IMHO.  We would be just as fearful of Braxton if he was doing the same type of things, at least I would.  I'm not hating on Manzel, I'm just getting tired of hearing about him 24/7.

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Good point. If this was Braxton I think a lot of Buckeye fans would be begging for him to cut it out. But, we also fear the NCAA ban hammer, given our close and personal relationship with it.

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I'm sure if this were Pryor it wouldn't have been brushed off as a college kid just having fun.

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"Clutch has no boundaries"

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This kid reminds me a lot of Rob Gronkowski. 

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Outside of dating a porn star, yea. solid comparison.  I think A&M should explain to his clueless parents maybe its not a good idea to take your underage son out to a casino and flash money around.  Seriously, thats just asking to get into trouble and gain a bad rep. ESP when everyone in America knows who you are now.

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According to ESPN first take he has been seen in casino's in vegas, which is odd because he is only 20 years old, as well as court side at nba games, which was presumably his birthday and he paid with his own money.......and to think osu got hit for some tat's for cash.....hmmmmmmmm