James Quick Picks Louisvile

January 5, 2013 at 3:16p    by Alex    
On to Shelton Gibson, Dontre Wilson, Corn Elder, and Ryan Timmons. (twitter.com)
Source: @11WRecruiting


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You guys are quick, no pun intended.

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Bummer, but best of luck to Quick.

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Good luck to Quick at UL.

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I still do not regret cheering for Louisville in the Sugar Bowl

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Yeah, I was a little bit conflicted at the time.  I was hoping that Louisville would win unimpressively.  Still glad they won though.

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Good luck to the kid, I hope we get Gibson...

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Kid came across as somewhat less than completely sure of himself, but I don't know that anyone who has ever made a commitment on one of these all-star telecasts has ever gone on to renege. Anyway, Louisville is a solid program and it's his hometown, so that's the way it goes.

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Charlie Strong got a good one. You can't blame a young man for staying at home and playing at Dad's alma mater. Best of luck James.

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"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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You can't blame a guy for staying home and playing for a decent team. Louisville looked impressive against Florida and I'm sure that had something to do with his decision. Good luck to him.

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Not the end of the world, on to the next WR target.   Best of luck to the kid, sure he made his dad happy going to UL.   Seems like a good kid, would have loved him here, but you can't sign them all.
When is Mitchell announcing????

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I'm sure UofL fans are super happy.

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Damn. Oh we'll, can't fault the guy for being a hometown hero. 
The better question is, who do we full his spot with? Assuming Gibson is in, do we get LaRue, Stevens (he may have already committed, I've been out of the loop), Wilson, Elder, or Timmons?

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Tough battle if you think about the fact that his dad played at Louisville, his sister goes there and he lives in the same city as the university. I don't think anybody other than Urban Meyer could have pulled this off, let alone come that close. I just hope it wasn't a situation where his gut and/or heart told him OSU, but a big upset bowl victory for the 'Ville swayed him and was the last-minute deciding factor. That's too much short-term thinking, not big picture thinking. I know these kids are pressured and NBC wanted them to make the announcement as scheduled on live television, BUT, I wonder - if he could've delayed that announcement till NSD - would OSU/Urban have come out on top? Either way...best of luck to this kid.

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So Quick commits to Louisville over tOSU on his way to becoming the Army All American Player of the Game. Illinois beats us in basketball. And the Bengals are more than likely going to be knocked out of the playoffs today. January 5, 2013- one big slap in the face.

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Speak for yourself, the Bengals losing will be the highlight of my day, along with Mike Mitchell committing.

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And Roby coming back for 2013.

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bengals losing will make this a nice day for me, with the addition of mitchell. not a bad day at all. i never figured on quick, cause some of my co-workers who are rabid louisville fans, said he was staying home. add in trey johnson, been a very nice weekend.

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Finally now everyone on this site can get off his Jock. He isn't Jerry rice.

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You don't know that.
Jerry Rice wasn't Jerry Rice at that age either. ;)
In fact, he probably looked a bit more like a ball boy than a ball player.  But with a tenacity about him that got him on the field.  Same with Michael Jordan.

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Sucks, but not a shock.  Good luck to him down there.

Class of 2010.

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Good luck to you in the Ville Quick. I hope you don't get lost as fast as Stefon Diggs did in Maryland.

~Because we couldn't go for three~