Clemson's Tajh Boyd Will Announce NFL Decision at 2:30pm

By Jason Priestas on January 9, 2013 at 9:36a
His father: "I assume he's is coming back. That's all I know." (
Source: @CU_Football

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Don't normally hold a press conference to say you are coming back.

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Matt Barkley broke that tradition.

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Mike Doss did.

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Obviously I don't know what his decision will be, but I keep hearing the NFL draft is short on quarterback talent this year, so there could be several underclassmen leaving early (some of which probably shouldn't). It was somewhat of a surprise that Aaron Murray from Georgia is actually coming back for his senior year. 

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QBs get really hot around draft time. I've heard that his stock is rising. I think there is a good chance he declares.

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Whether or not he goes or does it affect our chances with Watson?  

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I would say no bearing. Watson is a 2014 recruit, so Boyd would be gone by the time Watson is on campus.

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The only thing I could see is if Boyd goes pro and a young QB steps up next year and looks really good.  Then, all of a sudden Watson will have to compete for playing time with an incumbent.  That's all depending on my assumption that Clemson has some talented young QB's on scholarship currently.
By the same token, if Watson were to come to OSU, he'd have to wait a year, at least, because of Braxton being a senior.

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I think it certainly would help us with Watson if Boyd leaves.  Unless they replace him with a senior starter, Boyd would be coming in and competing against a returning starter in 2014.  Yes Braxton will be returning as well, but I think the ability to start right away as a freshman is Clemson's biggest advantage over the Buckeyes in regards to his recruitment.

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According to Joe Schad he is staying in school.

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Yep. Just heard on the Fan that he's staying.

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