Baby Gramps Ain't Finished

January 10, 2013 at 1:07p    by Ramzy Nasrallah    


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Really speaks to the amazing talent Oden brings to the table; here's hoping the rehab works. I'd love to see him have a meaningful career absent injury.

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Homerish coming out in me, but I hope the Cleveland Cavaliers give him a call. With V. Anderson gone (most likely) after this year, he's young enough to develop with the young talent.

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How do you figure that Andy will most likely be gone after this year? He has 3 years left on his deal.  If anything, his most recent injury gives him greater probability of being on the Cavs roster to start next year as his trade value had never been higher and we may have been looking to shop him at this year's deadline. His injury squashes that possibility and with this being his 3rd straight season missing significant time due to injury it also hurts whatever we could get in return for him.

I'd be all for the Cavs taking a flier on Oden, but it doesn't make sense to do so because of Varejao.

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The Miama Heat are one of the teams heavily interested; as a Cavs fan it would be tough to pull for the Heat but can you imagine a healthy Oden on that squad?  Most teams have a tough time matching up with them now let alone with a potentially dominant Oden (if he stays healthy).
Really hoping he is finally healthy and can have a productive career.

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Just please not the Heat. Anyone else is fine. 

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I've been saying for a while that he would be a great fit in Miami on that roster if they can make room salary wise. He wouldn't be relied on offensively other that to finish at the rim, toherwise he could contribute as a rebounder and defender which is what he does best

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When did he get the nickname Baby Gramps? That's new to me. I get that he looked 40 in college, but never heard that one.

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Big Z was out for multiple years with feet problems. Feet can ruin a 7 footers career and almost everyone thought he was done.
He came back and played 10 very solid (some allstar) years. Hope GO can do the same! That guy is all Buckeye, you got to love him.

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I think Oden has knee issues.

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correct, comparing his knee issues to z's feet. Feet can be even more devastating for a big man and he managed a great career after.

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I will be praying for Greg to fully recover. Really want to see him come back.

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Good luck big guy!  Hopefully everything works out this time around.

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Amazing what getting away from the Blazers can do for knee health. 

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I'm rooting for the big guy, but anyone who gives him a guaranteed multi-year deal is nuts. Then again, the Cavs have cap space to burn...

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It would probably be something like 2 years 3-4 Million.

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Perfect for the Celtics, too, for the same reasons as the Heat.  And I agree, anyone but the Heat!

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If anyone hasn't read Mark Titus's Grantland article about Oden it is very interesting and worth a google search.  The most interesting opinion in regard to the injury history is how the Portland medical staff multiple times cut his rehab short only to lead to Greg needing more surgeries.  If the CBA didn't likely prevent such suits, he could probably have a decent case for a ~$50 million lawsuit since he most likely missed out on at least 1 max extension deal.

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Here is the article you referenced - a great piece that provides a much more in-depth and interesting look into one of my favorite former Ohio State players.
And yes, one has to question how the Blazers handled the rehab situation; Titus may indeed be a homer like us, but when dealing with something as important as rehabbing an injury prone would-be superstar, one can imagine some Varsity Blues locker room scenario all to easily...

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Blazers med staff is notorious amongst NBA circles for this kind of shady stuff. Obviously the game comes with an injury risk and some players enter the league with more pre-existing medical conditions than other. However, if you read a detailed account of how they handled Roy's injuries then a disturbing pattern begins to emerge. People talk about how the Phoenix training staff performs miracles since players just "magically" begin to be healthier when they play there. Well, basically the opposite is true of Portland's med. staff. 

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Good luck GO.

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