Conner Crowell, Joey O'Connor Leaving Ohio State's Football Team

By Jason Priestas on January 23, 2013 at 4:41p

Sophomore linebacker Conner Crowell and freshman offensive lineman Joey O'Connor are leaving the team per a statement released by Ohio State:

Crowell, who has had two surgeries while at Ohio State for a previous injury that occurred while in high school, will not be medically cleared to play by the OSU medical staff. O’Connor, who red-shirted the 2012 season, has requested a transfer to be closer to home.

Crowell suffered a broken leg as a high school senior and then underwent two surgeries at Ohio State. His football career looks to be over.

O'Connor, originally a Penn State commit before the Sandusky scandal blew up, earned a redshirt after surgery on his left knee in September and is looking for a fresh start closer to home.

We wish both players the best of luck.


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Good luck to both in their future endeavors.

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Is that you, Johnny Ace?

Help is on the way.

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+1 for that!

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Was pulling for Crowell to make it. Good luck to both! 

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Once a Buckeye......




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did anyone else see the O'Connor thing coming...?

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Yes, there was chatter on other threads last week. Uncomfirmed rumors that turned out to be true. Good luck to both of them. So that's 2 more scholly's for this recruiting class now available.

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Good Luck to both of them where ever they end up.
But the O'Connor thing sucks as I really saw him having a bright future at OSU and just when we thought the OL problems were basically solved, we miss on some 2013 targets & now 1 transfers. Isnt the end of the world. But Im not so high on 2013 OL targets Hunt & Skipper & would rather bank the schollie for 2014.


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I remember reading when O'Connor was being recruited about how he was in Colorado, but had always been a Buckeye.  Had to be like living the dream to be wearing the Scarlet and Gray.   Sad that it didn't work out.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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Sitting at 81?

vacuuming sucks

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We were at 82, right? This would put it at 80.

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Dang. I was just watching the circle drill video last night and saw Crowell take part in it. He looked like he had a good career ahead of him. Best of luck to them both.

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I liked both these kids. I was real excited about Joey...
Ugh. Well, I wish these two success in the future. I will be cheering for them, both in and out of football.
Good luck guys!

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Same.  Bummer about Joey's microfracture.  Tough to come back from that when you weigh so much.

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Dang. Next year's linemen haul should be big. Hopefuly we get some good news soon.

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Too bad about Crowell. The initial report on his injury made it seem like a possible career-ender, and that's apparently what has happened.
O'Connor leaving on top of what was already a fairly light year for OL recruiting means another season where we're going to be hoping and praying for no injuries up front. It's disappointing for his sake and ours that his redshirt year was for naught.

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Eh Jacoby boren and Kyle Dodson should be healthy.  Heard about strides by a couple other guys.  Maybe not a full second 5 but I'd say 3 at least could be trusted backups for a few games if need be.  Optimism!

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Top backups will be Boren, Farris, Lisle, Dodson, Gardner, and anyone else we get in this class. Barring major incident, I wouldn't think we'd even have to burn any redshirts

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Best of luck to both of these young men moving forward.

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I really liked Crowell's HS film and thought he would do well here. The injury killed all that, too damn bad.

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I wish them well.

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Damn it!  Was looking forward to O'Conner's relentlessness

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I have a friend who is a Colorado fan,  I would like to see Joey end up a Buff.

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I was really excited to see how Joey turned out.

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Did Crowell have a surgery recently?  Will he finish up school at OSU?

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Best of luck Conner & Joey!

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It's too bad about Crowell's injury issues. I thought he'd be a good one. I hate to see guys leave the program, but especially offensive linemen. Being away from home affects everyone differently and it's too bad he wants to move closer to home, because Ohio State could certainly use the depth at O-line. Perhaps at Colorado he could move up the depth chart more quickly.

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O'Conner might not have been able to be shifted inside easily, and based on where he was he would be fighting his whole tenure with Dodson and Decker. So it makes sense for him to probably look elsewhere. Also, sitting on the sidelines and not traveling with the team as an injured freshmen really hurts your bond with the program.
That's the thing about bringing in stacked recruiting classes: You are going to start losing more highly touted guys.

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Good points. Nathan Williams talked about his rehab from microfracture surgery, and that it was a long, ardous and solitary recovery. He didn't have much interaction with the team, as he was really restricted in what he could do, and felt like he had been forgotten. He was a stud player, already enmeshed as part of the team, with family a couple of hours down the road. If he felt that way, imagine how a freshman from halfway across the country had to feel. It would just suck. Good luck to Joey, I hope he comes back fully from his injury, and finds his place in the sun.

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Man, this sucks. Always hate to lose two members of the Buckeye family. 
O'Conner looked very good in his highlight video. I wish him the best of luck where he decides to attend.
That is a very sad about Conner. He looked really good coming out of HS. I wish him the best of luck in his future endevors. 

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This really stinks. Wish those guys luck. I thought they both would've been future starters in a year or two...


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Anybody else now having concerns about JT Barrett? Like Crowell, he sustained a pretty serious injury during his senior his senior season. Hope he can come back strong, but this definitely makes me a little nervous.

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nope - have read only positives about his rehab

I like football

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Unfortunate, given OL and LB are our two thinnest positions. Hope these guys have good careers post-transfer :(

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Anyone else a lil weirded out by the Conner/Connor thing at the same time. Weird coincidence.

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damn thats pretty disappointing.
I watched O'Connors high school tape back during his recruitment. I got pretty excited to have him on board. Too bad.
Best of luck to him and crowell.

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Good luck to both of theses guys.  I hope they find what they are looking for.

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Bummer. Hate to see these young men leaving the program. Best of luck.

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